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Friday, February 26, 2016

Daily Digest


Chamber Action

The Senate was not in session and stands adjourned until 3 p.m., on Monday, February 29, 2016.

Committee Meetings

No committee meetings were held.

House of Representatives

Chamber Action

Public Bills and Resolutions Introduced: 15 public bills, H.R. 4633–4647; and 1 resolution, H. Con. Res. 120, were introduced.
Pages H999–H1000

Additional Cosponsors:
Pages H1000–01

Reports Filed: There were no reports filed today.

SHARE Act: The House passed H.R. 2406, to protect and enhance opportunities for recreational hunting, fishing, and shooting, by a recorded vote of 242 ayes to 161 noes, Roll No. 101. Consideration began yesterday, February 25th.
Pages H955–91

Rejected the Lawrence motion to recommit the bill to the Committee on Natural Resources with instructions to report the same back to the House forthwith with an amendment, by a yea-and-nay vote of 165 yeas to 238 nays, Roll No. 100.
Pages H989–90

Pursuant to the Rule, the amendment in the nature of a substitute recommended by the Committee on Natural Resources now printed in the bill shall be considered as an original bill for the purpose of amendment under the five-minute rule.
Page H955

Agreed to:

Wittman amendment (No. 1 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that deletes Title XII which has been enacted into law already, removes outdated year references in short titles, makes expenditures under the Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act subject to appropriation, and adds the text of H.R. 3279, as passed by the House, as a new title XVII;
Pages H962–63

Costa amendment (No. 4 printed in H. Rept. 114–429), as modified, that adds the Administrator of U.S. Small Business Administration or a designated representative to the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council Advisory Committee's membership;
Page H968

Smith (MO) amendment (No. 5 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that adds a specification that closures of hunter access corridors shall be clearly marked with signs and dates of closures, but shall not include barriers on the corridor;
Pages H968–69

Meng amendment (No. 6 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that permits more than one U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Law Enforcement Officer to be placed in a U.S. diplomatic or consular post in an African country with a significant population of African elephants in order to assist local wildlife rangers in the protection of such elephants;
Page H969

Huffman amendment (No. 7 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that requires GAO to conduct a study examining the effect of a ban of the trade of fossilized ivory from mammoths and mastodons on the illegal importation and trade of African and Asian elephant ivory within the United States;
Pages H969–70

Newhouse amendment (No. 10 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that requires the Chief of the U.S. Forest Service to publish a notice in the Federal Register, with a justification, for the closure of any public road on Forest System lands;
Pages H972–73

Fleming amendment (No. 11 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that requires the Forest Administrator to amend the travel plan for the Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana to allow Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) access on roads nominated by the Secretary of Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries, except when such designation would pose an unacceptable safety risk; if a road is denied, the Forest Administrator must publish a notice in the Federal Register with a justification for the closure;
Pages H973–74


Hardy amendment (No. 13 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that adds the text of H.R. 373, the Good Samaritan Search and Recovery Act, to the end of the bill; expedites access to federal lands for volunteer search and rescue groups to assist in recovering the remains of a deceased individual believed to be located on federal lands;
Pages H976–77

Smith (MO) amendment (No. 9 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that prohibits USDA and NFS from issuing restrictions and regulations on hunting and recreational fishing in the Mark Twain National Forest (by a recorded vote of 232 ayes to 173 noes, Roll No. 95);
Pages H971–72, H986

Griffith amendment (No. 12 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that allows a person who is not prohibited from possessing, transporting, shipping, or receiving a firearm or ammunition to transport a firearm or ammunition for any lawful purpose from any place where the person may lawfully possess, carry, or transport the firearm or ammunition to any other such place if, during the transportation, the firearm is unloaded (by a recorded vote of 239 ayes to 165 noes, Roll No. 96);
Pages H974–76, H986–87

Ribble amendment (No. 14 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that reissues the 2011 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decision to delist the gray wolf in the Western Great Lakes and Wyoming from the Endangered Species Act (by a recorded vote of 232 ayes to 171 noes, Roll No. 97); and
Pages H977–80, H987–88

Young (AK) amendment (No. 15 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that prohibits the Fish and Wildlife Service from issuing a final rule that preempts state management authority which is protected by law in Alaska; withdraws a final rule issued by the National Park Service of the same issue (by a recorded vote of 236 ayes to 169 noes, Roll No. 98).
Pages H980–81, H988


Beyer amendment (No. 2 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that sought to prohibit an individual who is prohibited from possessing a firearm by the Gun Control Act from using a public target range (by a recorded vote of 161 ayes to 244 noes, Roll No. 92);
Pages H963–65, H984

Jackson Lee amendment (No. 3 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that sought to strike Title III, exemption to import polar bear trophies taken in sport (by a recorded vote of 159 ayes to 242 noes, Roll No. 93);
Pages H965–68, H984–85

Beyer amendment (No. 8 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that sought to strike language that requires state approval of federal fishing regulations in waters under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service and the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries (by a recorded vote of 169 ayes to 236 noes, Roll No. 94); and
Pages H970–71, H985–86

Huffman amendment (No. 16 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that sought to designate the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as wilderness and a part of the National Wilderness Preservation System (by a recorded vote of 176 ayes to 227 noes, Roll No. 99).
Pages H981–83, H988–89


Lowenthal amendment (No. 17 printed in H. Rept. 114–429) that was offered and subsequently withdrawn that would have authorized the Department of Interior, after public comment and if approved unanimously by the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission, to raise the price of the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp (``Duck Stamp'') by the rate of inflation, in order to preserve waterfowl habitat.
Page H983

Agreed that the Clerk be authorized to make technical and conforming changes to reflect the actions of the House.
Page H991

H. Res. 619, the rule providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 2406) was agreed to yesterday, February 25th.

Meeting Hour: Agreed by unanimous consent that when the House adjourns today, it adjourn to meet at 12 noon on Monday, February 29th for Morning Hour debate.
Page H992

Quorum Calls--Votes:One yea-and-nay vote and nine recorded votes developed during the proceedings of today and appear on pages H984, H984–85, H985–86, H986, H986–87, H987, H988, H988–89, H990, and H990–91. There were no quorum calls.

Adjournment: The House met at 9 a.m. and adjourned at 1:51 p.m.

Committee Meetings


Committee on Appropriations: Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies held a budget hearing on USDA Natural Resources and Environment. Testimony was heard from Jason Weller, Chief, Natural Resources Conservation Service; and Michael Young, Budget Officer, Department of Agriculture.



Committee on Appropriations: Subcommittee on Energy and Water Development held a budget hearing on Army Corps of Engineers. Testimony was heard from Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary, Army for Civil Works, Army Corps of Engineers; and Lieutenant General Thomas P. Bostick, Chief of Engineers, Army Corps of Engineers.


Committee on Appropriations: Subcommittee on Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies held an oversight hearing on quality of life in the military. Testimony was heard from Command Sergeant Major Daniel A. Dailey, Sergeant Major, U.S. Army; Master Chief Petty Officer Michael D. Stevens, Master Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy; Sergeant Major Ronald L. Green, Sergeant Major, U.S. Marine Corps; and Chief Master Sergeant James A. Cody, Sergeant, U.S. Air Force.


Committee on Armed Services: Subcommittee on Readiness held a hearing entitled ``Department of the Army 2017 Operation and Maintenance Budget Request and Readiness Posture''. Testimony was heard from General Daniel B. Allyn, USA, Vice Chief of Staff, U.S. Army; Lieutenant General Joseph Anderson, USA, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans (G3/5/7), U.S. Army; and Lieutenant General Gustave F. Perna, USA, Deputy Chief of Staff, G–4, U.S. Army.


Committee on Armed Services: Subcommittee on Military Personnel held a hearing entitled ``Ensuring Medical Readiness in the Future''. Testimony was heard from Major General Joseph Caravalho, USA, Joint Staff Surgeon General, Department of Defense; Rear Admiral Terry J. Moulton, Deputy Surgeon General, U.S. Navy; Major General Dorothy Hogg, Deputy Surgeon General, U.S. Air Force; Brigadier General Robert Tenhet, Deputy Surgeon General, U.S. Army; Colonel Linda Lawrence, M.D., U.S. Air Force; Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Claude G. D'Alleyrand, M.D., U.S. Army; and Lieutenant Colonel Robert L. Mabry, M.D., U.S. Army.


Committee on Energy and Commerce: Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade held a hearing entitled ``Disrupter Series: 3D Printing''. Testimony was heard from public witnesses.


Committee on Homeland Security: Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Communications held a hearing entitled ``Food for Thought: Efforts to Defend the Nation's Agriculture and Food''. Testimony was heard from R. Douglas Meckes, D.V.M., State Veterinarian, North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Veterinary Division; and public witnesses.


Committee on Oversight and Government Reform: Subcommittee on Transportation and Public Assets held a hearing entitled ``Oversight of Federal Vehicles''. Testimony was heard from Lori Rectanus, Director, Physical Infrastructure Issues, Government Accountability Office; and Bill Toth, Director, Offices of Fleet Management, General Services Administration; and public witnesses.

Joint Meetings

No joint committee meetings were held.


FEBRUARY 29, 2016

(Committee meetings are open unless otherwise indicated)


No meetings/hearings scheduled.


Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government, budget hearing on General Services Administration, 3 p.m., 2359 Rayburn.


Next Meeting of the

3 p.m., Monday, February 29

Senate Chamber

Program for Monday: After the transaction of any morning business (not to extend beyond 5 p.m.), Senate will resume consideration of the motion to proceed to consideration of S. 524, Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, and vote on the motion to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to consideration of the bill at 5:30 p.m.

Next Meeting of the

12 noon, Monday, February 29

House Chamber

Program for Monday: To be announced.

Extensions of Remarks, as inserted in this issue


Barletta, Lou, Pa., E239

Beatty, Joyce, Ohio, E243

Blum, Rod, Iowa, E235

Brady, Kevin, Tex., E241, E242

Burgess, Michael C., Tex., E232, E238

Capps, Lois, Calif., E233

Cartwright, Matt, Pa., E236

Clark, Katherine M., Mass., E236

Costello, Ryan A., Pa., E237

DeLauro, Rosa L., Conn., E232, E234, E235, E237, E239

Farr, Sam, Calif., E231

Griffith, H. Morgan, Va., E240

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Jeffries, Hakeem S., N.Y., E241

Keating, William R., Mass., E233, E238

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Rohrabacher, Dana, Calif., E242

Schiff, Adam B., Calif., E241

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