(House of Representatives - April 19, 2016)

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[Congressional Record Volume 162, Number 60 (Tuesday, April 19, 2016)]
[Page H1810]
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                              GUN VIOLENCE

  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Chair recognizes the gentlewoman from 
California (Ms. Speier) for 5 minutes.
  Ms. SPEIER. Madam Speaker, since 1970, more Americans have died from 
domestic gun violence than in every war dating back to the American 
  If all the victims of gun violence since 1970 were put on a wall like 
the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, it would contain 1.5 million names and 
stretch 2\1/2\ miles. That is 25 times as long as the actual Vietnam 
Veterans Memorial.

                              {time}  1030

  We are quick to hold moments of silence on this floor, but we are not 
quick to act. I have had enough of Congress' failure to lead. So to 
draw attention to the slaughter going on in this country each and every 
month, I will recite the names each month of every person killed in a 
mass shooting during the previous month. I have also created my own 
memorial wall in the hallway outside of my office.
  Here are the stories of some of the victims of the 31 mass shootings 
in March of this year. There have been so many people this month 
affected by mass shootings, that I don't have time to list the injured, 
but I recognize the trauma they have endured as well.
  Deonte Fisher, age 7, was killed sitting in a parked car outside a 
convenience store on March 4 in Columbus, Ohio.
  Anthony Renee Beamon, Jr., age 36, was killed while leaving a party 
on March 6 in Compton, California.
  Pablo Villeda Estrada, age 19, was killed at a birthday party on 
March 6 in Chelsea, Massachusetts. He loved music and was a family 
  Austin Harter, age 29; Clint Harter, age 27; Jake Waters, age 36; and 
Michael Capps, age 41, were killed by their neighbor on March 7 in 
Kansas City, Kansas. The shooter also killed Randy J. Nordman, age 49, 
the next day while fleeing police.
  Ishmael Haywood, age 20, and Demontray Keshawn Mackay, age 17, were 
killed in a car on March 8 in San Antonio, Texas.
  Jerry Shelton, age 35; Tina Shelton, age 37; Brittany Powell, age 27; 
Chanetta Powell, age 25; and Shada Mahone, age 26, were killed at a 
family cookout on March 9 in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. Chanetta was 8 
months pregnant.
  John Smith, age 65, and Jamil Goodwin, age 43, were killed while 
sitting on their porch on March 11 in Detroit, Michigan.
  Douglas Hearne, age 48, was killed at a bar on March 12 in Wichita 
Falls, Texas.
  Alyric Fouch, age 17, was killed by her mother's boyfriend on March 
12 in Elberton, Georgia. She was trying to protect her mother from 
  Deosha Jackson, age 19, and Daryl Hunt, age unknown, were killed on 
March 19 in Wetumpka, Alabama.
  Serge Pierre Dumas, age 28, was killed at a house party on March 20 
in Plantation, Florida. He is survived by his 15-month-old son pictured 
here on this poster next to me.
  Billie Jo Hettinger, age 32, and her children Collin Hettinger, age 
5, and Courtney Hettinger, age 4, were killed by their husband and 
father on March 20 in Louisville, Kentucky.
  Kelly Russler, age 39, and her sons Jayden Evans, age 10, and Laing 
Russler, age 7, were killed by Kelly's husband and Laing's father on 
March 21 in Sherman, Texas.
  Elizabeth Janie Woods, age unknown, was killed by her husband on 
March 25 in Lauderdale County, Alabama. He also shot their two sons, 
who were in critical condition but have survived.
  Virginia State Trooper Chad P. Dermyer was killed by a gunman at a 
bus station on March 31 in Richmond, Virginia. He was a Marine Corps 
veteran and had two young children.
  May the dead rest in peace, the wounded recover quickly and 
completely, and the bereaved find comfort.
  Members, colleagues, mothers and fathers, when will we do more than 
call for moments of silence?