GMO BILL; Congressional Record Vol. 162, No. 108
(Senate - July 06, 2016)

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                                GMO BILL

  Mr. REID. Mr. President, the Senate is about to hold a cloture vote 
on GMOs. This legislation--I personally need the conversations that are 
going to take place if cloture is not invoked on this matter. I will be 
voting no on cloture for that reason. I think it is wrong, and all I 
have to do is parrot what my friend the Republican leader said numerous 
times a year and a half ago and many years before that. He said that it 
is not fair to get on an important piece of legislation and not have an 
opportunity to offer amendments. That is true, but in addition to that, 
my friend the Republican leader said that we were going to have a new 
sheriff in town. He was going to make sure any matter that came before 
this body had a full hearing in our committees. On GMOs, that is not 
the case. Certainly there have been none on this bill.
  In addition to that, we should have an amendment process. My friend 
the Republican leader said there would be a robust amendment process 
when he took over. If this is robust, it is a sad day in the world.
  This is wrong. It is unacceptable to push through this important 
legislation with no debate, no amendments, and without a hearing in the 
committee. We owe it as a body for the American people to give this 
legislation proper consideration. Democrats and Republicans alike 
should be concerned about this. We must not stand for the Republican 
leader jamming this bill through the Senate, and that is

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what is happening. I listened and I need to listen to the debate on 
this legislation, and other Senators feel the same way. Members need to 
state their opinions and offer amendments.
  The Republican leader repeatedly promised--I repeat, repeatedly 
promised--regular order and an open amendment process. I can't get away 
from the fact that he promised a robust committee process. He trumpeted 
the importance of committees. Once again he has failed to live up to 
the promise of what he would do. I assume he is not living up to his 
own standards.
  I am going to vote no on cloture, and I encourage my colleagues to do 
the same. I invite my Republican colleagues to do the same. That is 
what they asked us to do, and I am asking them to do that. It is simply 
too important to just push this through. Senator McConnell should 
respect his colleagues, Democrats and Republicans, and the importance 
of this legislation by allowing regular order to take place. Until that 
happens, I will oppose cloture on this measure.