DEMAND ACTION FOR VICTIMS OF GUN VIOLENCE; Congressional Record Vol. 163, No. 172
(House of Representatives - October 25, 2017)

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  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Chair recognizes the gentlewoman from 
Nevada (Ms. Titus) for 5 minutes.
  Ms. TITUS. Mr. Speaker, I rise, once again, to honor, mourn, and 
demand action for victims of gun violence.
  On October 1, a gunman armed with semiautomatic weapons equipped with 
bump stocks fired hundreds of rounds in a matter of minutes at concert 
goers in my Las Vegas congressional district, killing 58 and injuring 
489 others in attendance.
  During my tenure in Congress, I have stood for too many moments of 
silence on this House floor to remember lives lost to senseless gun 
  Many of my colleagues and I know all too well about the senseless 
loss of life in our streets, movie theaters, schools, and, now, concert 
venues. We have pleaded, we have watched, we have mourned as more and 
more victims suffer, and we have seen nothing from congressional 
  This just can't go on. We can't ignore the lives lost due to gun 
violence in my district or in any other for any longer, and if we don't 
act soon, we will just be here doing it again.
  So I want to call the names, say the names, remember the names of the 
58 casualties who lost their lives in my district. Let us honor their 
memory, and let these 58 names give the Republicans 58 more reasons why 
we must take action now.
  Hannah Ahlers; Heather Alvarado; Dorene Anderson; Carrie Barnette; 
Jack Beaton; Steve Berger; Candice Bowers; Denise Burditus; Sandy 

[[Page H8149]]

Andrea Castilla; Denise Cohen; Austin Davis; Thomas Day, Jr.; 
Christiana Duarte; Stacee Etcheber; Brian Fraser; Keri Galvan; Dana 
Gardner; Angela Gomez; Rocio Guillen Rocha; Charleston Hartfield, a 
police officer off duty; Chris Hazencomb; Jennifer Topaz Irvine; Teresa 
Nicol Kimura; Jessica Klymchuk; Carly Kreibaum; Rhonda LeRocque; Victor 
Link; Jordan McIldoon; Kelsey Meadows; Calla-Marie Medig; James 
``Sonny'' Melton; Patricia Mestas; Austin Meyer; Adrian Murfitt; 
Rachael Parker; Jenny Parks; Carrie Parsons; Lisa Patterson; John 
Phippen; Melissa Ramirez; Jordyn Rivera; Quinton Robbins; Cameron 
Robinson; Tara Roe; Lisa Romero-Muniz; Chris Roybal; Brett Schwanbeck; 
Bailey Schweitzer; Laura Shipp; Erick Silva; Susan Smith; Brennan 
Stewart; Derrick ``Bo'' Taylor; Neysa Tonks; Michelle Vo; Kurt von 
Tillow; and Bill Wolfe.
  These are the 58 people who lost their lives from gun violence in my 
district in Nevada; 58 more reasons why we shouldn't stand silent, but 
we need to take action now.