(House of Representatives - May 24, 2017)

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  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Chair recognizes the gentlewoman from 
Florida (Ms. Ros-Lehtinen) for 5 minutes.
  Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I would like to highlight a problem 
that impacts one in every nine women in our Nation today: postpartum 
  As you can see on this poster, the condition can impact any mother, 
regardless of background or regardless of circumstance. Warning signs 
often include: feeling overwhelmed, changes in sleep patterns, 
unexplained anger, weeping or sadness, difficulty concentrating, 
unexplained changes in appetite, and feeling anxious or nervous.
  Fortunately, if you are a new mother--and you don't have to go 
through this alone, remember this--there are great organizations in my 
community in south Florida, like Postpartum Support International. They 
have dedicated staff and volunteers who are ready to listen, to help, 
and to provide you with the resources and the referrals that you need 
to overcome this condition and get back to enjoying your family.
  I would like to encourage every new mom in south Florida who may be 
experiencing any of these conditions to please get the help that you 
need now by calling 1-844-642-6667. Together, we can end postpartum 
depression in south Florida and, indeed, around our Nation.

                              {time}  1030

                          Honoring Pepe Badia

  Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I would like to recognize Joseph 
``Pepe'' Badia for his commitment to expand educational opportunities 
for our south Florida students.
  Pepe's latest philanthropic venture allowed for the establishment of 
a scholarship at my alma mater, Miami Dade College, in the name of its 
president, Eduardo Padron.
  Pepe Badia came to Miami at a young age, just like I did and so many 
others at that time, fleeing the regime of Castro. His father began a 
new business in a small storefront in Miami, where he and Pepe, by 
themselves, packaged spices by hand and distributed them to local 
bodegas around the city. Today, that small storefront has grown into an 
international giant known as Badia Spices.
  Pepe Badia has used his success to truly make a difference in our 
community, regularly donating portions of sales to many local and 
national charities and scholarships.
  I join with the Miami Dade College familia, but, truly, all of south 
Florida, in thanking Pepe Badia for making our paradise an even 
groovier place in which to live.

                Wishing Jay Kislak a Happy 95th Birthday

  Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, I would like to honor and wish a happy 
95th birthday to Jay Kislak, a valued member of our south Florida 
community who has dedicated himself to preserving the history of our 
great Nation.
  Jay Kislak began his career as a real estate agent at the young age 
of 18, a trade he learned from his father who instilled within him the 
value of hard work, persistence, and attention to detail.
  Jay left his hometown of Hoboken, New Jersey, to pursue higher 
education at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Finance. 
Jay Kislak graduated early to enlist in the United States Navy, serving 
as a naval aviator for 3 years of Active Duty, followed by 10 years of 
service in the Naval Reserve.
  The great State of Florida welcomed Jay Kislak and his family in 1953 
with a promise of a better future, and it beckoned the young 
entrepreneur to seek our new business ventures. It was in south Florida 
that Jay grew his father's humble business into the national real 
estate giant that it is today, with residential and industrial 
properties spanning from Florida to Nevada.
  Jay Kislak's immense success allowed him the opportunity to explore 
his true passion: the history and culture of the early Americas. Jay, 
along with his wife, Jean, established the Jay I. Kislak Foundation to 
advance knowledge and understanding of world cultures and history. The 
Kislak Foundation's impressive collections include one-of-a-kind maps, 
books, letters, paintings, and many other artifacts.
  In the 50 years that Jay dedicated to collecting these rare 
treasures, he assembled one of the world's best and most significant 
private collections of documents and artifacts related to the

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early Americas. Recognizing the significance of his impressive 
collection, Jay made an extraordinary gift in the year 2004 to our 
Library of Congress and to the American people with a contribution of 
4,000 items, which are now on display permanently. The Library of 
Congress estimates that over 3 million visitors have visited this 
magnificent exhibit made possible by the generous donation of the Jay 
I. Kislak Foundation.
  Because of Jay's extensive background in and knowledge of our great 
Nation's history, he has served on numerous boards and has held many 
leadership posts in our community.
  Throughout all of his success, Jay Kislak never ceases to give back 
to our local institutions. His latest contribution to south Florida is 
the establishment of two new permanent exhibits at the University of 
Miami's Otto Richter Library and at Miami Dade College's Freedom Tower.
  I join with many in saying thank you to Jay Kislak and his family for 
his decades of hard work and dedication that he has given to bring the 
world these magnificent historical artifacts.
  Thank you, Jay Kislak, and many more years.