ADDITIONAL STATEMENTS; Congressional Record Vol. 163, No. 116
(Senate - July 11, 2017)

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                         ADDITIONAL STATEMENTS


                        REMEMBERING TED SHANNON

 Ms. BALDWIN. Mr. President, today I wish to honor the life and 
legacy of Ted Shannon, whose passing marks the end of an extraordinary 
life spent in service to country, community, and family. Ted committed 
his life to the pursuit of justice and equality. Ted and his late wife 
Dorothy were incredible pillars who had a great influence on me as I 
entered a life of public service.
  Ted Shannon showed up. In service to his country, he became a civil 
affairs officer in July of 1941 during WW II, attached to the British 
8th Army during the occupation of Italy. In his subsequent post, he 
served as executive officer for the Supreme Headquarters Allied 
Expeditionary Force in Paris.
  He showed up as a leader in education, whether it was in his role as 
a Ford Foundation higher education adviser for five Middle Eastern 
countries in Lebanon--the nation of his ancestors--or as a highly 
regarded UW-Extension faculty member and dean for more than three 
  Ted Shannon showed up. Along with Dorothy and fellow travelers from 
the New Deal era, Ted supported progressive causes at all levels of 
government for more than half a century. I cannot recall an event, 
large or small, for a progressive organization where I did

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not see Ted and Dorothy pitching in, providing leadership and 
encouragement no matter how challenging the cause.
  He showed up as a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend. 
Ted met and married the former Dorothy Judge while at Yale pursuing his 
Ph.D. on the GI bill and shared his life with her until her passing in 
2003. Ted was father to Tad, Sara, and Pam. Ted showed up as a hunting 
and fishing companion to son, Tad, and sage adviser on matters of food, 
music, languages, and world travel to Sara and Pam. He enjoyed outdoor 
adventures with his dear friend, Bill Threinen. Ted, Dorothy, Bill and 
Connie Threinen were friends and compatriots in advancing beloved 
ideals and forward-thinking causes for decades. A few years after 
Dorothy's passing, Ted married second wife, Kate Foster, of Eau Claire 
and continued his life of service for another 9 years.
  Ted showed up. He was a doer. He walked the talk. Ted's multifaceted 
legacy is perhaps best illustrated by the words of Cuban poet Jose 
Marti: ``Men of Action, above all those whose actions are guided by 
love, live forever.''
  The life of Ted Shannon serves as inspiration for anyone who seeks to 
create a world of peace, dignity, and opportunity for all. I miss him