THE TAYLOR FORCE ACT; Congressional Record Vol. 163, No. 126
(House of Representatives - July 26, 2017)

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                          THE TAYLOR FORCE ACT

  The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. Thompson of Pennsylvania). The Chair 
recognizes the gentleman from Florida (Mr. Curbelo) for 5 minutes.
  Mr. CURBELO of Florida. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of H.R. 
1164, the Taylor Force Act. This legislation conditions financial 
assistance from the United States on the Palestinian Authority's 
termination of support for terror committed by individuals under its 
jurisdictional control. In order for the Palestinian Authority to 
receive aid, it would also be required to condemn acts of terror and 
cease providing payments to those who have committed such acts.
  The bill is named after Taylor Force, a former U.S. Army officer who 
was stabbed to death during a terrorist attack in Tel Aviv.
  This legislation is a commonsense solution that we must address. The 
Palestinian Authority, under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas, has 
continued to support efforts that undermine attempts at peace between 
the Palestinians and our great ally Israel.
  The blatant encouragement of terrorist activity by the Palestinian 
Authority must end. Why should we be rewarding this kind of behavior?
  The Palestinian Authority perpetuates terrorism by paying salaries to 
terrorists who are in prison. To make matters worse, those salaries 
increase the longer they are in jail, thus encouraging these terrorists 
to commit more violent acts.
  This is unacceptable. The United States must do something to end this 
conduct because the reality is it is costing innocent lives. I believe 
the goals of H.R. 1164, the Taylor Force Act, are a step in the right 
direction, and I urge my colleagues to join me in calling for its 
consideration and passage in the House.

                           Low Income Housing

  Mr. CURBELO of Florida. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to draw much-needed 
attention to our Nation's rental affordability crisis, from rural 
America to the suburbs, to the big cities, this problem grows in 
severity each day, limiting Americans' abilities to provide quality 
food, medical care, and safety for their families.
  My home State of Florida has been particularly hard-hit, ranking 
third among States with the greatest number of severely cost-burdened 
renters. In my district, the Florida Keys continue to face an 
affordable housing crisis that has made it difficult for the workers 
and entrepreneurs of its ever-growing economy.
  That is why, earlier this year, I attended the opening of the first-
ever affordable housing project for low-income seniors outside of Key 
West. I have also been working to ensure Naval Air Station Key West, 
which currently has 166 units on base that have sat vacant for several 
years, is put to better use. While the process is slow, I am grateful 
for the Navy's assistance as we work to explore the possibility of 
opening these units for more affordable housing in the Keys.

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  Mr. Speaker, finding solutions to making housing more affordable for 
our constituents, especially the most vulnerable, is a priority of mine 
here in Congress. I am proud to stand with Mr. Tiberi of Ohio and over 
70 bipartisan Members to support his efforts to reform and strengthen 
low-income housing tax credits. It is time for Congress to work towards 
responsible solutions and make the rental affordability crisis a 

                      Passage of Sanctions Package

  Mr. CURBELO of Florida. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to celebrate the 
passage of sanctions against the Iranian, Russian, and North Korean 
regimes. This package of sanctions sends a strong message to these 
regimes that the United States will not tolerate their rogue actions.
  These sanctions will hold accountable those involved in the Iranian 
regime's ballistic missile program, those who attempt to destabilize 
the region and threaten Israel, as well as those responsible for Iran's 
ongoing human rights abuses. The legislation also sets us on a path to 
deter conventional Iranian activities in the region and imposes 
sanctions on any individual that contributes to Iran's ballistic 
missiles or to terrorism.
  The sanctions against North Korea will respond to its increasingly 
hostile threats against the United States and our allies in Asia. By 
increasing the President's authority to impose sanctions on persons in 
violation of United National Security Council resolutions regarding 
North Korea, we are ensuring action can be taken swiftly when 
  Last, but certainly not least, we have strengthened sanctions against 
Russia in response to cyber attacks and interference in Ukraine. 
Specifically, we are increasing sanctions on human rights abusers, 
those who supply weapons to the Assad regime in Syria, and those 
conducting cyber activity on behalf of the Russian Government.
  Given the seriousness of Russia's aggression, we are strengthening 
the existing sanctions contained in executive orders on Russia and 
mandating a congressional review if any sanctions are relaxed, 
suspended, or terminated. I strongly encourage the President to sign 
this bill into law and will continue to impress upon all of my 
colleagues the need to not treat Russia lightly.
  These threats posed to our national security by Iran, Russia, and 
North Korea cannot be understated. With passage of this sanctions 
package, Congress is doing its job to ensure they will be held