ADDITIONAL SPONSORS; Congressional Record Vol. 164, No. 92
(House of Representatives - June 05, 2018)

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[Pages H4777-H4778]
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                          ADDITIONAL SPONSORS

  Under clause 7 of rule XII, sponsors were added to public bills and 
resolutions, as follows:

       H.R. 51: Mr. Turner.
       H.R. 57: Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 62: Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 66: Mr. Delaney.
       H.R. 110: Mr. Hastings and Ms. Kuster of New Hampshire.
       H.R. 173: Mr. Gianforte, Mr. Gutierrez, Mr. Hultgren, and 
     Mr. Heck.
       H.R. 184: Mr. Carbajal.
       H.R. 466: Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 502: Mr. Knight.
       H.R. 592: Mr. Higgins of New York.
       H.R. 750: Mr. Coffman, Mr. Takano, Mr. Carbajal, and Ms. 
       H.R. 756: Mr. Gonzalez of Texas.
       H.R. 761: Ms. Wasserman Schultz.
       H.R. 914: Ms. Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico.
       H.R. 959: Mrs. Lawrence.
       H.R. 975: Mr. Sherman.
       H.R. 1017: Mr. Turner and Mr. Posey.
       H.R. 1150: Mr. McClintock.
       H.R. 1171: Mr. Gosar.
       H.R. 1187: Mr. Connolly.
       H.R. 1271: Ms. Clarke of New York.
       H.R. 1300: Mr. Gallego.
       H.R. 1318: Mr. Yoder and Ms. Adams.
       H.R. 1322: Mr. Ruppersberger.
       H.R. 1377: Mr. Clyburn, Ms. Clarke of New York, and Mr. 
       H.R. 1447: Mr. Panetta.
       H.R. 1511: Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 1516: Mr. O'Rourke.
       H.R. 1661: Mr. Norcross and Mr. Butterfield.
       H.R. 1783: Mr. Raskin.
       H.R. 1820: Mrs. Lawrence.
       H.R. 1823: Mr. Cohen.
       H.R. 1824: Mr. Cohen.
       H.R. 1825: Mr. King of Iowa.
       H.R. 1861: Ms. Wilson of Florida.
       H.R. 1881: Mr. Schweikert and Mr. Ross.
       H.R. 1904: Mr. Grijalva.
       H.R. 1925: Mr. Walden.
       H.R. 1939: Mr. Raskin.
       H.R. 1953: Ms. Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico, Mr. 
     Quigley, and Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 1983: Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 2092: Mr. Schiff and Ms. Kuster of New Hampshire.
       H.R. 2095: Ms. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas.
       H.R. 2215: Mr. Takano.
       H.R. 2290: Mr. Carbajal.
       H.R. 2315: Mr. Beyer.
       H.R. 2418: Ms. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas.
       H.R. 2421: Mr. Kilmer.
       H.R. 2439: Ms. Jackson Lee, Mr. Grijalva, and Mr. Raskin.
       H.R. 2476: Ms. Brownley of California.
       H.R. 2587: Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 2598: Ms. Hanabusa, Mr. Sarbanes, Ms. DeGette, Mr. 
     Polis, Mr. Jeffries, Mr. Crowley, and Ms. Clarke of New York.
       H.R. 2651: Mr. Brendan F. Boyle of Pennsylvania.
       H.R. 2670: Mr. Norcross.
       H.R. 2691: Ms. Wilson of Florida.
       H.R. 2757: Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 2784: Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 2797: Mr. Foster.
       H.R. 2851: Mr. Walden.
       H.R. 2853: Mr. Peters.
       H.R. 2856: Mr. Cardenas.
       H.R. 2913: Mr. McGovern.
       H.R. 3009: Mr. Reed.
       H.R. 3010: Mr. Thompson of California.
       H.R. 3013: Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 3238: Mr. Rice of South Carolina.
       H.R. 3303: Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 3305: Ms. Shea-Porter.
       H.R. 3348: Mr. Delaney.
       H.R. 3378: Mr. Garamendi and Mr. Graves of Missouri.
       H.R. 3400: Mrs. Walorski.
       H.R. 3464: Mr. Cooper, Mr. Sean Patrick Maloney of New 
     York, and Ms. Clarke of New York.
       H.R. 3478: Ms. Norton and Ms. Jayapal.
       H.R. 3497: Mr. Cramer.
       H.R. 3528: Mr. Cramer.
       H.R. 3666: Mr. Olson and Ms. Sinema.
       H.R. 3692: Mr. McNerney, Ms. Eshoo, Mr. Suozzi, Mr. 
     Coffman, Mr. Raskin, Mr. King of New York, and Mr. Carson of 
       H.R. 3730: Mr. Lucas.
       H.R. 3773: Mr. Quigley.
       H.R. 3861: Mr. Renacci.
       H.R. 3988: Mr. Norcross.
       H.R. 4005: Mr. Walden.
       H.R. 4018: Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 4028: Mr. Faso.
       H.R. 4044: Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Radewagen, Mr. Mooney of 
     West Virginia, and Ms. Jenkins of Kansas.
       H.R. 4082: Ms. Clarke of New York and Mr. Norcross.
       H.R. 4094: Mr. Khanna.
       H.R. 4129: Mr. Khanna.
       H.R. 4143: Mr. Capuano.
       H.R. 4202: Mr. McGovern.
       H.R. 4206: Mr. Holding.
       H.R. 4253: Ms. DeGette and Mr. Takano.
       H.R. 4260: Ms. DeGette.
       H.R. 4265: Mrs. Wagner.
       H.R. 4290: Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 4362: Mr. Costa.
       H.R. 4419: Mr. Estes of Kansas.
       H.R. 4424: Mr. Walberg.
       H.R. 4473: Mrs. Comstock, Mr. Gallego, Mr. O'Halleran, and 
     Mr. Thompson of California.
       H.R. 4525: Ms. Velazquez.
       H.R. 4556: Ms. Schakowsky.
       H.R. 4638: Mrs. Lowey.
       H.R. 4691: Mr. DeFazio.
       H.R. 4693: Mr. DeFazio.
       H.R. 4704: Ms. Roybal-Allard, Ms. Meng, and Mrs. 
       H.R. 4732: Mr. Hunter, Mr. Fleischmann, and Mr. Cohen.
       H.R. 4737: Mr. Brady of Pennsylvania and Mr. Carbajal.
       H.R. 4739: Ms. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas.
       H.R. 4779: Mr. Clay, Mr. Takano, and Mr. Raskin.
       H.R. 4786: Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 4815: Mr. Lewis of Georgia.
       H.R. 4824: Mr. Meadows.
       H.R. 4825: Mr. Khanna.
       H.R. 4837: Mr. Lowenthal.
       H.R. 4893: Ms. Speier.
       H.R. 4897: Mr. Gottheimer.
       H.R. 4953: Ms. Jenkins of Kansas and Mr. McNerney.
       H.R. 4978: Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 5011: Mr. Smith of Washington.
       H.R. 5034: Mr. Lewis of Georgia, Mr. Clay, and Mr. Price of 
     North Carolina.
       H.R. 5038: Mr. Peterson.
       H.R. 5041: Mr. Foster.
       H.R. 5105: Mr. Goodlatte, Ms. Moore, and Mr. Cooper.
       H.R. 5106: Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 5125: Mr. Ryan of Ohio.
       H.R. 5132: Mr. Castro of Texas, Mr. Carbajal, Mr. Pearce, 
     Mr. Cramer, and Mr. Mitchell.
       H.R. 5141: Mr. McEachin, Mr. Westerman, Mr. Gaetz, Mr. 
     Thomas J. Rooney of Florida, Mrs. Bustos, Mr. Lamborn, Mr. 
     Larson of Connecticut, and Mr. Pearce.
       H.R. 5160: Mr. Marshall and Ms. Clarke of New York.
       H.R. 5176: Ms. Clarke of New York.
       H.R. 5281: Mr. LaHood.
       H.R. 5282: Mr. Hudson, Mr. Pallone, Mr. Cole, Mr. Mooney of 
     West Virginia, Mr. Budd, and Mr. Faso.
       H.R. 5329: Mr. Valadao.
       H.R. 5353: Mr. King of New York.
       H.R. 5358: Mr. Johnson of Louisiana, Mr. Brooks of Alabama, 
     and Mr. Arrington.
       H.R. 5365: Mr. Rodney Davis of Illinois.
       H.R. 5383: Mr. Danny K. Davis of Illinois.
       H.R. 5385: Ms. Ros-Lehtinen, Mr. Latta, Ms. Eshoo, Mr. 
     Kelly of Pennsylvania, and Mr. Danny K. Davis of Illinois.
       H.R. 5413: Mr. DeSantis.
       H.R. 5414: Mr. Cicilline, Mr. Capuano, Ms. Wasserman 
     Schultz, Ms. DeGette, Ms. Schakowsky, and Mr. Blumenauer.
       H.R. 5431: Ms. Schakowsky and Mr. Thompson of Mississippi.
       H.R. 5474: Mr. Doggett.
       H.R. 5476: Mr. Heck.
       H.R. 5517: Mr. Thompson of California.
       H.R. 5528: Mr. Stivers.
       H.R. 5533: Mr. Courtney, Ms. Shea-Porter, Mr. Tonko, Ms. 
     Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas, Mr. Jones, and Ms. Matsui.
       H.R. 5534: Mr. Ratcliffe, Mr. Royce of California, Mr. 
     Marchant, Ms. Sinema, Mr. Young of Iowa, Mr. Brooks of 
     Alabama, and Mr. Tipton.
       H.R. 5536: Ms. Wasserman Schultz.
       H.R. 5553: Mr. Jones.
       H.R. 5588: Ms. Eshoo and Mr. McClintock.
       H.R. 5606: Ms. Kuster of New Hampshire.
       H.R. 5671: Mr. Vela, Ms. Pingree, Mr. Cohen, and Mr. 
       H.R. 5684: Mr. Posey.
       H.R. 5694: Ms. Tsongas, Mr. Hunter, and Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 5701: Mrs. Bustos.
       H.R. 5716: Mr. Walden.
       H.R. 5717: Ms. Ros-Lehtinen.
       H.R. 5723: Mr. Sanford.
       H.R. 5753: Ms. McCollum.
       H.R. 5761: Ms. McCollum.
       H.R. 5762: Mr. Meadows.

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       H.R. 5773: Mr. Sam Johnson of Texas.
       H.R. 5795: Mrs. Comstock, Mr. Turner, and Mr. Cramer.
       H.R. 5796: Mr. Engel.
       H.R. 5814: Ms. Jayapal, Ms. McCollum, and Ms. Shea-Porter.
       H.R. 5857: Ms. Moore and Mrs. Dingell.
       H.R. 5889: Mr. Banks of Indiana.
       H.R. 5899: Ms. Clarke of New York and Mrs. Dingell.
       H.R. 5900: Mr. Donovan.
       H.R. 5912: Mr. Peterson and Ms. Clarke of New York.
       H.R. 5920: Mr. Vela.
       H.R. 5922: Ms. Norton.
       H.R. 5924: Mr. Curbelo of Florida, Mr. Gottheimer, Mr. 
     Schweikert, Ms. Wasserman Schultz, Mr. Gaetz, Mr. Smith of 
     New Jersey, and Mr. Costello of Pennsylvania.
       H.R. 5941: Ms. Moore and Ms. Wasserman Schultz.
       H.R. 5942: Mr. Crowley, Ms. Gabbard, Ms. Blunt Rochester, 
     and Mr. Jeffries.
       H.R. 5950: Mr. Gomez, Ms. DeLauro, and Ms. Titus.
       H.R. 5954: Mr. Deutch and Mr. Gaetz.
       H.R. 5958: Mr. Roe of Tennessee.
       H.R. 5988: Mr. Peterson, Mr. Grothman, Mr. Perry, Mr. 
     Goodlatte, and Mr. Sensenbrenner.
       H.R. 5991: Mr. Blumenauer.
       H.J. Res. 61: Mr. Chabot and Mr. Pearce.
       H.J. Res. 91: Ms. Bordallo.
       H. Con. Res. 8: Mr. Russell.
       H. Con. Res. 10: Ms. Kaptur.
       H. Con. Res. 72: Ms. Norton.
       H. Con. Res. 119: Mr. Mullin, Mr. Smith of Texas, Mr. 
     Cramer, and Mr. Pearce.
       H. Res. 15: Ms. Blunt Rochester.
       H. Res. 28: Mr. Bacon.
       H. Res. 31: Mr. Bacon, Mr. Clay, Mr. David Scott of 
     Georgia, Mr. Webster of Florida, Mr. Quigley, Mrs. Dingell, 
     Mrs. Love, and Mr. Welch.
       H. Res. 199: Mr. Bilirakis.
       H. Res. 274: Ms. Lee.
       H. Res. 318: Mr. Graves of Missouri.
       H. Res. 405: Mr. Smith of Washington.
       H. Res. 750: Mr. Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico.
       H. Res. 766: Mr. Panetta and Mr. DeFazio.
       H. Res. 871: Mr. Nolan and Ms. Kaptur.
       H. Res. 894: Mr. Coffman.
       H. Res. 907: Mr. Roe of Tennessee.
       H. Res. 915: Ms. Frankel of Florida, Ms. Kuster of New 
     Hampshire, Mr. Sires, and Ms. Eshoo.