SAUDI WAR CRIMES IN YEMEN; Congressional Record Vol. 164, No. 201
(House of Representatives - December 20, 2018)

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                       SAUDI WAR CRIMES IN YEMEN

  (Mr. DOGGETT asked and was given permission to address the House for 
1 minute.)
  Mr. DOGGETT. Mr. Speaker, millions of American families will be 
enjoying the bounty of our great Nation at this very special time of 
the year without realizing that their tax dollars are subsiding Saudi 
war crimes in Yemen.
  It is estimated that every 10 minutes, another Yemeni child dies from 
starvation, disease, or bombs made in America. President Trump has 
basically delegated his policy in this region to the Saudis, even after 
the murder and dismemberment of an American resident directly linked to 
the crown prince. That has not been enough to alter American policy.
  So today, once again, a number of us are calling directly and 
respectfully on Speaker Paul Ryan to stop the blockade on behalf of 
President Trump and allow this House to vote--vote now--on what has 
already been approved by the United States Senate on a strong 
bipartisan basis, a resolution to withdraw U.S. support from the Saudi 
forces in the murderous war in Yemen.
  Let's stop America's role in the worst humanitarian disaster in the 
world today.