PETITIONS AND MEMORIALS; Congressional Record Vol. 165, No. 4
(Senate - January 09, 2019)

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                        PETITIONS AND MEMORIALS

  The following petitions and memorials were laid before the Senate and 
were referred or ordered to lie on the table as indicated:

       POM-1. A concurrent resolution adopted by the General 
     Assembly of the State of Ohio urging the United States 
     Congress to enact bills advancing the development of an 
     Appalachian storage hub; to the Committee on Energy and 
     Natural Resources.

                  Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 21

       Whereas, The Appalachian region, including parts of 
     Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and all of West Virginia, 
     contains world class supplies of natural gas and natural gas 
     liquids (NGL) that contribute to the country's energy 
     dominance; and
       Whereas, Harnessing those supplies by constructing an 
     Appalachian storage hub involves major investments in 
     infrastructure, including storage caverns and pipelines, and 
     implementation of a significant jobs program for the 
     residents of the Appalachian region; and
       Whereas, Natural gas liquids are the major feedstock of the 
     chemical industry and the region contains enough feedstock to 
     attract $35 billion in new chemical and plastics industry 
     investment. Chemical and plastic industry investments of this 
     scale could create 100,000 new jobs, $28 billion in new 
     economic output, more than $6 billion in annual payroll, and 
     nearly $3 billion a year in new federal, state, and local tax 
     revenue; and
       Whereas, Enactment of the federal ``Appalachian Energy and 
     Manufacturing Revitalization Act'' would improve the 
     infrastructure permitting process by directing the 
     Secretaries of Energy and Commerce to approve projects 
     related to the Appalachian storage hub, identify the lead 
     federal and state agency liaisons, and coordinate with them 
     on designating the project; and
       Whereas, The bill directs the Federal Energy Regulatory 
     Commission (FERC) to consider relevant licenses and permits 
     for the requisite pipeline infrastructure, and then requires 
     the other federal agencies to complete consideration of their 
     respective permits within 60 days of the completion of the 
     FERC licensing or have their jurisdictional permits deemed 
     approved; and
       Whereas, In addition to the ``Appalachian Energy and 
     Manufacturing Revitalization Act,'' the ``Capitalizing 
     American Storage Potential Act'' would make a regional NGL 
     storage hub eligible for the Department of Energy's 
     successful Title XVII loan guarantee program, and the 
     ``Appalachian Ethane Storage Hub Study Act of 2017'' would 
     help assess the feasibility and potential benefits of 
     establishing a subterranean ethane storage and distribution 
     hub in central Appalachia; now therefore be it
       Resolved, That we, the members of the 132nd General 
     Assembly of the State of Ohio, urge the Congress of the 
     United States to enact bills advancing the development of an 
     Appalachian storage hub, including all of the following:
       The ``Appalachian Energy and Manufacturing Revitalization 
     Act of 2017'';
       The ``Capitalizing American Storage Potential Act'', and
       The ``Appalachian Ethane Storage Hub Study Act of 2017''; 
     and be it further
       Resolved, That the Clerk of the Senate transmit duly 
     authenticated copies of this resolution to the President of 
     the United States, the President Pro Tempore and Secretary of 
     the United States Senate, the Speaker and Clerk of the United 
     States House of Representatives, each member of the Ohio, 
     West Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania Congressional 
     delegations, and the news media of Ohio.

       POM-2. A resolution adopted by the Town Council of Durham, 
     New Hampshire, calling on the United States Congress to lead 
     a global effort to prevent nuclear war; to the Committee on 
     Foreign Relations.
       POM-3. A petition from a citizen of the Commonwealth of 
     Puerto Rico requesting

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     that the government of the United States exempt Puerto Rico 
     from the regulations of the Jones Act, also known in Puerto 
     Rico as the Cabotage Act, to allow foreign-flag ships to 
     bring goods to the country; to the Committee on Commerce, 
     Science, and Transportation.