IN SUPPORT OF LIFE; Congressional Record Vol. 165, No. 9
(House of Representatives - January 16, 2019)

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                           IN SUPPORT OF LIFE

  The SPEAKER pro tempore. The Chair recognizes the gentleman from 
Wisconsin (Mr. Grothman) for 5 minutes.
  Mr. GROTHMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to support life.
  Mr. Speaker, 46 years ago when I was a senior in high school, it was 
decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, or the U.S. Supreme Court felt, that 
the United States Constitution required abortion be legal in this 
country, despite the fact that, for much of the past century, every 
State in the Union felt that abortion should be made illegal. This 
decision directly led to the deaths of over 40 million children who 
should have been living a full life.
  John Adams said that our Constitution was meant for moral and 
religious people. How can a country built for a moral, religious people 
living under our Constitution allow this to happen?
  We know how it happened. About 10 years ago, Justice Ruth Bader 
Ginsburg let the cat out of the bag. This decision was meant to prevent 
the growth in populations we don't want to have too many of, the 
progressives' dream.
  But how did the progressives get their dream? Some politicians 
sometimes talk about science and say we don't take into account science 
enough around here.
  It is interesting that, in 1973 when this decision was reached, we 
didn't have ultrasounds. Now, with ultrasounds, it is more apparent 
than ever that every new baby in that womb is a unique individual, with 
its heart beating, with its feeling pain. Nevertheless, we continue to 
ignore that science and continue to allow this horrible stain on our 
  Indeed, right now, the United States is one of only seven countries 
to allow late-term abortions. There we are, in the same list as North 
Korea, China, and Vietnam. I guess you can kind of look back and see 
why, in the sixties, the progressives would talk about Ho, Ho, Ho Chi 
Minh and why they wanted the Communists to win in Vietnam. This is 
probably one of the reasons, the type of country that they like.
  Our forefathers wanted this country to be a country that would shed a 
light on the world. Nevertheless, we appear to be going backwards. The 
new majority recently brought a bill to the floor to allow the United 
States to pay for abortions abroad again.
  Is this what we want America to be known for: the United States 

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countries all around the world that abortion should be legal and the 
government should be paying for abortion? What a stain on the moral 
record of the United States of America.
  This is the week of the March for Life. I would like to thank all the 
people from the State of Wisconsin who are there and come here 
diligently every year, hoping the people in this city, both the 
justices and the politicians, realize that this murder of almost a 
million people a year must end.
  I would like to thank them and hope that this is the last year that 
we have to continue this debate and that, finally, by this year, this 
time, we one more time think that life is precious and our government 
will not continue to allow the premature snuffing out of life.