PASS LEGISLATION FOR THE PEOPLE; Congressional Record Vol. 165, No. 173
(House of Representatives - October 31, 2019)

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                              {time}  1245

  (Mr. CARTWRIGHT asked and was given permission to address the House 
for 1 minute.)
  Mr. CARTWRIGHT. Madam Speaker, Congress exists to serve the American 
people by passing legislation that will protect their rights and 
promote their welfare.
  Since January of this year, House Democrats have been vigorously 
legislating for the people and have passed more than 200 bills--200 
bills--bills to secure a living wage for American workers, bills to 
protect pensions and fight discrimination in the workplace, bills to 
expand access to healthcare and lower the cost of prescription drugs. 
We have passed bills to safeguard our elections, the bedrock of our 
democracy, from both foreign and domestic interference.
  In contrast, the Republican-controlled Senate has offered little but 
obstruction and inaction. Their leader proudly calls himself the ``grim 
reaper'' for laying waste to our 200 bills.
  So, I rise today to implore Senate lawmakers: Do your job. Take up 
these House-passed measures and start serving the American people.