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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Daily Digest


Chamber Action

The Senate met at 12:00:14 p.m. in pro forma session, and adjourned at 12:00:41 p.m. until 2:15 p.m., on Friday, October 11, 2019.–––

Committee Meetings

No committee meetings were held.

House of Representatives

Chamber Action

Public Bills and Resolutions Introduced: 14 public bills, H.R. 4617–4630; and 7 resolutions, H. Res. 619–624 were introduced.
Pages H8100–01

Additional Cosponsors:
Pages H8102–03

Report Filed: A report was filed today as follows:

H.R. 2513, to ensure that persons who form corporations or limited liability companies in the United States disclose the beneficial owners of those corporations or limited liability companies, in order to prevent wrongdoers from exploiting United States corporations and limited liability companies for criminal gain, to assist law enforcement in detecting, preventing, and punishing terrorism, money laundering, and other misconduct involving United States corporations and limited liability companies, and for other purposes, with an amendment (H. Rept. 116–227).
Page H8100

Speaker: Read a letter from the Speaker wherein she appointed Representative Raskin to act as Speaker pro tempore for today.
Page H8099

Guest Chaplain: The prayer was offered by the Guest Chaplain, Pastor Deamon Scapin, Triumph Church DC, Washington, DC.
Page H8099

Quorum Calls--Votes: There were no Yea and Nay votes, and there were no Recorded votes. There were no quorum calls.

Adjournment: The House met at 1 p.m. and adjourned at 1:05 p.m.

Committee Meetings

No hearings were held.

Joint Meetings

No joint committee meetings were held.


OCTOBER 11, 2019

(Committee meetings are open unless otherwise indicated)


No meetings/hearings scheduled.


No hearings are scheduled.

Next Meeting of the

2:15 p.m., Friday, October 11

Senate Chamber

Program for Friday: Senate will meet in a pro forma session.

Next Meeting of the

3:30 p.m., Friday, October 11

House Chamber

Program for Friday: House will meet in Pro Forma session at 3:30 p.m.

Extensions of Remarks, as inserted in this issue


Cartwright, Matt, Pa., E1259

Courtney, Joe, Conn., E1260

Foxx, Virginia, N.C., E1259

Gooden, Lance, Tex., E1259

Heck, Denny, Wash., E1262

Johnson, Mike, La., E1259

Kaptur, Marcy, Ohio, E1264

Larsen, Rick, Wash., E1261

Latta, Robert E., Ohio, E1264

Long, Billy, Mo., E1263

Luetkemeyer, Blaine, Mo., E1260

Lynch, Stephen F., Mass., E1261

Panetta, Jimmy, Calif., E1264

Rouda, Harley, Calif. E1261, E1263

Simpson, Michael K., Idaho, E1263

Stevens, Haley M., Mich., E1261

Thompson, Mike, Calif., E1260

Tlaib, Rashida, Mich., E1260, E1261, E1263, E1264

Vela, Filemon, Tex., E1265