MESSAGE FROM THE HOUSE; Congressional Record Vol. 165, No. 182
(Senate - November 14, 2019)

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                         MESSAGE FROM THE HOUSE

  At 10:27 a.m., a message from the House of Representatives, delivered 
by Mrs. Cole, one of its reading clerks, announced that the House has 
passed the following bills, in which it requests the concurrence of the 

       H.R. 499. An act to amend the Small Business Act to clarify 
     the treatment of certain surviving spouses under the 
     definition of small business concern owned and controlled by 
     service-disabled veterans.
       H.R. 1615. An act to transfer the responsibility of 
     verifying small business concerns

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     owned and controlled by veterans or service-disabled veterans 
     to the Small Business Administration, and for other purposes.
       H.R. 1663. An act to amend title 36, United States Code, to 
     revise the Federal charter for the Foundation of the Federal 
     Bar Association.
       H.R. 1773. An act to award a Congressional Gold Medal, 
     collectively, to the women in the United States who joined 
     the workforce during World War II, providing the aircraft, 
     vehicles, weaponry, ammunition and other material to win the 
     war, that were referred to as ``Rosie the Riveter'', in 
     recognition of the contributions to the United States and the 
     inspiration they have provided to ensuing generations.
       H.R. 3537. An act to amend the Small Business Act to codify 
     the Boots to Business Program, and for other purposes.
       H.R. 3661. An act to support entrepreneurs serving in the 
     National Guard and Reserve, and for other purposes.
       H.R. 3734. An act to require the Comptroller General of the 
     United States to report on access to credit for small 
     business concerns owned and controlled by covered 
     individuals, to require the Administrator of the Small 
     Business Administration to report on the veterans interagency 
     task force, and for other purposes.
       H.R. 4258. An act to authorize the Marshal of the Supreme 
     Court and the Supreme Court Police to protect the Justices, 
     employees, and official guests of the Supreme Court outside 
     of the Supreme Court grounds, and for other purposes.

  The message also announced that the House has agreed to the following 
concurrent resolution, in which it requests the concurrence of the 

       H. Con. Res. 72. Concurrent resolution directing the Clerk 
     of the House to make a correction in the enrollment of H.R.