ADDITIONAL SPONSORS; Congressional Record Vol. 165, No. 183
(House of Representatives - November 15, 2019)

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[Pages H8909-H8910]
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                          ADDITIONAL SPONSORS

  Under clause 7 of rule XII, sponsors were added to public bills and 
resolutions, as follows:

       H.R. 4: Mr. Golden.
       H.R. 24: Mr. Calvert.
       H.R. 93: Mr. Yarmuth.
       H.R. 117: Mrs. Hayes.
       H.R. 309: Ms. Meng, Mr. Khanna, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Levin of 
     California, Mr. Langevin, Mr. Aguilar, and Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 366: Mrs. Hayes.
       H.R. 400: Mr. Pascrell.
       H.R. 613: Mr. David Scott of Georgia.
       H.R. 649: Mr. Lowenthal, Mr. Meuser, Mr. Riggleman, and Mr. 
       H.R. 671: Mr. Smucker.
       H.R. 712: Ms. Kendra S. Horn of Oklahoma, Mr. Joyce of 
     Ohio, and Ms. Tlaib.
       H.R. 810: Mr. Aguilar.
       H.R. 895: Mr. Heck and Mr. Watkins.
       H.R. 912: Mr. Carson of Indiana, Mr. Visclosky, Mr. Cooper, 
     Mr. Van Drew, Ms. Escobar, Mr. Cox of California, and Mr. 
     Brown of Maryland.
       H.R. 959: Miss Gonzalez-Colon of Puerto Rico.
       H.R. 960: Miss Gonzalez-Colon of Puerto Rico.

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       H.R. 1002: Ms. Clark of Massachusetts, Mr. Grijalva, Mr. 
     Calvert, Mrs. Trahan, Mr. Ted Lieu of California, Ms. 
     Pressley, Ms. Tlaib, Ms. Matsui, Mr. Van Drew, and Ms. Blunt 
       H.R. 1042: Mrs. Trahan, Ms. Pressley, Ms. Tlaib, Mr. Van 
     Drew, Ms. Blunt Rochester, and Ms. Johnson of Texas.
       H.R. 1049: Mr. Allred, Mr. Lawson of Florida, Mr. Foster, 
     and Mr. Danny K. Davis of Illinois.
       H.R. 1080: Mrs. Demings.
       H.R. 1092: Ms. Roybal-Allard.
       H.R. 1114: Mr. DeFazio.
       H.R. 1140: Ms. Matsui, Ms. Sherrill, Mr. Peterson, Ms. 
     Gabbard, Mr. Cicilline, Mr. Meeks, and Mr. Ted Lieu of 
       H.R. 1296: Ms. Underwood.
       H.R. 1329: Mr. Kennedy.
       H.R. 1367: Ms. Lofgren, Ms. Clarke of New York, and Mr. 
       H.R. 1570: Mr. Burchett.
       H.R. 1652: Ms. Slotkin.
       H.R. 1749: Ms. Lofgren.
       H.R. 1777: Ms. Ocasio-Cortez.
       H.R. 1869: Ms. McCollum, Mr. Guest, Mr. Spano, and Mr. 
       H.R. 1873: Ms. Torres Small of New Mexico.
       H.R. 1878: Ms. Tlaib and Mrs. Beatty.
       H.R. 1897: Mr. Gonzalez of Texas.
       H.R. 1903: Mr. Garamendi, Ms. Spanberger, Mr. Babin, and 
     Ms. Herrera Beutler.
       H.R. 1917: Mr. Mast, Mr. Steil, and Mr. Mooney of West 
       H.R. 1948: Mrs. Hayes.
       H.R. 1962: Mr. Peterson.
       H.R. 1975: Mr. Rooney of Florida and Mr. Lamb.
       H.R. 2040: Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 2062: Mrs. Hayes.
       H.R. 2147: Mr. Palmer, Mr. Costa, Mrs. Dingell, Mr. 
     Garamendi, Mr. Newhouse, Mr. Norcross, Mr. Takano, Ms. 
     Stefanik, Ms. Wasserman Schultz, Ms. DelBene, Mr. Phillips, 
     Mr. Cline, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Heck, Ms. Davids of Kansas, Mr. 
     Scott of Virginia, Mr. Lowenthal, and Ms. Schakowsky.
       H.R. 2153: Mr. Riggleman and Ms. Wexton.
       H.R. 2170: Mr. Cohen.
       H.R. 2214: Mr. Phillips.
       H.R. 2264: Ms. Titus.
       H.R. 2321: Ms. Spanberger.
       H.R. 2431: Mr. Van Drew.
       H.R. 2434: Ms. Jackson Lee.
       H.R. 2442: Mr. Phillips.
       H.R. 2482: Mrs. Hayes.
       H.R. 2491: Mr. Takano.
       H.R. 2581: Mrs. Hayes.
       H.R. 2585: Mr. Meeks.
       H.R. 2629: Mr. Gonzalez of Texas.
       H.R. 2645: Ms. Porter.
       H.R. 2678: Mr. Blumenauer.
       H.R. 2771: Mr. Guest.
       H.R. 2816: Ms. Porter.
       H.R. 2896: Mr. Garcia of Illinois.
       H.R. 2972: Mr. Cardenas.
       H.R. 2986: Mr. Schneider.
       H.R. 3107: Mr. Pence and Mrs. Fletcher.
       H.R. 3114: Mr. Brown of Maryland.
       H.R. 3121: Ms. Clarke of New York and Mr. Stivers.
       H.R. 3161: Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 3212: Mr. Keating, Mr. Phillips, and Mr. Meeks.
       H.R. 3222: Mr. David Scott of Georgia.
       H.R. 3241: Mr. Buck.
       H.R. 3391: Mr. DeSaulnier.
       H.R. 3399: Mr. Panetta.
       H.R. 3400: Miss Gonzalez-Colon of Puerto Rico.
       H.R. 3437: Mr. Quigley.
       H.R. 3473: Mr. Suozzi.
       H.R. 3495: Mr. Griffith.
       H.R. 3497: Mrs. Hayes and Miss Gonzalez-Colon of Puerto 
       H.R. 3509: Ms. Wild.
       H.R. 3541: Mr. Kim.
       H.R. 3559: Mr. Cole.
       H.R. 3561: Miss Rice of New York and Mr. Williams.
       H.R. 3570: Mr. Kind and Mr. Carson of Indiana.
       H.R. 3571: Mr. Neguse, Ms. Titus, Mr. Trone, Mr. Mooney of 
     West Virginia, and Mr. Gaetz.
       H.R. 3580: Mr. Rutherford and Mr. Palazzo.
       H.R. 3584: Mrs. Brooks of Indiana, Mr. Horsford, Mr. Smith 
     of Missouri, and Mr. Bucshon.
       H.R. 3609: Ms. Sherrill.
       H.R. 3615: Mr. Fleischmann and Ms. Norton.
       H.R. 3637: Mrs. Hayes.
       H.R. 3668: Mr. Heck.
       H.R. 3749: Mr. Peters.
       H.R. 3778: Mr. Luetkemeyer, Mrs. Hayes, and Mr. Gonzalez of 
       H.R. 3884: Mr. Soto.
       H.R. 3910: Mrs. Beatty and Mrs. McBath.
       H.R. 4022: Mrs. Lawrence and Mr. Ted Lieu of California.
       H.R. 4107: Ms. Kuster of New Hampshire.
       H.R. 4217: Miss Gonzalez-Colon of Puerto Rico.
       H.R. 4228: Mr. Doggett.
       H.R. 4283: Mr. Bucshon.
       H.R. 4307: Mr. Quigley.
       H.R. 4399: Mr. Buck, Mr. Johnson of South Dakota, Mrs. 
     Rodgers of Washington, and Mr. Keller.
       H.R. 4438: Ms. Jackson Lee and Mr. Olson.
       H.R. 4456: Mr. Rush and Mrs. McBath.
       H.R. 4564: Ms. Slotkin.
       H.R. 4588: Mr. Kelly of Pennsylvania.
       H.R. 4589: Mr. Young.
       H.R. 4611: Mr. Vargas.
       H.R. 4672: Mrs. Davis of California, Mr. Carbajal, Mr. 
     Garamendi, Mr. Aguilar, and Mr. McNerney.
       H.R. 4691: Mr. Garcia of Illinois.
       H.R. 4702: Mr. DesJarlais.
       H.R. 4708: Mr. Quigley.
       H.R. 4709: Mr. Quigley.
       H.R. 4723: Mr. Blumenauer and Mr. Grijalva.
       H.R. 4754: Mr. Rouzer and Mr. Huizenga.
       H.R. 4789: Mr. Stauber and Mr. Mitchell.
       H.R. 4807: Mr. Costa.
       H.R. 4820: Mr. Trone.
       H.R. 4823: Ms. Brownley of California, Mr. Khanna, and Mr. 
       H.R. 4894: Mr. Harder of California.
       H.R. 4899: Mr. Mooney of West Virginia.
       H.R. 4907: Mr. Cisneros and Mr. Cooper.
       H.R. 4913: Mr. Carter of Georgia, Ms. Craig, and Ms. Bass.
       H.R. 4927: Mrs. Hayes.
       H.R. 4934: Mr. Bost.
       H.R. 4945: Mrs. Fletcher, Mr. Suozzi, and Ms. Wild.
       H.R. 4957: Mr. O'Halleran.
       H.R. 4967: Ms. Blunt Rochester.
       H.R. 4980: Mr. Cisneros, Ms. Waters, and Mrs. Napolitano.
       H.R. 4995: Mr. Marshall, Mr. Burgess, and Mr. Walden.
       H.R. 4996: Mrs. Hayes.
       H.R. 5032: Ms. Slotkin.
       H.R. 5036: Mr. Peters.
       H.R. 5037: Ms. Speier.
       H.R. 5046: Mr. Wilson of South Carolina and Mr. Marshall.
       H.R. 5052: Mr. Cisneros.
       H.R. 5074: Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 5081: Ms. Granger and Mr. Gooden.
       H.R. 5102: Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 5113: Mr. Lowenthal.
       H.J. Res. 79: Ms. Kendra S. Horn of Oklahoma and Mr. 
       H. Con. Res. 68: Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Trone, and Mrs. Hartzler.
       H. Res. 23: Mr. Trone.
       H. Res. 69: Mrs. Miller.
       H. Res. 374: Mr. Cohen, Mr. Wenstrup, and Ms. Craig.
       H. Res. 538: Mr. DeSaulnier and Ms. Jayapal.
       H. Res. 621: Mr. Khanna.
       H. Res. 682: Ms. Gabbard, Ms. Tlaib, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Mr. 
     O'Halleran, Mr. Cox of California, Mr. Stanton, Ms. Norton, 
     Ms. Lee of California, Mrs. Napolitano, Ms. Moore, Mr. Case, 
     Mr. Crist, Mr. Raskin, and Mr. Levin of Michigan.
       H. Res. 686: Mr. Hice of Georgia and Mr. Cloud.
       H. Res. 687: Mr. LaMalfa, Mrs. Rodgers of Washington, Mr. 
     Rodney Davis of Illinois, Mr. Van Drew, Mr. Cisneros, and Mr. 
       H. Res. 703: Mr. Peters.