TRIBUTE TO CAROLYN EDWARDS; Congressional Record Vol. 165, No. 197
(Senate - December 10, 2019)

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                       TRIBUTE TO CAROLYN EDWARDS

  Mr. BARRASSO. Madam President, together with Senator Carper, I rise 
today to recognize Carolyn Edwards for her distinguished career and 
significant accomplishments at the Federal Highway Administration, 
  After 46 years of exceptional Federal service, Carolyn is retiring 
from FHWA on January 3, 2020. She is a dedicated public servant 
recognized as an unparalleled national expert on Federal Highway 
Programs and the highway trust fund. Through her technical assistance 
to Congress and her policy advice to departmental and agency officials, 
Carolyn has provided an invaluable contribution to the programs that 
support our Nation's roads and bridges. She has helped to shape not 
only these critical highway programs, but also, as colleague and 
mentor, she has shaped and guided a generation of highway policy 
experts. Her work will have a lasting legacy for many years to come.
  Carolyn's entire 46-year Federal career has been with the U.S. 
Department of Transportation, USDOT--44 of these with FHWA. To put 
Carolyn's remarkable public service longevity in perspective, FHWA was 
formed in 1966, only 7 years prior to her arrival. She joined FHWA in 
1973 as an economist. Over the ensuing four and a half decades, she has 
served in a range of high-level analytical and leadership positions, 
including positions in FHWA's Office of Highway Policy Information and 
Office of Legislative Affairs and Policy Communications. She also 
worked in the Office of the Secretary's Office of the Assistant 
Secretary for Budget and Programs with a portfolio that covered FHWA 
  Carolyn is currently a member of FHWA's Legislative Analysis Team, 
where she serves as the authoritative expert on a wide range of 
highway-related topics, including Federal highway legislation, the 
highway trust fund, and the operations of the Federal-aid highway 
program. Throughout her successful and impressive career, she has been 
a ``go-to reference'' on these topics for both agency and departmental 
leaders and staff.
  Among her many exemplary accomplishments, Carolyn has been in the 
development and implementation of every Federal surface transportation 
bill since the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century--TEA-21--
was enacted in 1998. Additionally, she has also been a recipient of 
several prestigious honors and awards. Carolyn has been recognized with 
a Secretary's Team Award, two Secretarial Awards for Partnering for 
Excellence, and multiple FHWA Superior Achievement Awards, FHWA's 
highest honor award.
  Carolyn exemplifies the highest standards of public service and 
embodies FHWA's spirit of professionalism and customer service. Over 
the years, the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, along 
with other congressional committees, Members of Congress, and their 
staff have relied on Carolyn's legislative and highway policy 
expertise, quick turnaround technical assistance responses, and wealth 
of information. Carolyn's colleagues at USDOT and FHWA have depended on 
her tireless efforts, her endless wealth of knowledge and willingness 
to share and transfer it. They will miss her indomitable spirit and her 
purple sweaters, purple pens, and love for everything purple to 
brighten their days.
  Carolyn has helped shape highway policy discussions and implement new 
programs. Her contributions will continue to make a difference on 
USDOT, FHWA, and the surface transportation community. Her retirement 
from the Federal Government is a celebration of her dedication to the 
American people.
  It is a great honor to recognize this exceptional public servant. 
Senator Carper joins me in extending our appreciation and well wishes 
to Carolyn on her retirement.