WELCOMING PASTOR A.D. SHAW; Congressional Record Vol. 165, No. 35
(House of Representatives - February 26, 2019)

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                       WELCOMING PASTOR A.D. SHAW

  The SPEAKER pro tempore. Without objection, the gentleman from 
Florida (Mr. Spano) is recognized for 1 minute.
  There was no objection.
  Mr. SPANO. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor A.D. Shaw, founder and 
pastor of Shekinah Glory Cathedral located in Plant City, Florida, and 
who most gracefully offered this morning's opening prayer. He is also 
my brother and my friend.
  Pastor Shaw's dedication to family, friends, and community serves as 
an example to many. His over 15 years of hard work in the ministry 
without expecting anything in return embodies the definition of unity 
and the best of the human spirit.
  As I listened to his prayer, I thought of the many distinguished men 
and women who have stood in this Chamber, at that podium, preaching the 
importance of unity in our great Nation.
  One such man was Abraham Lincoln, who said: ``A house divided against 
itself cannot stand.''
  In our fast-moving society, it is easy to focus on those things that 
divide us over those things that bring us together. It is why, Mr. 
Speaker, I stand here today calling for greater unity among all who 
serve in this Chamber, among the American people and for the thousands 
of communities across our great land.
  Only together can we withstand adversity, not just as individuals, 
but as a Nation. This does not mean that we will always agree. It does 
mean we should seek unity in those disagreements.
  We do not need to see eye to eye to walk hand in hand.
  If, as a Nation, we seek to remain strong into the 21st century, we 
must stand united through our differences.