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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Daily Digest


Chamber Action

The Senate met at 2:09:57 p.m. in pro forma session, and adjourned at 2:10:34 p.m. until 3 p.m., on Monday, March 25, 2019. ––––––

Committee Meetings

No committee meetings were held.

House of Representatives

Chamber Action

Public Bills and Resolutions Introduced: 17 public bills, H.R. 1837–1853; and 9 resolutions, H.J. Res. 52 and H. Res. 244–251 were introduced.
Pages H2760–61

Additional Cosponsors:
Pages H2762–63

Reports Filed: There were no reports filed today.

Speaker: Read a letter from the Speaker wherein she appointed Representative Wexton to act as Speaker pro tempore for today.
Page H2759

Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission--Appointment: Read a letter from Representative McCarthy, Minority Leader, in which he appointed the following Member to serve as Co-Chair of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission: Representative Smith (NJ).
Page H2759

Quorum Calls--Votes: There were no yea and nay votes, and there were no recorded votes. There were no quorum calls.

Adjournment: The House met at 2 p.m. and adjourned at 2:02 p.m.

Committee Meetings

No hearings were held.

Joint Meetings

No joint committee meetings were held.


MARCH 25, 2019

(Committee meetings are open unless otherwise indicated)


No meetings/hearings scheduled.


Committee on House Administration, Full Committee, markup on H. Res. 245, providing for the expenses of certain committees of the House of Representatives in the One Hundred Sixteenth Congress; and Committee Resolution 116–09, a Resolution to Approve Franked Mail Allowances for Committees for the 116th Congress, 7 p.m., 1310 Longworth.

Committee on Rules, Full Committee, hearing on H.R. 7, the ``Paycheck Fairness Act''; and H. Res. 124, expressing opposition to banning service in the Armed Forces by openly transgender individuals, 5 p.m., H–313 Capitol.


Next Meeting of the

3 p.m., Monday, March 25

Senate Chamber

Program for Monday: Senate will resume consideration of the nomination of Bridget S. Bade, of Arizona, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit, and vote on the motion to invoke cloture thereon at 5:30 p.m.

Next Meeting of the

12 noon, Monday, March 25

House Chamber

Program for Monday: To be announced.

Extensions of Remarks, as inserted in this issue


Babin, Brian, Tex., E322, E323, E326, E329, E332

Bishop, Sanford D., Jr., Ga., E321, E326, E329, E331

Bustos, Cheri, Ill., E329, E333

Cleaver, Emanuel, Mo., E325

Costa, Jim, Calif., E326, E331

Deutch, Theodore E., Fla., E324

Gosar, Paul, Ariz., E331, E333

Heck, Denny, Wash., E330

Hern, Kevin, Okla., E322

Hudson, Richard, N.C., E322

Kelly, Robin L., Ill., E323

Kim, Andy, N.J., E324, E329

Lieu, Ted, Calif., E332

Marchant, Kenny, Tex., E322

McCarthy, Kevin, Calif., E323, E324, E330, E331, E332

Meuser, Daniel, Pa., E322, E324

Norton, Eleanor Holmes, The District of Columbia, E323, E330

Panetta, Jimmy, Calif., E321

Quigley, Mike, Ill., E324, E326

Schakowsky, Janice D., Ill., E321, E332

Schneider, Bradley Scott, Ill., E333

Sewell, Terri A., Ala., E325

Shimkus, John, Ill., E327

Watson Coleman, Bonnie, N.J., E330