ADDITIONAL SPONSORS; Congressional Record Vol. 165, No. 138
(House of Representatives - August 23, 2019)

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                          ADDITIONAL SPONSORS

  Under clause 7 of rule XII, sponsors were added to public bills and 
resolutions, as follows:

       H.R. 94: Mrs. Lowey.
       H.R. 117: Mr. Soto.
       H.R. 153: Mr. Biggs and Mr. Steube.
       H.R. 171: Mr. Grothman.
       H.R. 175: Mr. LaMalfa, Mr. David P. Roe of Tennessee, and 
     Mr. Duncan.
       H.R. 223: Ms. Ocasio-Cortez.
       H.R. 444: Ms. Jackson Lee.
       H.R. 499: Ms. Underwood.
       H.R. 511: Mr. Lujan.
       H.R. 562: Ms. Kaptur.
       H.R. 641: Ms. Barragan.
       H.R. 647: Mrs. Luria, Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Kildee, and Ms. 
       H.R. 649: Mr. Neguse, Mr. Gallego, and Ms. Eshoo.
       H.R. 719: Mr. Khanna.
       H.R. 720: Mr. Collins of New York.
       H.R. 737: Ms. Adams.
       H.R. 810: Mr. Cox of California.
       H.R. 930: Ms. Ocasio-Cortez.
       H.R. 963: Mr. Rush.
       H.R. 971: Mr. Ted Lieu of California.
       H.R. 1084: Mr. Budd.
       H.R. 1086: Ms. Jayapal.
       H.R. 1154: Mr. Katko.
       H.R. 1175: Mr. Shimkus and Mr. Smith of New Jersey.
       H.R. 1186: Mr. Cox of California, Mr. Crow, Mr. Larson of 
     Connecticut, and Mr. Perlmutter.
       H.R. 1229: Mr. Stivers.
       H.R. 1236: Mr. Larson of Connecticut and Mr. Crow.
       H.R. 1254: Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 1266: Mr. Kildee.
       H.R. 1276: Mr. Himes.
       H.R. 1296: Mr. Cox of California.
       H.R. 1346: Mr. Schneider and Mrs. Kirkpatrick.
       H.R. 1379: Mrs. Napolitano, Mr. Norcross, Mr. Espaillat, 
     Mr. Sarbanes, and Ms. Tlaib.
       H.R. 1530: Mr. Thompson of Pennsylvania.
       H.R. 1586: Mr. Khanna.
       H.R. 1591: Mr. Khanna.
       H.R. 1628: Mr. Ryan.
       H.R. 1629: Ms. Houlahan and Mr. Cicilline.
       H.R. 1661: Mr. Foster.
       H.R. 1671: Ms. Moore.
       H.R. 1730: Mr. Hudson and Mr. Kim.
       H.R. 1754: Mr. Smith of Washington and Mr. Waltz.
       H.R. 1762: Mr. Johnson of Georgia.
       H.R. 1766: Mr. Brooks of Alabama.
       H.R. 1767: Mr. Thompson of Pennsylvania.
       H.R. 1873: Mr. Suozzi and Ms. Herrera Beutler.
       H.R. 1931: Mr. Panetta.
       H.R. 1948: Ms. Slotkin, Mr. Gottheimer, Mr. Trone, and Mr. 
       H.R. 1965: Ms. Scanlon.
       H.R. 1981: Mr. Cox of California.
       H.R. 2051: Ms. Sherrill.
       H.R. 2085: Mr. Schneider.
       H.R. 2094: Ms. Castor of Florida.
       H.R. 2096: Mr. Bacon.
       H.R. 2117: Mr. Katko, Mrs. Luria, and Ms. Sherrill.
       H.R. 2148: Mr. Nadler.
       H.R. 2150: Mr. Huffman and Mr. Perry.
       H.R. 2210: Mr. Arrington.
       H.R. 2214: Ms. Jackson Lee.
       H.R. 2224: Ms. Kuster of New Hampshire.
       H.R. 2231: Mr. Rush.
       H.R. 2232: Mr. Cicilline.
       H.R. 2245: Mr. Johnson of Georgia.
       H.R. 2319: Mr. Hill of Arkansas and Mr. Timmons.
       H.R. 2350: Mr. Ryan, Mr. Deutch, Mr. Neal, and Mr. 
       H.R. 2382: Ms. Underwood, Mr. Ruiz, Mr. Khanna, and Mr. 
       H.R. 2410: Ms. Tlaib.
       H.R. 2435: Ms. Castor of Florida, Mr. Malinowski, and Mr. 
     King of New York.
       H.R. 2442: Mr. Malinowski.
       H.R. 2482: Mr. Levin of California.
       H.R. 2486: Mr. Fitzpatrick and Mr. Peterson.
       H.R. 2488: Miss Rice of New York.
       H.R. 2489: Ms. Kelly of Illinois.
       H.R. 2504: Ms. Velazquez.
       H.R. 2532: Ms. Mucarsel-Powell.
       H.R. 2569: Mr. Lamb and Mr. Norcross.
       H.R. 2585: Ms. McCollum, Ms. Barragan, Ms. Eshoo, and Ms. 
       H.R. 2616: Ms. Tlaib.
       H.R. 2708: Ms. Bonamici, Mr. Yarmuth, and Mr. Schneider.
       H.R. 2786: Mr. Phillips.
       H.R. 2790: Mr. Graves of Missouri.
       H.R. 2854: Ms. Tlaib.
       H.R. 2882: Ms. Tlaib.
       H.R. 2912: Mr. Harder of California.
       H.R. 2977: Mr. Trone.
       H.R. 2981: Ms. Tlaib.
       H.R. 3000: Mr. Steube.
       H.R. 3006: Mr. Fortenberry.
       H.R. 3082: Mr. Huffman.
       H.R. 3157: Mrs. Carolyn B. Maloney of New York.
       H.R. 3179: Ms. Pressley.
       H.R. 3222: Mr. DeSaulnier, Mr. Tonko, Mr. Carson of 
     Indiana, Mr. Nadler, Mr. Langevin, and Mrs. Dingell.
       H.R. 3224: Ms. Kuster of New Hampshire.
       H.R. 3230: Ms. Jackson Lee.
       H.R. 3243: Mr. Posey.
       H.R. 3284: Ms. Ocasio-Cortez.
       H.R. 3335: Mr. Sablan.
       H.R. 3376: Mr. Visclosky.
       H.R. 3398: Mr. Sablan.
       H.R. 3434: Mr. Watkins.
       H.R. 3435: Mr. Brown of Maryland and Ms. Pressley.
       H.R. 3444: Mr. Lipinski.
       H.R. 3510: Mrs. Rodgers of Washington.
       H.R. 3511: Mr. Hastings and Mr. Thompson of Mississippi.
       H.R. 3512: Mr. Khanna.
       H.R. 3537: Ms. Underwood.
       H.R. 3549: Ms. Jackson Lee.
       H.R. 3552: Ms. Tlaib.
       H.R. 3554: Mr. Garcia of Illinois.
       H.R. 3580: Mr. Fulcher.
       H.R. 3606: Ms. Tlaib.
       H.R. 3654: Mr. Soto and Mr. Clay.
       H.R. 3661: Ms. Underwood.
       H.R. 3668: Mr. Higgins of New York.
       H.R. 3700: Mr. Steube.
       H.R. 3742: Mr. Engel and Mr. Harder of California.
       H.R. 3798: Ms. Kuster of New Hampshire.
       H.R. 3801: Mr. McGovern.
       H.R. 3813: Mr. Gosar.
       H.R. 3835: Ms. Wasserman Schultz.
       H.R. 3838: Mr. Blumenauer.
       H.R. 3867: Mr. Cardenas.
       H.R. 3874: Ms. Roybal-Allard.
       H.R. 3880: Ms. Jackson Lee.
       H.R. 3957: Ms. Kelly of Illinois.
       H.R. 3961: Ms. Houlahan.
       H.R. 3972: Mr. McKinley.
       H.R. 3973: Ms. Jackson Lee.
       H.R. 3975: Mr. Crawford.
       H.R. 4064: Mr. Cicilline.
       H.R. 4077: Mr. Van Drew.
       H.R. 4101: Ms. Plaskett.
       H.R. 4108: Mr. Swalwell of California and Ms. Tlaib.
       H.R. 4140: Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 4153: Mrs. Rodgers of Washington.
       H.R. 4160: Mr. Fitzpatrick.
       H.R. 4165: Mr. Khanna.
       H.R. 4179: Mr. McGovern and Mr. Cicilline.
       H.R. 4187: Mr. Hurd of Texas.
       H.R. 4192: Mr. Lynch, Mr. Cisneros, Mr. Rose of New York, 
     Mr. Hastings, Mrs. Napolitano, Ms. Norton, and Mr. 
       H.R. 4194: Mr. Cooper, Mr. Swalwell of California, and Ms. 
     Kuster of New Hampshire.
       H. Con. Res. 20: Ms. Plaskett.
       H. Res. 23: Mr. Bishop of Georgia.
       H. Res. 152: Ms. Clarke of New York.
       H. Res. 190: Mr. Schneider.
       H. Res. 230: Mr. Sherman, Mr. King of New York, and Ms. 
       H. Res. 326: Mr. Pascrell, Mr. Morelle, Mr. Pappas, Mr. 
     Castro of Texas, Mrs. Demings, Ms. Wild, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, 
     Mr. Crist, Mr. Peters, and Ms. Roybal-Allard.
       H. Res. 374: Mr. Bergman, Mr. Flores, and Mr. Fulcher.
       H. Res. 452: Mr. Krishnamoorthi.
       H. Res. 502: Mrs. Beatty.
       H. Res. 539: Ms. Jackson Lee.