PRESIDENT TRUMP VISITS OHIO; Congressional Record Vol. 166, No. 3
(House of Representatives - January 07, 2020)

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                              {time}  1915
                      PRESIDENT TRUMP VISITS OHIO

  (Ms. KAPTUR asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 
  Ms. KAPTUR. Mr. Speaker, this week, President Trump will travel to 
the great and compassionate city of Toledo, Ohio, my lifelong home. 
Like all people, the President is welcome in Toledo.
  Toledo is a city of industry, where the mighty Jeep has rolled off 
the assembly line every year since 1941. We are also the city that 
embraces the future and launched America's leading solar energy 
company, First Solar. Our diverse city and people truly make America 
  I urge the President to bring a message of unity to our city, not one 
of division.
  I also urge President Trump to keep his promises to our people: Make 
medicine and healthcare more affordable; save our Great Lakes; 
negotiate enforceable trade agreements that actually stop job 
outsourcing. Protect, don't gut, Social Security, Medicare, and 
Medicaid. Get Mitch McConnell to pass the Butch Lewis Act to save the 
pensions of 60,000 Ohioans, and select our 180th Fighter Wing for the 
F-35 tranche planes that they have so duly earned.
  Let us work on a bipartisan basis to improve the lives of all people. 
And, in furtherance of that, this Thursday, I urge all Toledo area 
religious leaders to offer prayers for nonviolence and peace, and I 
urge all of our citizens to light a candle in their home and put on a 
porch light to shine a ray of hope skyward for a new year of peace and 
prosperity for all.
  May God bless our troops.