ADDITIONAL SPONSORS; Congressional Record Vol. 166, No. 28
(House of Representatives - February 11, 2020)

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                          ADDITIONAL SPONSORS

  Under clause 7 of rule XII, sponsors were added to public bills and 
resolutions, as follows:

       H.R. 571: Mr. Mast, Mr. Perry, Mr. Rooney of Florida, Mr. 
     Reschenthaler, and Mr. Crenshaw.
       H.R. 573: Mr. Diaz-Balart and Mr. Cline.
       H.R. 663: Mr. Simpson.
       H.R. 779: Mr. McClintock, Mr. Collins of Georgia, Mr. 
     Rouzer, and Mr. Biggs.
       H.R. 846: Mr. Gallagher.
       H.R. 906: Mr. Budd and Mr. Cleaver.
       H.R. 919: Mr. Raskin.
       H.R. 948: Mr. Rouzer.
       H.R. 969: Mr. Mooney of West Virginia, Mr. Luetkemeyer, Mr. 
     Gooden, and Mr. Gonzalez of Ohio.
       H.R. 1043: Mr. Costa.
       H.R. 1195: Mr. Malinowski and Mr. Gottheimer.
       H.R. 1325: Mr. Smith of New Jersey and Mr. Gottheimer.
       H.R. 1379: Mr. Smith of New Jersey and Mr. Garcia of 
       H.R. 1400: Mr. Lawson of Florida and Ms. Davids of Kansas.
       H.R. 1450: Ms. Davids of Kansas and Mr. Stanton.
       H.R. 1461: Mr. Fleischmann.
       H.R. 1692: Mr. Crow.
       H.R. 1695: Ms. Sewell of Alabama.
       H.R. 1814: Mr. Ruppersberger and Mr. Michael F. Doyle of 
       H.R. 1846: Mr. Allred.
       H.R. 1953: Mr. King of New York.
       H.R. 2117: Mr. Norcross.
       H.R. 2148: Mr. Welch.
       H.R. 2178: Mr. Malinowski.
       H.R. 2245: Mr. Lipinski.
       H.R. 2283: Mr. Kinzinger.
       H.R. 2339: Ms. Waters.
       H.R. 2420: Mr. Wenstrup, Mr. Mooney of West Virginia, Mr. 
     Phillips, Mr. Brady, Mr. Peterson, Mr. McAdams, Mr. Golden, 
     Mrs. Roby, Mr. McHenry, Mr. Sensenbrenner, and Mr. Chabot.
       H.R. 2442: Mr. Ted Lieu of California.
       H.R. 2599: Ms. Kaptur.
       H.R. 2607: Mr. Smith of Missouri and Mr. Riggleman.
       H.R. 2620: Mr. Levin of California.
       H.R. 2651: Ms. Jayapal.
       H.R. 2653: Ms. Lofgren, Mr. Hastings, and Mr. Stanton.
       H.R. 2731: Mr. Bost.
       H.R. 2775: Ms. Lofgren.
       H.R. 2850: Mr. Crow.
       H.R. 2897: Mr. Harder of California and Mr. Gooden.
       H.R. 3040: Ms. Davids of Kansas.
       H.R. 3136: Ms. Pingree.
       H.R. 3219: Ms. Davids of Kansas.
       H.R. 3315: Mr. Kennedy.
       H.R. 3550: Mr. Ryan.
       H.R. 3588: Mrs. Axne.
       H.R. 3633: Mrs. Beatty.
       H.R. 3663: Mr. Huffman and Ms. Brownley of California.
       H.R. 3735: Mrs. McBath.
       H.R. 3749: Mr. Kilmer and Mr. Suozzi.
       H.R. 3794: Mr. Cooper.
       H.R. 3964: Mr. Arrington, Mr. McHenry, and Mr. Rouzer.
       H.R. 4078: Ms. Blunt Rochester.
       H.R. 4230: Mr. Lipinski.
       H.R. 4340: Mr. Garamendi.
       H.R. 4348: Miss Rice of New York.
       H.R. 4519: Mr. Soto.
       H.R. 4563: Mr. Himes.
       H.R. 4569: Mrs. Beatty.
       H.R. 4644: Mr. Reschenthaler.
       H.R. 4681: Mr. Chabot.
       H.R. 4705: Mr. Meeks.
       H.R. 4820: Mr. Costa, Mr. Peters, and Ms. Slotkin.
       H.R. 4821: Mr. Bera.
       H.R. 5002: Mr. Phillips, Mr. Baird, and Mr. Ryan.
       H.R. 5041: Mr. Panetta, Mr. Pappas, Mr. Connolly, Ms. Judy 
     Chu of California, Mr. Gallego, Mr. Smith of Washington, Mr. 
     Soto, Mr. Neguse, Mr. Lynch, Mr. Allred, Mr. Swalwell of 
     California, and Mr. Lucas.
       H.R. 5042: Ms. Bonamici and Mrs. Beatty.
       H.R. 5052: Mr. Kilmer.
       H.R. 5117: Mr. Schweikert.
       H.R. 5170: Mr. Ryan and Mr. Bacon.
       H.R. 5229: Mr. Hastings and Mr. Weber of Texas.
       H.R. 5231: Mr. Grijalva.
       H.R. 5234: Mr. Rouzer.
       H.R. 5296: Mr. Smith of Missouri and Mrs. Rodgers of 
       H.R. 5319: Ms. Davids of Kansas.
       H.R. 5342: Ms. Finkenauer.
       H.R. 5413: Mrs. Napolitano.
       H.R. 5421: Mr. Grothman, Mr. Comer, and Mr. Crawford.
       H.R. 5481: Mr. Lucas.
       H.R. 5491: Mr. Rutherford.
       H.R. 5549: Mr. DeSaulnier, Mr. Chabot, and Ms. Jackson Lee.
       H.R. 5581: Mr. Espaillat.
       H.R. 5589: Mr. Rouda.
       H.R. 5605: Mr. Curtis, Mr. Costa, Mr. Kinzinger, and Mr. 
       H.R. 5694: Mr. Mooney of West Virginia and Mr. Smith of 
       H.R. 5700: Mr. Sires.
       H.R. 5712: Mr. Peters.
       H.R. 5719: Mr. Flores.
       H.R. 5727: Ms. Blunt Rochester.
       H.R. 5744: Mr. Johnson of South Dakota.
       H.R. 5770: Ms. Jayapal.
       H.R. 5814: Mr. DeSaulnier.
       H.R. 5821: Mr. Kildee and Mr. Rice of South Carolina.
       H.R. 5825: Mr. Kildee.
       H.R. 5831: Mr. Budd and Mr. McHenry.
       H.J. Res. 20: Mr. Crenshaw.
       H.J. Res. 84: Ms. Norton.
       H. Res. 374: Mr. Hagedorn, Mr. Barr, Mr. Baird, Mr. 
     Crawford, Mr. Costa, and Mr. Buck.
       H. Res. 792: Mr. Scalise and Mr. Serrano.
       H. Res. 810: Mr. Cole.
       H. Res. 815: Mrs. Luria.
       H. Res. 822: Mr. Grijalva.