PERSONAL EXPLANATION; Congressional Record Vol. 166, No. 63
(House of Representatives - March 31, 2020)

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                          PERSONAL EXPLANATION

  The SPEAKER. Without objection, all Members may have 5 legislative 
days in which to include their stated position on the voice vote on the 
motion to concur in the Senate amendment to H.R. 748, and those 
statements will appear at the appropriate point in the Record.
  There was no objection.
  Mr. McCARTHY. Madam Speaker, had there been a recorded vote on H.R. 
748, the CARES Act, the Republican Members listed below would have 
voted as follows.

       Abraham, YEA; Aderholt, YEA; Allen, YEA; Amodei, YEA; 
     Armstrong, YEA; Babin, YEA; Bacon, YEA; Baird, YEA; 
     Balderson, YEA; Barr, YEA; Bergman, YEA; Biggs, NAY; 
     Bilirakis, YEA; Bishop (NC), YEA; Bost, YEA; Brady, YEA; 
     Brooks (IN), YEA; Buchanan, YEA; Buck, NAY; Bucshon, YEA; 
     Budd, YEA; Burchett, YEA; Calvert, YEA; Carter (GA), YEA; 
     Carter (TX), YEA; Cole, YEA; Collins, YEA; Conaway, YEA; 
     Cook, YEA; Crawford, YEA; Crenshaw, YEA; Davidson, YEA; Davis 
     (IL), YEA; DesJarlais, YEA; Diaz-Balart, YEA; Duncan, YEA; 
     Dunn, YEA; Emmer, YEA; Ferguson, YEA; Fitzpatrick, YEA; 
     Fleischmann, YEA; Fortenberry, YEA; Fulcher, YEA.
       Gallagher, YEA; Gianforte, YEA; Gibbs, YEA; Gonzalez (OH), 
     YEA; Gooden, YEA; Gosar, YEA; Granger, YEA; Guthrie, YEA; 
     Hagedorn, YEA; Hartzler, YEA; Hern, YEA; Herrera-Beutler, 
     YEA; Hice, NAY; Higgins (LA), YEA; Hill, YEA; Holding, YEA; 
     Hudson, YEA; Huizenga, YEA; Johnson (OH), YEA; Joyce (OH), 
     YEA; Joyce (PA), YEA; Keller, YEA; King (NY), YEA; King (IA), 
     YEA; Kinzinger, YEA; Kustoff, YEA; Lamborn, NAY; Lesko, YEA; 
     Luetkemeyer, YEA; Marshall, YEA; Mast, YEA; McCarthy, YEA; 
     McCaul, YEA; McClintock, YEA; McHenry, YEA; McKinley, YEA; 
     Miller, YEA; Mitchell,

[[Page H1868]]

     YEA; Moolenaar, YEA; Mullin, YEA; Murphy (NC), YEA; Newhouse, 
     YEA; Norman, YEA.
       Nunes, YEA; Olson, YEA; Palazzo, YEA; Pence, YEA; Posey; 
     YEA; Ratcliffe, YEA; Reed, YEA; Reschenthaler, YEA; Rice 
     (SC), YEA; Riggleman, YEA; Roby, YEA; Rodgers, YEA; Roe, YEA; 
     Rogers (KY), YEA; Rogers (AL), YEA; Rooney, YEA; Rose (TN), 
     YEA; Rouzer, YEA; Roy, YEA; Rutherford, YEA; Scalise, YEA; 
     Schweikert, YEA; Scott (GA), YEA; Shimkus, YEA; Simpson, YEA; 
     Smith (NE), YEA; Smith (NJ), YEA; Smucker, YEA; Spano, YEA; 
     Stauber, YEA; Stefanik, YEA; Steil, YEA; Thompson (PA), YEA; 
     Timmons, YEA; Tipton, YEA; Upton, YEA; Van Drew, YEA; Wagner, 
     YEA; Walberg, YEA; Walorski, YEA; Waltz, YEA; Watkins, YEA; 
     Weber, YEA; Webster, YEA; Wenstrup, YEA; Williams, YEA; 
     Wilson (SC), YEA; Yoho, NAY; Young, YEA; Zeldin, YEA.

  Mr. AMASH. Madam Speaker, had there been a recorded vote, I would 
have voted ``nay'' on H.R. 748, Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic 
Security Act, as amended.
  Mr. AMODEI. Madam Speaker, had I been able to make the journey to 
Washington, D.C., I would have voted AYE on the Senate Amendment to 
H.R. 748--CARES Act.