TWO DEFINITIONS OF PRODUCTIVITY; Congressional Record Vol. 166, No. 19
(House of Representatives - January 29, 2020)

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  (Mr. MEUSER asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 
minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)
  Mr. MEUSER. Mr. Speaker, there are different definitions of 
productivity at the two ends of Pennsylvania Avenue at this point in 
  Here at the Capitol, Democrat leadership seems to confuse activity 
with accomplishment, spending years--years--trying to impeach and 
remove a duly-elected President.
  At the White House, just this week, President Trump delivered two 
major accomplishments, a Middle East peace plan and the signing of the 
  The President's two-State peace agreement with Israeli leadership 
protects Israel's security and ensures Palestine has a prosperous 
future as long as it too seeks peace. It is the product of compromise 
and is a promising solution for a long-unstable region.
  The USMCA, just signed earlier today, opens new markets for American 
goods, levels the playing field for North American trade, and creates 
jobs nationwide. It is great for our country and it is great for 
  As was stated very well earlier this week: ``Imagine if all the 
energy from this impeachment was used to solve the problems of the 
American people.''