ADDITIONAL SPONSORS; Congressional Record Vol. 166, No. 209
(House of Representatives - December 10, 2020)

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                          ADDITIONAL SPONSORS

  Under clause 7 of rule XII, sponsors were added to public bills and 
resolutions, as follows:

       H.R. 1185: Mr. Hall.
       H.R. 1224: Mr. Larson of Connecticut.
       H.R. 2279: Mrs. Murphy of Florida, Mr. Steube, Mr. Larson 
     of Connecticut, Mr. Evans, Mr. Himes, Mr. Allred, and Mr. 
     Green of Texas.
       H.R. 3353: Mr. Sires.
       H.R. 4022: Mr. Beyer.
       H.R. 4025: Mr. Crow.
       H.R. 4346: Mr. Blumenauer.
       H.R. 4364: Mrs. Napolitano and Ms. Norton.
       H.R. 4446: Mr. Phillips.
       H.R. 4656: Ms. Sherrill.
       H.R. 5141: Mr. Cunningham, Mr. Clay, and Mr. Ruiz.
       H.R. 5349: Mr. Hall.
       H.R. 5516: Mr. Vela, Mr. Schrader, Ms. Kelly of Illinois, 
     Mr. Brindisi, Mr. Perlmutter, Mr. Rouda, Mr. Correa, Ms. 
     Escobar, Mr. Cisneros, Mr. Tonko, Ms. Slotkin, and Mrs. 
     Murphy of Florida.
       H.R. 5635: Mr. Foster.
       H.R. 5636: Mr. Blumenauer.
       H.R. 5845: Mr. Sherman and Ms. Wild.
       H.R. 6151: Ms. Barragan.
       H.R. 6179: Mr. McKinley.
       H.R. 6283: Mrs. Napolitano.
       H.R. 6364: Mr. Crist and Ms. Finkenauer.
       H.R. 6637: Mr. Sherman.
       H.R. 6869: Ms. Houlahan.
       H.R. 6958: Mrs. Watson Coleman, Mr. DeFazio, and Mrs. 
       H.R. 6994: Mrs. Wagner.
       H.R. 7375: Mr. Luetkemeyer.
       H.R. 7499: Ms. Blunt Rochester, Ms. Frankel, Mr. DeFazio, 
     and Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 7960: Ms. Norton and Ms. Escobar.
       H.R. 8460: Mr. Beyer.
       H.R. 8598: Mr. Lynch.
       H.R. 8664: Mr. Trone, Ms. Haaland, Mr. Foster, Mr. Sires, 
     Mrs. Carolyn B. Maloney of New York, and Mr. Cisneros.

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       H.R. 8702: Ms. Wild and Mr. Sires.
       H.R. 8809: Ms. Meng, Mr. DeSaulnier, and Ms. Johnson of 
       H.R. 8812: Mr. Kilmer.
       H.R. 8867: Mr. Buchanan.
       H.R. 8884: Mr. Doggett and Mr. Beyer.
       H.R. 8893: Mr. Reschenthaler, Mr. Aguilar, Mr. Riggleman, 
     and Ms. Spanberger.
       H.R. 8899: Mr. Trone.
       H.R. 8903: Mr. Blumenauer, Mr. Thompson of Mississippi, Ms. 
     Lee of California, Ms. Norton, Mr. Garcia of Illinois, Ms. 
     Pressley, and Ms. Jackson Lee.
       H. Res. 1252: Mr. Waltz, Mr. Van Drew, and Mr. Rutherford.
       H. Res. 1253: Mr. Veasey, Mr. Scott of Virginia, Mr. 
     Horsford, Mr. Brown of Maryland, Mr. Cunningham, and Mr. Rice 
     of South Carolina.