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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Daily Digest


Chamber Action

Routine Proceedings, pages S2387–S2430

Measures Introduced: Twenty-seven bills and six resolutions were introduced, as follows: S. 3704–3730, and S. Res. 572–577.
Pages S2421–23

Measures Passed:

National Suicide Hotline Designation Act: Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation was discharged from further consideration of S. 2661, to amend the Communications Act of 1934 to designate 9–8–8 as the universal telephone number for the purpose of the national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline system operating through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and through the Veterans Crisis Line, and the bill was then passed, after agreeing to the following amendment proposed thereto:
Pages S2412–14

Gardner Amendment No. 1585, in the nature of a substitute.
Pages S2412–14

Never Again Education Act: Committee on Energy and Natural Resources was discharged from further consideration of H.R. 943, to authorize the Director of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to support Holocaust education programs, and the bill was then passed.
Pages S2429–30

Honoring Coach Donald Francis Shula: Senate agreed to S. Res. 573, honoring the life and achievement of Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach Donald Francis Shula and expressing condolences to his family on his passing.
Page S2430

National Park Week: Senate agreed to S. Res. 574, designating the week of April 18, 2020, through April 26, 2020, as ``National Park Week''.
Page S2430

National Police Week: Senate agreed to S. Res. 577, designating the week of May 10 through May 16, 2020, as ``National Police Week''.
Page S2430

Measures Considered:

USA Freedom Reauthorization Act--Agreement: Senate began consideration of H.R. 6172, to amend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to prohibit the production of certain business records, taking action on the following amendments proposed thereto:
Pages S2388–S2412, S2414–19


By 77 yeas to 19 nays (Vote No. 90), Lee Amendment No. 1584, to improve the amicus provisions and require the disclosure of relevant information. (Pursuant to the order of Monday, March 16, 2020, the amendment having achieved 60 affirmative votes, was agreed to.)
Pages S2410–12


By 59 yeas to 37 nays (Vote No. 89), Wyden Amendment No. 1583, to remove internet website browsing information and search history from scope of authority to access certain business records for foreign intelligence and international terrorism investigations. (Pursuant to the order of Monday, March 16, 2020, the amendment having failed to achieve 60 affirmative votes, was not agreed to.)
Pages S2397–S2400

A unanimous-consent agreement was reached providing that at 12 noon, on Thursday, May 14, 2020, Senate vote on or in relation to the Paul Amendment to the bill, if offered; that at 1:30 p.m., Senate vote on passage of the bill, as amended, as under the order of Monday, March 16, 2020.
Page S2419

A unanimous-consent agreement was reached providing for further consideration of the bill at approximately 10:30 a.m., on Thursday, May 14, 2020.
Page S2430

Messages from the House:
Page S2419

Executive Communications:
Pages S2419–20

Petitions and Memorials:
Pages S2420–21

Additional Cosponsors:
Pages S2423–24

Authorities for Committees to Meet:
Page S2429

Record Votes: Two record votes were taken today. (Total--90)
Pages S2399–S2400, S2412

Adjournment: Senate convened at 10 a.m. and adjourned at 6:43 p.m., until 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 14, 2020. (For Senate's program, see the remarks of the Majority Leader in today's Record on page S2430.)


Committee Meetings

(Committees not listed did not meet)


Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation: Committee concluded a hearing to examine the state of broadband amid the COVID–19 pandemic, after receiving testimony from Steven K. Berry, Competitive Carriers Association, Gene Kimmelman, Public Knowledge, and Jonathan Spalter, USTelecom--The Broadband Association, all of Washington, D.C.; and Shirley Bloomfield, NTCA--The Rural Broadband Association, Arlington, Virginia.


Committee on Foreign Relations: Committee concluded a hearing to examine the nominations of Natalie E. Brown, of Nebraska, to be Ambassador to the Republic of Uganda, Sandra E. Clark, of Maryland, to be Ambassador to Burkina Faso, William Ellison Grayson, of California, to be Ambassador to the Republic of Estonia, Henry T. Wooster, of Virginia, to be Ambassador to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, all of the Department of State, and Ramsey Coats Day, of Virginia, to be an Assistant Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development, after the nominees testified and answered questions in their own behalf.


Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs: Committee concluded a hearing to examine evolving the United States Cybersecurity strategy and posture, focusing on reviewing the Cyberspace Solarium Commission Report, after receiving testimony from Senator King, Representative Gallagher, Suzanne Spaulding, and Tom Fanning, all Commissioners, Cyberspace Solarium Commission.


Select Committee on Intelligence: Committee held closed hearings on intelligence matters, receiving testimony from officials of the intelligence community.

Committee recessed subject to the call.

House of Representatives

Chamber Action

Public Bills and Resolutions Introduced: 12 public bills, H.R. 6848–6859; and 2 resolutions, H. Res. 965–966, were introduced.
Page H1998

Additional Cosponsors:
Page H1999

Reports Filed: There were no reports filed today.

Speaker: Read a letter from the Speaker wherein she appointed Representative Butterfield to act as Speaker pro tempore for today.
Page H1997

Quorum Calls--Votes: There were no Yea and Nay votes, and there were no Recorded votes. There were no quorum calls.

Adjournment: The House met at 9:30 a.m. and adjourned at 9:32 a.m.

Committee Meetings

No hearings were held.

Joint Meetings

No joint committee meetings were held.


MAY 14, 2020

(Committee meetings are open unless otherwise indicated)


Committee on Foreign Relations: business meeting to consider S. 3667, to require the establishment of a repatriation task force during major infectious disease outbreaks, to authorize additional paid leave for employees of certain independent agencies involved in the conduct of foreign affairs, and to extend the application period and use of certain special immigrant visas, S. 238, to amend the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956 to monitor and combat anti-Semitism globally, S. 712, to provide assistance for United States citizens and nationals taken hostage or unlawfully or wrongfully detained abroad, S. 2743, to establish the China Censorship Monitor and Action Group, S. 2953, to provide congressional oversight of United States talks with Taliban officials and Afghanistan's comprehensive peace process, S. 3176, to amend the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 and the United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 to make improvements to certain defense and security assistance provisions and to authorize the appropriations of funds to Israel, H.R. 192, to establish an interagency program to assist countries in North and West Africa to improve immediate and long-term capabilities to counter terrorist threats, H.R. 4331, to modify and reauthorize the Tibetan Policy Act of 2002, S. Res. 567, commending career professionals at the Department of State for their extensive efforts to repatriate United States citizens and legal permanent residents during the COVID–19 pandemic, S. Res. 148, supporting efforts by the Government of Colombia to pursue peace and regional stability, S. Res. 215, calling for greater religious and political freedoms in Cuba, S. Res. 392, recognizing the importance of the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative to the relationship between the United States and the member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and to advancing the policy of the United States in the Indo-Pacific region, S. Res. 406, recognizing that for 50 years, the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) and its ten members, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, have worked with the United States toward stability, prosperity, and peace in Southeast Asia, and expressing the sense of the Senate that the United States will continue to remain a strong, reliable, and active partner in the ASEAN region, S. Res. 454, calling for the immediate release of Cuban democracy activist Jose Daniel Ferrer and commending the efforts of Jose Daniel Ferrer to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms in Cuba, S. Res. 502, recognizing the 75th anniversary of the amphibious landing on the Japanese island of Iwo Jima during World War II and the raisings of the flag of the United States on Mount Suribachi, S. Res. 511, supporting the role of the United States in helping save the lives of children and protecting the health of people in developing countries with vaccines and immunization through GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, S. Res. 523, recognizing the 199th anniversary of the independence of Greece and celebrating democracy in Greece and the United States, S. Res. 525, expressing the sense of the Senate that the United States should continue to support the people of Nicaragua in their peaceful efforts to promote the restoration of democracy and the defense of human rights, and use the tools under United States law to increase political and economic pressure on the government of Daniel Ortega, S. Res. 533, supporting the goals of International Women's Day, S. Res. 542, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp during World War II, and the nominations of Michael Pack, of Maryland, to be Chief Executive Officer of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, 9:30 a.m., SR–325.


Committee on the Judiciary: business meeting to consider the nominations of William Scott Hardy, to be United States District Judge for the Western District of Pennsylvania, David Cleveland Joseph, to be United States District Judge for the Western District of Louisiana, Drew B. Tipton, to be United States District Judge for the Southern District of Texas, John Peter Cronan, to be United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York, Thomas T. Cullen, to be United States District Judge for the Western District of Virginia, Jennifer P. Togliatti, to be United States District Judge for the District of Nevada, Stephen Sidney Schwartz, of Virginia, and Kathryn C. Davis, of Maryland, both to be a Judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims, and Peter M. McCoy, Jr., to be United States Attorney for the District of South Carolina, and Vincent F. DeMarco, to be United States Marshal for the Eastern District of New York, both of the Department of Justice, 10 a.m., SD–106.


Committee on Energy and Commerce, Subcommittee on Health, hearing entitled ``Protecting Scientific Integrity in the COVID–19 Response'', 10 a.m., 2123 Rayburn.

Committee on Rules, Full Committee, hearing and markup on H. Res. 965, authorizing remote voting by proxy in the House of Representatives and providing for official remote committee proceedings during a public health emergency due to a novel coronavirus, and for other purposes [Original Jurisdiction Hearing]; and hearing on H.R. 6800, the ``HEROES Act'', 11 a.m., 1100 Longworth.


Next Meeting of the

10:30 a.m., Thursday, May 14

Senate Chamber

Program for Thursday: Senate will continue consideration of H.R. 6172, USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act, with votes on or in relation to amendments at 12 noon, and on passage of the bill at 1:30 p.m.

Next Meeting of the

3 p.m., Thursday, May 14

House Chamber

Program for Thursday: House will meet in Pro Forma session at 3 p.m.

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