ADDITIONAL SPONSORS; Congressional Record Vol. 166, No. 100
(House of Representatives - May 28, 2020)

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                          ADDITIONAL SPONSORS

  Under clause 7 of rule XII, sponsors were added to public bills and 
resolutions, as follows:

       H.R. 372: Mrs. Fletcher and Mr. Brindisi.
       H.R. 701: Mr. Norman.
       H.R. 702: Mr. Norman.
       H.R. 703: Mr. Norman.
       H.R. 1209: Ms. Sherrill.
       H.R. 1461: Mrs. Fletcher.
       H.R. 2056: Mrs. Hartzler and Mrs. Beatty.
       H.R. 2117: Mr. Pappas.
       H.R. 2501: Ms. Meng.
       H.R. 2571: Mr. Riggleman and Mr. Thompson of Pennsylvania.
       H.R. 2859: Mr. Weber of Texas.
       H.R. 2895: Mr. Mast, Mr. Garamendi, Mr. Ferguson, and Mr. 
       H.R. 3124: Mr. Norman.
       H.R. 3637: Ms. Barragan.
       H.R. 4104: Mr. Sires, Mr. Vargas, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Bishop of 
     Utah, Mr. Crawford, Mr. Gonzalez of Ohio, Ms. Granger, Mr. 
     King of New York, and Ms. DeLauro.
       H.R. 4189: Mr. Spano.
       H.R. 4280: Mr. Malinowski.
       H.R. 4309: Mrs. Carolyn B. Maloney of New York and Mr. 
       H.R. 4408: Mr. Thompson of Mississippi, Ms. Barragan, Mrs. 
     Watson Coleman, Mr. Cardenas, and Mr. Khanna.
       H.R. 4644: Mr. Wenstrup.
       H.R. 4705: Mr. Price of North Carolina.
       H.R. 5076: Ms. Schakowsky, Ms. Norton, Ms. Velazquez, Mr. 
     Thompson of Mississippi, Mr. Ted Lieu of California, Ms. 
     Sewell of Alabama, Mr. Pascrell, Mr. Foster, and Ms. Craig.
       H.R. 5297: Mr. McKinley.
       H.R. 5350: Mr. Smith of Washington.
       H.R. 5873: Mr. Johnson of Georgia, Mr. Lewis, Ms. Kaptur, 
     Mr. Danny K. Davis of Illinois, Mr. Swalwell of California, 
     and Mr. Ted Lieu of California.
       H.R. 5986: Ms. Jackson Lee.
       H.R. 6104: Mr. Hagedorn.
       H.R. 6297: Mr. Kustoff of Tennessee.
       H.R. 6364: Mr. Gooden and Mr. Smith of Missouri.
       H.R. 6403: Mr. Rouda.
       H.R. 6419: Ms. Wild.
       H.R. 6431: Miss Gonzalez-Colon of Puerto Rico.
       H.R. 6443: Mr. Katko.
       H.R. 6466: Mr. Murphy of North Carolina.
       H.R. 6473: Mrs. Brooks of Indiana.
       H.R. 6474: Mr. Cardenas.
       H.R. 6492: Mr. Carbajal.
       H.R. 6499: Mr. Tonko.
       H.R. 6519: Mr. Palazzo.
       H.R. 6537: Mrs. Carolyn B. Maloney of New York and Ms. 

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       H.R. 6607: Mr. San Nicolas and Mrs. Hayes.
       H.R. 6619: Mr. Perlmutter.
       H.R. 6628: Ms. Jackson Lee and Ms. Lee of California.
       H.R. 6633: Mrs. Demings and Mr. Trone.
       H.R. 6637: Ms. Clark of Massachusetts.
       H.R. 6643: Mrs. Axne.
       H.R. 6644: Mrs. Hayes.
       H.R. 6678: Mr. Mast.
       H.R. 6709: Mr. Brendan F. Boyle of Pennsylvania.
       H.R. 6724: Mr. Hastings, Mr. Raskin, Mrs. Hayes, Mr. Garcia 
     of Illinois, Mr. Cicilline, Mr. Beyer, and Ms. Scanlon.
       H.R. 6742: Mr. Bergman, Mr. Tiffany, and Mr. Mast.
       H.R. 6748: Mr. Welch, Mr. Tonko, Mr. Suozzi, Mr. Sean 
     Patrick Maloney of New York, Ms. Spanberger, Mr. Neguse, and 
     Mr. Brindisi.
       H.R. 6784: Mr. Gohmert.
       H.R. 6788: Mr. Evans, Mr. Clay, and Mr. Lucas.
       H.R. 6802: Mr. Latta, Mr. Gooden, Mr. Stewart, Mr. Budd, 
     Mr. Kustoff of Tennessee, and Mr. Watkins.
       H.R. 6805: Mr. Babin.
       H.R. 6813: Ms. Stefanik, Mrs. Lesko, and Ms. Porter.
       H.R. 6814: Mr. Cardenas.
       H.R. 6820: Mr. Stanton, Mr. Welch, Mr. Kim, Ms. Finkenauer, 
     Ms. Omar, and Ms. Moore.
       H.R. 6821: Mr. Hudson, Mr. Katko, and Mr. Johnson of South 
       H.R. 6861: Mr. Garcia of Illinois and Ms. Scanlon.
       H.R. 6864: Mr. Vela.
       H.R. 6866: Mr. Grijalva, Mr. Welch, Mrs. Lawrence, Mr. 
     Cisneros, and Mr. Johnson of Georgia.
       H.R. 6896: Mr. Lamborn.
       H.R. 6918: Mr. Takano and Mr. Green of Texas.
       H.R. 6934: Mr. Budd and Mr. Steil.
       H.R. 6957: Mrs. Hayes, Mr. Barr, and Mr. Welch.
       H.R. 6968: Mr. Stivers, Mr. Cicilline, Mr. Upton, Ms. 
     Slotkin, and Mr. Case.
       H.R. 6976: Mr. Hice of Georgia.
       H.R. 6984: Ms. Norton, Mr. Trone, and Mr. Deutch.
       H.R. 6987: Mr. Fitzpatrick and Mr. Rush.
       H.R. 6993: Mr. Gosar, Mr. Khanna, Mr. Pallone, and Mr. 
       H.R. 7004: Mr. Cleaver.
       H.R. 7010: Mr. Payne, Ms. Blunt Rochester, Mr. Taylor, Mr. 
     Brown of Maryland, Mr. Evans, and Mr. Gallagher.
       H.R. 7017: Mr. Riggleman.
       H.R. 7020: Ms. Norton, Ms. Jackson Lee, and Mr. Hastings.
       H.R. 7022: Mr. Kind, Mrs. Axne, Mr. Cox of California, Ms. 
     Finkenauer, Mr. Delgado, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Kelly of 
     Mississippi, Mr. Thompson of Mississippi, and Mr. 
       H.R. 7023: Mr. Bishop of Utah and Mr. David P. Roe of 
       H.R. 7025: Ms. DeGette.
       H.J. Res. 2: Mr. Case.
       H. Res. 823: Mrs. Hartzler, Mr. Schiff, and Mr. Blumenauer.
       H. Res. 835: Mr. McEachin.
       H. Res. 975: Ms. Barragan.
       H. Res. 979: Mr. Gaetz and Mr. Austin Scott of Georgia.