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Congressional Record Archive

Archived daily edition issues of the Congressional Record for 1989-1994 (101st to 103rd Congresses) can be browsed from this page. Archived issues are currently not searchable within; the Congressional Record Web Archive must be browsed by date.

Records preserved in the archive predate authenticated digital publishing. Items known to be missing from these archived records are:

  • November 13, 1989 - entire issue
  • Conference reports from 101st Congress for: H.R.7, H.R.1465, H.R.996, H.R.2939, H.R.3072, H.R.3614, H.R.5114, H.R.5399, H.R.5769, S.580, S.1939, S.2740
  • Conference reports from 102nd Congress for: H.Con.Res.287, H.R.2038, H.R.2508, H.R.2519, H.R.2608, H.R.5006, H.R.5487