ADAMS, ALMA S. (a Representative from North Carolina)

      Committee on Economics (Joint), H455 [12JA]
  Bills and resolutions cosponsored
      Dept. of Agriculture: establish a grant program to award funds 
        to certain land-grant African-American colleges and 
        universities to award scholarships to students attending such 
        institutions (see H.R. 51), H38 [3JA]
      Dept. of Labor: urge labor unions and businesses to recruit, 
        hire, and train unemployed young African-American men to 
        rebuild infrastructure, technology and computer networks, and 
        energy distribution systems (see H.R. 52), H38 [3JA]
      Middle East: condemn acts of terrorism against Israel, enhance 
        Israeli security, and encourage creation of conditions for 
        progress toward a negotiated two-state solution to the 
        Israeli-Palestinian conflict (see H. Res. 23), H181 [5JA]
      National Commission on Foreign Interference in the 2016 
        Election: establish (see H.R. 356), H193 [6JA]
      National Voting Rights Act Mobilization Day: designate (see H. 
        Con. Res. 9), H546 [13JA]
      NSF: support entrepreneurial programs for women in science, 
        technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professions (see H.R. 
        255), H236 [9JA]
      Women: inspire women to enter the aerospace field, including 
        science, technology, engineering, and math, through mentorship 
        and outreach (see H.R. 321), H180 [5JA]
      DeVos, Betsy: nomination to be Sec. of Education, H225 [9JA]
      Greensboro, NC: anniversary of St. James Presbyterian Church, 
        H403 [12JA]
      Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: impact of 
        implementation on health care, coverage, costs, and 
        accessibility, H246 [10JA]
      ------repeal, H246 [10JA]
      Price, Representative Tom: nomination to be Sec. of HHS, H225 
      Sessions, Senator: nomination to be Attorney General, H225 [9JA]
      ------suitability to be Attorney General relative to record on 
        civil rights, H225 [9JA]