Bills and resolutions

Dept. of Agriculture: improve supplemental agricultural disaster assistance programs by updating livestock programs and reform eligibility of national grasslands for grazing leases and permits (see S. 1479), S3857 [29JN]

___increase number of acres on which producers are authorized to grow fruits and vegetables without a reduction in payment acres when the resulting produce is used to help alleviate a food desert (see H.R. 3433), H6465 [26JY]

___make available additional funds for Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands pilot project under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (see H.R. 4216), H8385 [1NO]

___modify limitations applicable to qualified conservation loan guarantees (see H.R. 831), H944 [2FE]

___provide partial payments to producers under the Livestock Indemnity Program for livestock sold for salvage (see S. 2050), S6970 [1NO] (see H.R. 4211), H8385 [1NO]

___remove limitation on funding for emergency assistance for livestock, honey bees, and farm-raised fish (see S. 2190), S7820 [4DE]

___repeal forfeiture rule for peanuts under the nonrecourse marketing assistance loan program (see S. 77), S204 [10JA]

___require base acres planted to fruits, vegetables, and wild rice to be considered planted to a covered commodity for purposes of any recalculation of base acres relative to commodity program eligibility (see S. 2263), S8260 [21DE]

___use certain data in determining an actual or benchmark county yield (see H.R. 4654), H9940 [14DE]

Forest Service: authorize road repair under Good Neighbor Authority agreements (see H.R. 3208), H5758 [12JY]

___clarify forest, rangeland, and watershed restoration services under good neighbor agreements (see S. 2223), S8006 [13DE]

Remarks in House

Dept. of Agriculture: modify limitations applicable to qualified conservation loan guarantees (H.R. 831), H6286 [25JY]