Articles and editorials

Parker Beam, Master Distiller of Kentucky Bourbon, Dies, S387 [23JA]

Bills and resolutions

ATF: abolish and transfer functions relative to firearms, explosives, arson, violent crime, and terrorism to the FBI and transfer functions relative to alcohol and tobacco smuggling to the DEA (see H.R. 509), H471 [12JA]

Dept. of HHS: establish grant program to provide supportive services in permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless individuals and families (see H.R. 161), H42 [3JA]

___make loans and loan guarantees for construction or renovation of qualified psychiatric and substance abuse treatment facilities (see H.R. 1253), H1391 [28FE]

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: establish a grant program to improve monitoring of mental health and substance abuse treatment programs (see H.R. 1712), H2369 [23MR]

Housing: clarify ability of State and local governments to enact certain regulations relative to sober living homes (see H.R. 472), H469 [12JA]

Native Americans: repeal certain obsolete laws relating to Native Americans (see S. 343), S967 [6FE]

Taxation: exempt kombucha from excise taxes and regulations imposed on alcoholic beverages (see S. 389), S1218 [15FE] (see H.R. 1089), H1243 [15FE]

___exempt the aging process in the determination of the production period for distilled spirits for purposes of capitalization of interest costs (see S. 429), S1305 [16FE] (see H.R. 1126), H1298 [16FE]

___expand family members to whom alcohol and drug addiction treatment is a qualified medical expense for health reimbursement arrangements, health flexible spending arrangements, and health savings accounts (see H.R. 1575), H2148 [16MR]

___reform (see S. 236), S489 [30JA] (see H.R. 747), H743 [30JA]

___repeal limitation on the cover over of distilled spirits taxes to Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands (see H.R. 2021), H2785 [6AP]

Remarks in House

Clif Family Winery (business): St. Helena, CA, Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award recipient, E270 [2MR]

Hamilton, VA: Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards recipient of Virginia Wine Governor's Cup, E335 [16MR]

Henkle, Todd and Aimee: San Francisco (CA) Chronicle Wine Competition Best in Class award recipients, E176 [13FE]

Mental health: ensure health plans for small business employees cover substance use disorder treatment, H2328, H2329 [22MR]

National Beer Day: observance, E475 [6AP]

New Terrain Brewing Co.: Jefferson County, CO, Economic Development Corp., Business Recognition Award recipient, E369 [23MR]

Thomas, Richard: Sonoma County, CA, Winegrape Commission Nick Frey Community Contribution Award recipient, E55 [12JA]

Texts of

S. 429, Advancing Growth in the Economy Through Distilled (AGED) Spirits Act, S1307 [16FE]