AMERICAN REVOLUTION  related term(s) War
  Bills and resolutions
      First Rhode Island Regiment: award a Congressional Gold Medal in 
        recognition of their dedicated service (see H.R. 3123), H5374 
  Remarks in House
      Independence Day: observance, H5358, H5362 [29JN]
      Nashville, TN: anniversary of Whitland Avenue Fourth of July 
        Celebration, E865 [21JN]
      New York: dedication of Washington Spy Trail, H4345 [18MY], E684 
      Schuylerville, NY: observance of Surrender Day, E1381 [16OC]
      St. Omer Foundation: tribute to efforts to restore chapel at 
        Jesuit University in St. Omer, France and celebration to honor 
        contribution of Carroll family to American history, E1366 
  Remarks in Senate
      African Americans: tribute to soldiers from Kentucky, S3828 
      Rhode Island: observance of Gaspee Days, S3281 [6JN]