Bills and resolutions

Fish and fishing: continue in effect for 2017–2018 fishing season certain fishing specifications for the summer flounder fishery (see H.R. 1411), H1593 [7MR]

Government regulations: prohibit authorization of commercial finfish aquaculture operations in the exclusive economic zone except in accordance with a law authorizing such action (see H.R. 223), H44 [3JA]

Great Lakes: prohibit aquaculture (see H.R. 961), H1082 [7FE]

NOAA: tribute to National Sea Grant College Program (see S. Res. 124), S2450 [7AP]

Rivers: prohibit operation of aquaculture facilities that contribute to pollution of wild and scenic rivers (see H.R. 962), H1082 [7FE]

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: provide the force and effect of law for certain regulations relative to the taking of double-crested cormorants to reduce depredation at aquaculture facilities and protect public resources (see S. 219), S445 [24JA] (see H.R. 368), H234 [9JA]

Remarks in Senate

Climate: impact of changing pH levels in oceans, S1629S1631 [7MR]

Texts of

S. Res. 124, tribute to NOAA National Sea Grant College Program, S2457 [7AP]