Bills and resolutions

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: preserve the Arctic coastal plain as wilderness (see S. 820), S2214 [4AP] (see H.R. 1889), H2696 [4AP]

Arctic Ocean: prohibit drilling (see S. 991), S2650 [1MY] (see H.R. 1784), H2558 [29MR]

Canada: reaffirm strategic partnership with the U.S., support strong trade relationship and job creation, encourage greater security collaboration, and support an increased focus on energy security (see H. Res. 357), H4606 [25MY]

Dept. of State: establish a U.S. Ambassador at Large for Arctic Affairs (see H.R. 1559), H2147 [16MR]

Dept. of the Interior: disapprove rule on requirements for exploratory drilling on the Arctic Outer Continental Shelf (see H.J. Res. 34), H702 [27JA] (see H.J. Res. 47), H745 [30JA] (see H.J. Res. 70), H1099 [9FE]

___establish environmentally sound oil and gas leasing program for exploration, development, and production of resources of the Coastal Plain of Alaska (see H.R. 49), H38 [3JA]

Navy: authorize to enter into a contract for the procurement of heavy icebreakers (see H.R. 1816), H2597 [30MR]

Russia: prohibit licenses or other authorization for U.S. persons to engage in activities relating to deepwater, Arctic offshore, or shale projects that have the potential to produce oil in Russia or Russian waters (see H.R. 2145), H2846 [25AP]

U.S. policy: establish (see S. 1442), S3765 [26JN]

Remarks in Senate

Fairbanks, AK: hosting of Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting, S2815 [8MY], S3180S3182 [25MY]

Trump, President: Executive order implementing an America-First offshore energy strategy, S2638 [28AP]