Bills and resolutions

Iran: impose sanctions relative to ballistic missile program, support for acts of international terrorism, and violations of human rights and enforce arms embargo (see S. 722), S1974 [23MR]

Kenya: disapprove proposed foreign military sale Air Tractor aircraft with weapons and related support (see H.J. Res. 72), H1184 [14FE]

Saudi Arabia: limit transfers of air-to-ground munitions from the U.S. (see S.J. Res. 40), S2425 [4AP]


Proposed sale of defense articles and services: Committee on Foreign Relations (Senate), S14S18 [3JA], S387S391 [23JA], S588 [1FE], S1775 [13MR], S1886 [21MR], S2417 [4AP]

Remarks in Senate

Bahrain: prohibit arms sales, S1494 [28FE]