Enact (H.R. 2), S4371, S4372, S4373, S4374, S4375, S4376 [25JN], S4414, S4415, S4416, S4418, S4419, S4420, S4421, S4423, S4424, S4425, S4426, S4427, S4428, S4429, S4430, S4431, S4432, S4433, S4434, S4435, S4436, S4438, S4439, S4440, S4441, S4442, S4443, S4444, S4446, S4447, S4448, S4449, S4450, S4451, S4452, S4453, S4454, S4455, S4456 [26JN], S4460, S4519, S4639, S4640, S4641, S4642, S4643, S4644, S4645, S4646, S4647, S4650, S4652, S4653, S4654, S4656, S4657, S4658, S4659, S4660, S4661, S4662, S4664, S4665, S4666, S4667, S4668, S4669, S4670, S4671, S4672, S4673, S4676, S4677, S4685, S4686, S4687 [27JN], S4714, S4715, S4716, S4748, S4749, S4751, S4752, S4753, S4754, S4755, S4756, S4757, S4758, S4759, S4760, S4761, S4764, S4767, S4770 [28JN], H4058, H4123, H4124, H4125, H4126, H4127, H4128 [16MY], H4164, H4165, H4166, H4167, H4168, H4170, H4172, H4173, H4174, H4177, H4181, H4184, H4185, H4186, H4188, H4189, H4191, H4192, H4194, H4195, H4201, H4203, H4204 [17MY], H4213, H4215, H4216, H4217, H4219, H4220, H4221, H4223, H4224, H4225 [18MY]

——— consideration (H. Res. 891), H4006 [16MY]

——— consideration (H. Res. 900), H4161 [17MY]

——— extend vote reconsideration deadline (H. Res. 905), H4300 [22MY]


Conferees: H.R. 2, provisions, H6501 [18JY]

Articles and editorials

Food-Stamp Work Requirements Will Lift Americans Out of Poverty, H3202 [12AP]

SNAP Must Include Work, Healthy Food Mandates, H3200 [12AP]

Trump to Poor Americans—Get to Work or Lose Your Benefits, H4155–H4157 [17MY]

Working on Food Stamps—A House GOP Reform Would Help the Able-Bodied Get Off the Dole, H3202 [12AP]

Bills and resolutions

Enact (see H.R. 2), H3208 [12AP]

Enact (H.R. 2): consideration (see H. Res. 891), H3975 [15MY] (see H. Res. 900), H4137 [16MY]

——— extend vote reconsideration deadline (see H. Res. 905), H4283 [21MY]

Cloture motions

Enact (H.R. 2), S4491 [27JN]

——— motion to proceed, S4337 [21JN], S4364 [25JN]


Dept. of Agriculture authority to make certain grants to support development, production, or marketing of alcoholic beverages and rescind CCC funds made available for such grants: several organizations, H4201 [17MY]

——— Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance, H4202 [17MY]

Dept. of Agriculture Community Facilities Direct Loan and Guarantee Loan Program and Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program permission for rural hospitals to refinance existing debt: Alan Morgan, National Rural Health Association, H4126 [16MY]

Dept. of Agriculture Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program reform: Consortium for Citizens With Disabilities, H3580 [26AP], H4001 [16MY]

——— Dena R. Diorio, Mecklenburg County, NC, Manager, H4053 [16MY]

——— Joyce A. Rogers, AARP (organization), H3580 [26AP]

——— Marc Egan, National Education Association, H4003 [16MY]

——— Representative Blunt Rochester, Committee on Agriculture (House), H4000 [16MY]

——— several child advocacy organizations, H4002 [16MY]

Forest Service reform of Federal forest conservation regulations: several environmental organizations, H3997 [16MY]

Provisions: James F. Kenney, Mayor of Philadelphia, H3771 [7MY]

——— Representative Conaway, Committee on Agriculture (House), H4047, H4048 [16MY]

——— Representative Foxx, Committee on Education and the Workforce (House), H4047 [16MY]

——— Representative Goodlatte, Committee on the Judiciary (House), H4047 [16MY]

——— Representative Rob Bishop, Committee on Natural Resources (House), H4047 [16MY]

——— Representative Royce, Committee on Foreign Affairs (House), H4048 [16MY]

——— Representative Shuster, Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure (House), H4047 [16MY]

——— several food bank executives, H4180 [17MY]

——— Tom Wolf, Governor of Pennsylvania, H3771 [7MY]

——— Valerie A. Arkoosh, Montgomery County, PA, Board of Commissioners, H3771 [7MY]


Specialty Crop Farm Bill Alliance members, H4202 [17MY]


Enact (H.R. 2), S4336 [21JN], S4364 [25JN], S4709 [28JN], S5503 [31JY], H4230, H4233 [18MY], H6493 [18JY]

Press releases

Congress Must Vote No on Farm Bill: Share Our Strength (organization), H4002 [16MY]

Remarks in House

Agriculture: prevent States and local jurisdictions from interfering with the production and distribution of agricultural products in interstate or foreign commerce, H3577 [26AP]

——— prohibit Federal interference in interstate traffic of unpasteurized milk and milk products in final package form for human consumption between States that allow the sale of such products, H4218, H4219 [18MY]

Alaska: exempt national forest lands from the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, H4168, H4169 [17MY]

Animals: prohibit animal fighting in U.S. territories, H4221–H4223 [18MY]

Dept. of Agriculture: add chronic wasting disease among deer, elk, mule, and moose to high-priority research and extension initiatives, H4128, H4129 [16MY]

——— allow drainage districts to compete for Environmental Quality Incentives Program contracts to provide irrigation or water efficiency, H4123, H4124 [16MY]

——— assess and evaluate importation of tree and wood pests and provide options on how to intercept, detect, and address outbreaks, H4216, H4217 [18MY]

——— authorize expedited salvage operations and reforestation activities for national forest lands burned in large-scale catastrophic event, H4166, H4167 [17MY]

——— cap acreage eligible for enrollment in Conservation Reserve Program, H4185 [17MY]

——— clarify that adult failure to meet Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program household eligibility requirements will not make household children ineligible, H4190, H4191 [17MY]

——— conduct study to determine impact the Thrifty Food Program has in calculation of Nutritional Assistance Program block grants payable to Puerto Rico, H4191 [17MY]

——— consider conservation measures already in place to mitigate species or habitat loss when determining if Federal action will jeopardize either species or habitat, H4223, H4224 [18MY]

——— designate a Beginning Farmer and Rancher Coordinator in each State, H4220 [18MY]

——— direct the payment of a portion of stewardship project timber revenues to the county in which the stewardship project occurs, H4164, H4165 [17MY]

——— disqualify certain convicted felons from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, H4191 [17MY]

——— eliminate authority to make certain grants to support development, production, or marketing of alcoholic beverages and rescind CCC funds made available for such grants, H4201–H4203 [17MY]

——— Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) funding, H3203 [12AP]

——— enhance Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, crop insurance, conservation programs, and agricultural research programs, H4230–H4232 [18MY]

——— establish Cattle and Carcass Grading Correlation and Training Centers to improve standardization of beef grading, H4173 [17MY]

——— establish food access liaison to reduce barriers to food access, H4181 [17MY]

——— establish Office of Tribal Relations and New Beginnings Initiative to match funds invested in educational programs or services for Native Americans, H4221 [18MY]

——— expand access to traditional foods for native populations, H4194 [17MY]

——— expand Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program work-capable requirements and use E-verify system to assure recipients of training are legal immigrants, H4187, H4188 [17MY]

——— extend and expand Market Access Program and Foreign Market Development Program, H4152, H4153 [17MY]

——— extend and modernize sugar program, repeal Feedstock Flexibility Program for bioenergy producers, and establish tariff-rate quotas for sugar, H4153, H4159, H4174–H4177 [17MY]

——— extend study on comparable access to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance for Puerto Rico, H4192, H4195 [17MY]

——— facilitate assistance to host countries and AID through Farmer-To-Farmer Program, establish geographically defined crop yield metrics system, and make data available to the public, H4189 [17MY]

——— improve Environmental Quality Incentives Program, H7938 [7SE]

——— make certain multivitamin-mineral dietary supplements eligible for purchase with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, H4124 [16MY]

——— modify Community Facilities Direct Loan and Guarantee Loan Program and Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program to permit rural hospitals to refinance existing debt, H4125, H4126 [16MY]

——— National Institute of Food and Agriculture agricultural research and extension funding equity for historically Black land-grant colleges and universities, H4204 [17MY]

——— Natural Resources Conservation Service programs funding, H4133–H4135 [16MY]

——— phase out agricultural subsidies, H4183, H4184 [17MY]

——— provide States the flexibility to contract out administrative functions of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, H4192–H4194 [17MY]

——— reauthorize Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network, H4051, H4055 [16MY]

——— reform crop insurance program, H4135 [16MY]

——— reform work requirements and education and employment training programs under Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, H3198–H3202 [12AP], H3702 [26AP], H3840 [9MY], H4054, H4057 [16MY], H4154 [17MY], H4238 [18MY], H5002 [8JN], H6266 [17JY], H6474 [18JY]

——— remove certain number of individuals residing on military bases from population threshold calculation relative to eligibility for rural development programs, H4127 [16MY]

——— repeal bioenergy subsidy programs, H4195, H4196 [17MY]

——— require households demonstrate actual heating or cooling expenses in order to qualify for Standard Utility Allowance, H3198 [12AP]

——— retain science-based nutrition standards in Federal school meals programs, H4181 [17MY]

——— streamline enrollment process for Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage programs, H4184 [17MY]

——— streamline process for certain land-grant universities to access Conservation Innovation Grant Program and create a database on effectiveness of conservation practices on soil, nutrients, and water, H4055 [16MY]

——— Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program reform, H3196–H3204 [12AP], H3330 [16AP], H3349, H3350, H3351, H3352 [17AP], H3399, H3401 [18AP], H3579–H3581, H3583, H3585, H3701–H3704 [26AP], H3766–H3773 [7MY], H3869–H3875 [9MY], H3988, H3989, H3991–H3993, H3995–H4005, H4046–H4057 [16MY], H4147, H4148, H4151–H4161 [17MY], H4238 [18MY], H5636 [25JN], E678 [17MY], E690 [18MY], E699 [21MY]

——— support U.S. sugar farmers, H3985 [16MY], E675 [17MY]

——— transfer to Santa Clara, NM, certain National Forest System land that was previously considered the Fort Bayard Military Reservation, H4170 [17MY]

Dept. of the Interior: allow issuance of depredation permits to livestock farmers authorizing taking of black vultures during calving season, H4224, H4225 [18MY]

Depts. of the Interior and Agriculture: report on wildfire prevention, insect infestation, and disease prevention efforts on Federal land, H4172 [17MY]

Enact (H.R. 2), H3196–H3204 [12AP], H3319 [16AP], H3349, H3350, H3351, H3352 [17AP], H3399 [18AP], H3455 [24AP], H3577, H3579–H3581, H3583, H3585, H3701–H3704 [26AP], H3766–H3773 [7MY], H3840, H3869–H3875 [9MY], H3913, H3914 [10MY], H3938 [15MY], H3982, H3983, H3985, H3988, H3989, H3991–H3993, H4046–H4129, H4132–H4136 [16MY], H4145, H4147, H4148, H4149, H4164–H4205 [17MY], H4211, H4213–H4233, H4236–H4240 [18MY], H4287 [22MY], H5001–H5003 [8JN], H5097 [13JN], H5369 [21JN], H5636 [25JN], H6049 [11JY], H6197 [16JY], H6266 [17JY], H6474, H6493 [18JY], H7938 [7SE], E675, E678 [17MY], E690 [18MY], E699 [21MY], E901 [22JN], E1075 [26JY]

——— consideration (H. Res. 891), H3991–H4007 [16MY]

——— consideration (H. Res. 900), H4150–H4163 [17MY]

——— corrections in engrossment, H5450 [21JN]

——— extend vote reconsideration deadline (H. Res. 905), H4292–H4301 [22MY]

——— motion to instruct conferees, H6493, H6494 [18JY]

——— motion to recommit, H4230, H4231 [18MY]

FCC: establish Task Force for Meeting the Connectivity and Technology Needs of Precision Agriculture in the U.S., H4128 [16MY]

Forest Service: authorize counties be included in Good Neighbor Authority cooperative agreements and contracts in order to improve forest health and bolster watershed restoration, H4165, H4166 [17MY]

——— consider only proposed forest management activity or no action in environmental assessments or impact statements relative to collaborative forest management plans, H4167, H4168 [17MY]

——— convey a site in Dolores County, CO, to be used as a fire station, H4173 [17MY]

——— establish pilot project for forest health, watershed improvement, and habitat restoration in New Mexico, H4214 [18MY]

——— make vacant grazing allotments available to certain grazing permit holders, H4204, H4205 [17MY]

——— modernize competitive forestry, natural resources, and environmental grants program and prioritize grants for forest restoration, H4215, H4216 [18MY]

——— reauthorize Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Fund, H4172 [17MY]

——— reform Federal forest conservation regulations, H3996 [16MY]

——— streamline process for broadband facility location applications on Federal land, H4171, H4172 [17MY]

GAO: study agricultural credit needs of farms, ranches, and related agricultural businesses that are owned or operated by Indian tribes on tribal lands, H4125 [16MY]

Soil and Water Resources Conservation Act: reauthorize, H4186 [17MY]

Trump, President: evaluation of administration relative to family values, H5635–H5642 [25JN]

Water: increase watershed-based collaboration between nonpoint sources and regulated point sources of pollution in order to advance goals of Federal Water Pollution Control Act, H4124 [16MY]

——— repeal Corps of Engineers and EPA rule relative to the definition of ‘‘waters of the U.S.’’ under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, H3938 [15MY], H4225–H4227 [18MY]

Remarks in Senate

Dept. of Agriculture: allow haying and grazing on a certain portion of acerage enrolled in Conservation Reserve Program on a rotating basis and offset with reduction in rental payment, S4488, S4489 [27JN]

——— Essential Community Facilities Program funding, S4484 [27JN]

——— establish a farm and ranch stress assistance network, S4478 [27JN]

——— establish the voluntary Soil Health and Income Protection Program (SHIPP) as a short-term conserving use program for participating farmers, S4393 [26JN]

——— expand and improve opportunities for beginning farmers and ranchers, S4477 [27JN]

——— extend and expand Market Access Program and Foreign Market Development Program, S4484 [27JN]

——— extend and improve conservation programs, S4393 [26JN]

——— improve soil moisture and precipitation monitoring, S4393 [26JN]

——— Market Access Program funding, S4698 [28JN]

——— modify work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents, require State agencies to operate a work activation program, and update photo ID requirements under Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, S4708 [28JN]

——— prohibit certain activities and require greater transparency in commodity check-off programs, S4474 [27JN]

——— prohibit retaliation against contract farmers by large integrated corporate farms, S4474 [27JN]

——— promote American agriculture in Cuba, S4484, S4485 [27JN]

——— provide for State and tribal regulation of hemp production, S4459 [27JN]

——— provide support for dairy producers, S4390 [26JN]

——— reduce county yield disparities under Agriculture Risk Coverage-County (ARC-CO) program, S4476 [27JN]

——— reform work requirements and education and employment training programs under Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, S4703 [28JN]

——— require Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program beneficiaries to show valid photo identification when purchasing items with program benefits, S4476 [27JN]

——— require transparency in how large integrated corporate farms calculate payments made to contract farmers, S4475 [27JN]

——— Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program reform, S4389 [26JN], S4475 [27JN], S4702–S4704, S4708, S4711–S4713 [28JN]

Enact (H.R. 2), S4460–S4462, S4469–S4485, S4488, S4489, S4494–S4498 [27JN], S4689, S4692–S4694, S4698–S4704, S4707–S4709, S4711–S4719, S4725 [28JN], S5547 [1AU], S6035 [5SE]

——— motion to proceed, S4336 [21JN], S4354, S4364 [25JN], S4379, S4381–S4386, S4389–S4393, S4398 [26JN], S4459, S4460, S4501 [27JN]

——— unanimous-consent agreement, S5503 [31JY]

——— unanimous-consent request, S4470 [27JN]

EPA: reform renewable fuel standard, S4483 [27JN]

Reports filed

Consideration of H.R. 2, Provisions: Committee on Rules (House) (H. Res. 891) (H. Rept. 115–677), H3975 [15MY]

——— Committee on Rules (House) (H. Res. 900) (H. Rept. 115–679), H4137 [16MY]

Extend Vote Reconsideration Deadline for H.R. 2, Provisions: Committee on Rules (House) (H. Res. 905) (H. Rept. 115–698), H4283 [21MY]

Provisions: Committee on Agriculture (House) (H.R. 2) (H. Rept. 115–661), H3749 [3MY]

Texts of

H. Res. 891, consideration of H.R. 2, provisions, H3991 [16MY]

H. Res. 900, consideration of H.R. 2, provisions, H4150 [17MY]

H. Res. 905, extend vote reconsideration deadline for H.R. 2, provisions, H4292 [22MY]

H.R. 2, provisions, H4058–H4123 [16MY]