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Conferees: H.R. 2, provisions, S5547 [1AU], H6501 [18JY]

Bills and resolutions

Enact (see S. 3042), S3601 [11JN]

Cloture motions

Enact (H.R. 2), S4491 [27JN]

——— motion to proceed, S4337 [21JN], S4364 [25JN]


Enact (H.R. 2), S4336 [21JN], S4364 [25JN], S4709 [28JN], S5503 [31JY], H6493 [18JY]

Remarks in House

Dept. of Agriculture: improve Environmental Quality Incentives Program, H7938 [7SE]

——— reform work requirements and education and employment training programs under Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, H6266 [17JY], H6474 [18JY]

Enact (H.R. 2), H6049 [11JY], H6197 [16JY], H6266 [17JY], H6474, H6493 [18JY], H7938 [7SE], E1075 [26JY]

——— motion to instruct conferees, H6493, H6494 [18JY]

Remarks in Senate

Dept. of Agriculture: allow haying and grazing on a certain portion of acerage enrolled in Conservation Reserve Program on a rotating basis and offset with reduction in rental payment, S4488, S4489 [27JN]

——— Essential Community Facilities Program funding, S4484 [27JN]

——— establish a farm and ranch stress assistance network, S4478 [27JN]

——— establish the voluntary Soil Health and Income Protection Program (SHIPP) as a short-term conserving use program for participating farmers, S4393 [26JN]

——— expand and improve opportunities for beginning farmers and ranchers, S4477 [27JN]

——— extend and expand Market Access Program and Foreign Market Development Program, S4484 [27JN]

——— extend and improve conservation programs, S4393 [26JN]

——— improve soil moisture and precipitation monitoring, S4393 [26JN]

——— Market Access Program funding, S4698 [28JN]

——— modify work requirements for able-bodied adults without dependents, require State agencies to operate a work activation program, and update photo ID requirements under Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, S4708 [28JN]

——— prohibit certain activities and require greater transparency in commodity check-off programs, S4474 [27JN]

——— prohibit retaliation against contract farmers by large integrated corporate farms, S4474 [27JN]

——— promote American agriculture in Cuba, S4484, S4485 [27JN]

——— provide for State and tribal regulation of hemp production, S3863 [13JN], S3929 [14JN], S4459 [27JN]

——— provide support for dairy producers, S4390 [26JN]

——— reduce county yield disparities under Agriculture Risk Coverage-County (ARC-CO) program, S4476 [27JN]

——— reform work requirements and education and employment training programs under Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, S4703 [28JN]

——— require Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program beneficiaries to show valid photo identification when purchasing items with program benefits, S4476 [27JN]

——— require transparency in how large integrated corporate farms calculate payments made to contract farmers, S4475 [27JN]

——— Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program reform, S4389 [26JN], S4475 [27JN], S4702–S4704, S4708, S4711–S4713 [28JN]

Enact (H.R. 2), S4460–S4462, S4469–S4485, S4488, S4489, S4494–S4498 [27JN], S4689, S4692–S4694, S4698–S4704, S4707–S4709, S4711–S4719, S4725 [28JN], S5547 [1AU], S6035 [5SE]

——— motion to proceed, S4336 [21JN], S4354, S4364 [25JN], S4379, S4381–S4386, S4389–S4393, S4398 [26JN], S4459, S4460, S4501 [27JN]

——— unanimous-consent agreement, S5503 [31JY]

——— unanimous-consent request, S4470 [27JN]

Enact (S. 3042), S3863 [13JN], S3929, S3936 [14JN]

EPA: reform renewable fuel standard, S4483 [27JN]

Reports filed

Provisions: Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry (Senate) (S. 3042), S3982 [18JN]