ANIMALS  related term(s) National Wildlife Refuges; Wildlife
  Bills and resolutions
      Africa: promote economic growth through conservation and 
        biodiversity programs that facilitate cooperation, improve 
        natural resource management, and protect and preserve 
        threatened wildlife in Okavango River Basin (see H.R. 4819), 
        H551 [18JA]
      Dept. of Agriculture: make disaster assistance available under 
        Livestock Indemnity Program and Livestock Forage Program to 
        Native Americans who own horses for noncommercial use (see S. 
        2316), S253 [17JA]
      U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: require delisting of Mexican 
        gray wolves under the Endangered Species Act (see S. 2277), 
        S46 [4JA]
  Remarks in House
      Explosives: establish a working group to determine ways to 
        develop a domestic canine breeding network to produce high 
        quality explosives detection canines (H.R. 4577), H32-H34 
        [9JA], E41 [12JA]
      Florida: tribute to South Florida Water Management District 
        Python Elimination Program, H64 [9JA]
      K94Heroes (organization): tribute, H24 [9JA]
      Pennsylvania: tribute to Pennsylvania Farm Show, H23 [9JA], H164 
      Traverse City, MI: tribute to Cherry Capital Airport K-9, Piper, 
        E53 [17JA]
      UDAP Industries, Inc.: tribute for petition to waive EPA 
        regulations relative bear spray, H493 [18JA]
  Reports filed
      Domestic Explosives Detection Canine Capacity Building Act: 
        Committee on Homeland Security (House) (H.R. 4577) (H. Rept. 
        115-488), H81 [9JA]
      Gray Wolf State Management Act: Committee on Natural Resources 
        (House) (H.R. 424) (H. Rept. 115-487), H18 [8JA]
  Texts of
      H.R. 4577, Domestic Explosives Detection Canine Capacity 
        Building Act, H32 [9JA]