Bills and resolutions

Artsakh: support communications with, and travel by officials to, the U.S. and seek direct participation by elected officials in Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe negotiations on its future (see H. Res. 697), H478 [17JA]

Forests: provide assistance to Haiti and Armenia to reverse effects of deforestation (see S. 3272), S5360 [25JY] (see H.R. 6503), H7685 [25JY]


OPIC support for regional projects in the Caucasus that exclude Armenia from participation or benefit: Cameron S. Alford, OPIC, H6331 [17JY]

Remarks in House

Armenian Relief Society (ARS) of Western U.S.A.: anniversary of ‘‘Mayr’’ Hollywood, CA, Chapter, E104 [29JA]

Genocide: anniversary, H3432 [18AP], H3495 [24AP], H3582 [26AP], H8163 [12SE]

Independence: anniversary, E1282 [24SE]

Nagorno-Karabakh: anniversary of genocide at Sumgait, E246 [1MR], E260 [5MR]

——— anniversary of genocide in Khojaly, E221, E222 [26FE]

Totah, Annie Simonian: Armenian Assembly of America Distinguished Humanitarian Award recipient, E1292 [25SE]

Remarks in Senate

Genocide: anniversary, S2339 [23AP]

Texts of

S. 3272, Haiti and Armenia Reforestation Act, S5369–S5373 [25JY]