Articles and editorials

Daniel Akaka, Former Democratic Senator From Hawaii, Dies at 93, S2475 [26AP]

Bills and resolutions

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: observance (see S. Res. 530), S2925 [24MY] (see S. Res. 546), S3906 [13JN] (see H. Res. 911), H4729 [24MY]

Dept. of Defense: increase minority student participation in Cyber Scholarship Program (see H.R. 5746), H3928 [10MY]

Dept. of Education: provide access to higher education through a Federal-State partnership to waive community college tuition and provide grants to minority-serving institutions to assist low-income students (see S. 2483), S1316 [1MR]

Ecology and environment: improve disclosure of pesticide and personal care product ingredients and ventilation in salons, establish employee training on salon hazards, and research effects of personal care products (see S. 2722), S2321 [19AP]

Lunar New Year: observance (see H. Res. 744), H1217 [16FE]

National Minority Health Month: support goals and ideals (see S. Res. 529), S2925 [24MY]

SBA: establish pilot program for certifying that a small business concern is owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals (see H.R. 6514), H7686 [25JY]

Remarks in House

Asian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.: tribute to Excellence Award recipients, E750 [29MY]

Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: observance, H4690–H4692 [23MY]

Batayola, Teresita: Puget Sound Business Journal Woman of Influence award recipient, E1105 [27JY]

Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment (CAUSE): anniversary, E324 [15MR]

Dept. of Defense: study how to attract and recruit students with experience in certain technical fields from institutions of higher education, including minority-serving institutions, H4702 [24MY]

Hawaii: anniversary of arrival of first Japanese immigrants, E796 [7JN]

Kurumada, Kiljoo Lee: California 28th Congressional District Woman of the Year award recipient, E446 [12AP]

National Minority Health Month: observance, H3151 [12AP]

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month: observance, H7161 [25JY]

United HealthCare Services, Inc.: United HealthCare Asian Initiatives recipient of Chinese American Medical Society Community Service Award, E1240 [12SE]

Remarks in Senate

National Minority Health Month: support goals and ideals (S. Res. 529), S2942 [24MY]

Texts of

S. Res. 529, support goals and ideals of National Minority Health Month, S2940 [24MY]

S. Res. 530, Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, S2941 [24MY]

S. Res. 546, Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, S3909 [13JN]