O’ROURKE, BETO (a Representative from Texas)


Conferee: H.R. 5515, Dept. of Defense appropriations for military activities, prescribing personnel strengths, and military construction, H5788 [27JN]

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

Animals: call for end to dog and cat meat industry and urge certain countries to adopt and enforce prohibitions on such practices (see H. Res. 401), H3444 [18AP]

Armed Forces: remove from unauthorized hostilities in Yemen (see H. Con. Res. 138), H9090 [26SE]

——— require a full military honors ceremony for certain deceased veterans (see H.R. 6734), H9416 [2OC]

——— take certain steps to improve Transition Assistance Program and other transition assistance to members who are separated, retired, or discharged (see H.R. 5649), H3741 [27AP]

Bureau of the Census: provide advanced notice to Congress before changing any questions on the decennial census (see H.R. 5359), H3444 [18AP]

Bush, Barbara Pierce: tribute (see H. Res. 838), H3505 [24AP]

CDC: create a modern infrastructure for the prevention, treatment, and care of Alzheimer’s and related dementias and preservation of brain health (see H.R. 4256), H903 [6FE]

Coast Guard: mint coins in commemoration (see H.R. 2317), H3444 [18AP]

Colleges and universities: establish commission to develop accessibility guidelines for electronic instructional materials and related information technologies (see H.R. 1772), H1543 [13MR]

Corps of Engineers: expedite completion of certain feasibility studies and reports for a storm damage mitigation project along the Texas coast and amend Coastal Barrier Resources Act to allow for such project (see H.R. 5897), H4284 [21MY]

Courts: discourage use of payment of money as a condition of pretrial release in criminal cases (see H.R. 1437), H5581 [22JN]

——— eliminate mandatory arbitration clauses in employment, consumer, civil rights, and antitrust cases (see H.R. 1374), H5201 [14JN]

Crime: protect victims of stalking from gun violence (see H.R. 3207), H1442 [6MR]

——— require automatic sealing of certain minor nonviolent criminal records (see H.R. 6677), H7772 [24AU]

Cuba: modify prohibition on U.S. assistance and financing for agricultural exports and allow limited U.S. investment in Cuban agribusinesses (see H.R. 525), H5581 [22JN]

Democracy: improve access to voting and protect election integrity, strengthen Government ethics laws, and reform political campaign finance system (see H. Res. 975), H5975 [28JN]

Dept. of Agriculture: establish Office of Rural Broadband Initiatives and preserve open Internet requirements (see H.R. 800), H3064 [9AP]

——— expand availability of programs to veteran farmers and ranchers (see H.R. 6500), H7155 [24JY]

——— provide grants for access to broadband telecommunications services in rural areas (see H.R. 4232), H478 [17JA]

Dept. of Defense: provide travel to Dover AFB, DE, for family of Armed Forces members who die outside the U.S. but not in a theater of combat operations so the family may receive the remains of the deceased (see H.R. 5848), H4138 [16MY]

——— study servicemembers’ exposure to open burn pits and toxic airborne chemicals while on active duty to ensure appropriate treatment for health effects (see H.R. 5671), H5201 [14JN]

Dept. of Education: address and take action to prevent bullying and harassment of students (see H.R. 1957), H9408 [28SE]

——— allow students convicted of marijuana possession to retain financial aid eligibility if they complete a drug rehabilitation program and pass two unannounced drug tests (see H.R. 3252), H1217 [16FE]

——— authorize borrowers of Federal Direct Loan Program loans to modify interest rate to be equal to interest rate at time of modification (see H.R. 1614), H1075 [8FE]

——— award higher education institutions grants for teaching English learners (see H.R. 4838), H1503 [8MR]

——— improve accessibility to, and completion of, postsecondary education for students, including students with disabilities (see H.R. 3199), H3448 [19AP]

——— improve structure of Federal Pell Grant Program by providing for mandatory funding and reinstating and expanding eligibility for certain students (see H.R. 2451), H404 [16JA]

——— provide for the long-term improvement of public school facilities (see H.R. 2475), H3507 [24AP]

——— provide grants to local educational agencies to encourage female students to pursue studies and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) (see H.R. 5136), H3979 [15MY]

Dept. of HHS: authorize a loan repayment program for substance use disorder treatment employees (see H.R. 5102), H4730 [24MY]

——— enter into arrangement with National Academy of Sciences to conduct and update biennially study on effects of State legalized marijuana programs (see H.R. 6495), H7154 [24JY]

——— establish direct care registered nurse-to-patient staffing ratio requirements in hospitals (see H.R. 2392), H9415 [2OC]

——— extend advanced education nursing grants to support clinical nurse specialist programs (see H.R. 959), H4584 [22MY]

——— promote child care and early learning (see H.R. 3773), H3343 [16AP]

——— provide for sexual health education of young people, including promotion of healthy relationships and prevention of unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and dating violence (see H.R. 3602), H7735 [31JY]

——— revise and extend projects relative to children and violence to provide access to school-based comprehensive mental health programs (see H.R. 2913), H4285 [21MY]

Dept. of Homeland Security: modify authority for pay and work schedules of Border Patrol agents (see H.R. 5896), H4584 [22MY]

——— provide for certain protections for aliens granted temporary protected status or deferred enforced departure (see H.R. 4253), H19 [8JA]

——— provide standards for facilities at which aliens in custody are detained (see H.R. 3923), H5201 [14JN]

Dept. of Justice: establish and carry out a Veteran Treatment Court Program (see H.R. 4345), H1502 [8MR]

——— limit ability to remove a special counsel (see H.R. 3654), H1127 [13FE]

——— require a report of any Special Counsel who is removed from office (see H.R. 5533), H5225 [15JN]

——— require judicial review of executive branch ability to remove a special counsel (see H.R. 5476), H9153 [27SE]

Dept. of Labor: list employers that relocate call centers overseas, make such companies ineligible for Federal grants and loans, and require call center employees to disclose their physical location (see H.R. 1300), H9091 [26SE]

——— remove certain restrictions on advertising and public relations by allowing workforce development boards to use Federal resources to advertise their services (see H.R. 5880), H5201 [14JN]

Dept. of State: establish a Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Peoples in the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (see H.R. 6033), H9408 [28SE]

——— facilitate reunification of Central American families, report on, and develop a strategy to reduce, gender-based and gang violence, and address impact of family separation on Central American children (see H.R. 6193), H6175 [12JY]

Dept. of the Interior: make supplemental funding available for management of fish and wildlife species of greatest conservation need as determined by State fish and wildlife agencies (see H.R. 4647), H1653 [15MR]

Dept. of the Treasury: establish a Pension Rehabilitation Administration to make loans to multiemployer defined benefit plans from a Pension Rehabilitation Trust Fund (see H.R. 4444), H738 [2FE]

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: clarify presumptions relating to exposure of certain veterans who served in the vicinity of Vietnam (see H.R. 809), H7732 [27JY]

——— conduct and support research on the efficacy and safety of medicinal marijuana (see H.R. 5520), H3397 [17AP]

——— disapprove courses for purposes of educational assistance programs unless the educational institution permits individuals to attend or participate in courses pending departmental payment (see H.R. 4830), H552 [18JA]

——— furnish headstones or markers to private cemeteries for graves of certain World War I veterans (see H.R. 4565), H405 [16JA]

——— include certain periods of active duty for suspending charges to veterans’ entitlement to educational assistance during periods of suspended participation in vocational rehabilitation programs (see H.R. 5538), H3396 [17AP]

——— increase number of peer-to-peer counselors providing counseling for women veterans (see H.R. 4635), H1221 [20FE]

——— provide unlimited eligibility for health care for mental illnesses for veterans of combat service during certain periods of hostilities and war (see H.R. 5314), H1651 [15MR]

——— seek to enter into an agreement with Vallejo, CA, for transfer of Mare Island Naval Cemetery (see H.R. 5588), H5649 [25JN]

Doby, Lawrence E.: award Congressional Gold Medal posthumously (see H.R. 1861), H3397 [17AP]

Drugs: increase number of cannabis manufacturers registered under Controlled Substances Act for legitimate research purposes and allow VA health care providers to recommend federally-approved cannabis clinical trials (see H.R. 5634), H5286 [19JN]

——— prohibit Federal prosecution of residents who are acting in accordance with their State’s marijuana laws (see H.R. 975), H19 [8JA]

——— remove barriers to access to residential substance use disorder treatment services under Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (see H.R. 2938), H4139 [16MY]

Education: ensure public school teacher compensation is comparable to other college graduates and increase investment in public education (see H. Res. 876), H3936 [11MY]

Elections: expose and deter unlawful and subversive foreign interference in Federal elections (see H.R. 530), H7732 [27JY]

——— protect elections for public office by providing financial support and enhanced security for infrastructure used to carry out such elections (see H.R. 5011), H3507 [24AP]

Employment: allow Americans to earn paid sick time to address their own health needs and the health needs of their families (see H.R. 1516), H4777 [5JN]

Equal Pay Day: observance (see H. Con. Res. 117), H3095 [10AP]

Families and domestic relations: ensure immigration status does not disqualify a parent or guardian for placement of a foster child and make policy changes to keep children of detained or deported parents with their families (see H.R. 5414), H3707 [26AP]

——— prohibit discrimination in adoption or foster care placements based on sexual orientation, gender identification, or marital status of any prospective parent or the child involved (see H.R. 2640), H1336 [27FE]

FCC: disapprove rule on net neutrality (see H.J. Res. 129), H1333 [27FE]

——— promote competition to preserve the ability of local governments to provide broadband capability and services (see H.R. 4814), H477 [17JA]

——— revise sponsorship identification rules to require disclosure of significant donors to persons paying for broadcasts of political matters or matters involving issues of public importance (see H.R. 1439), H6558 [18JY]

FDA: prohibit abusive delay tactics by pharmaceutical companies to block entry of generic drugs and biosimilar biological products from the market (see H.R. 2212), H4849 [6JN]

Federal employees: increase rates of pay for General Schedule and prevailing rate employees (see H.R. 4775), H1127 [13FE]

——— provide for compensation of furloughed employees in the event of a lapse in appropriations (see H.R. 4961), H1076 [8FE]

Firearms: allow family members and close associates of suspected unstable individuals to take legal actions to prevent such individuals from purchasing or possessing firearms (see H.R. 2598), H5022 [8JN]

——— prohibit firearm dealers from proceeding with the sale of a weapon if a background check on the buyer is not returned by the FBI within 3 days (see H.R. 3464), H1609 [14MR]

——— regulate assault weapons and ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited (see H.R. 5087), H1266 [26FE]

Foreign policy: affirm U.S. commitment to NATO and condemn President Trump’s failure to confront Russian President, Vladimir Putin, for Russia’s election interference and worldwide aggression (see H. Res. 1008), H7157 [24JY]

Global Food Security Act: reauthorize (see H.R. 5129), H6264 [16JY]

Government: prioritize obligations and appropriate emergency funding for continued pay for the Armed Forces and Federal law enforcement officers if statutory debt ceiling is reached or there is a funding gap (see H.R. 1536), H1075 [8FE]

Immigration: limit separation of families at or near ports of entry (see H.R. 6135), H5284 [19JN]

——— oppose zero tolerance policy that prosecutes all adults entering the U.S. illegally and leads to family separation for parents attempting to enter with children (see H. Res. 927), H5817 [27JN]

——— promote family unity by reducing visa backlogs and implementing policies to facilitate immigrant family reunification (see H.R. 4944), H1179 [14FE]

——— reform (H.R. 4760), consideration (see H. Res. 774), H3444 [18AP]

Indianapolis (U.S.S.): award a Congressional Gold Medal to the crew (see H.R. 4107), H7754 [14AU]

Infrastructure: ensure any infrastructure plan provides for job creation, public investment, clean energy jobs, fair hiring and wage standards, and protection of Federal aid programs, the environment, and civil rights (see H. Con. Res. 63), H173 [12JA]

Iran: condemn 1988 massacre of political prisoners and call for justice for victims (see H. Res. 188), H1227 [23FE]

——— impose sanctions against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (see H.R. 5132), H3056 [2AP]

Israel: authorize military assistance, support ability to address conventional and emerging threats, and enhance cooperation in areas of mutual interest (see H.R. 5141), H3097 [10AP]

Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of: prohibit unconstitutional military strikes or introduction of Armed Forces into hostilities without declaration of war or explicit statutory authorization (see H.R. 4837), H552 [18JA]

LGBTQ Pride Month: observance (see H. Res. 972), H5975 [28JN]

Medicaid: provide a standard definition of therapeutic family care services (see H.R. 2290), H3059 [5AP]

——— provide States with an option to provide medical assistance to individuals between ages of 22 and 64 for inpatient services to treat substance use disorders at certain facilities (see H.R. 2687), H4584 [22MY]

——— provide the same level of Federal matching assistance for every State that chooses to expand coverage to newly eligible individuals, regardless of when such expansion takes place (see H.R. 2688), H3060 [5AP]

——— reauthorize Money Follows the Person Demonstration Program (see H.R. 5306), H3444 [18AP]

Medicare: ensure more timely access to home health services for beneficiaries (see H.R. 1825), H3452 [23AP]

——— make permanent the extension of Medicare-dependent hospital (MDH) program and increased payments under the Medicare low-volume hospital program (see H.R. 1955), H975 [7FE]

——— permit nurse practitioners and physician assistants to satisfy the documentation requirement for coverage of certain shoes for individuals with diabetes (see H.R. 1617), H3452 [23AP]

Members of Congress: constitutional amendment to limit terms (see H.J. Res. 134), H3929 [10MY]

Minimum wage: increase (see H.R. 15), H1213 [15FE]

National Law Enforcement Museum: mint coins in commemoration of opening (see H.R. 4732), H5507 [21JN]

National Purple Heart Hall of Honor: mint coins in commemoration (see H.R. 1683), H554 [18JA]

National School Counseling Week: designate (see H. Res. 723), H783 [5FE]

NIH: establish and fund Opioids and STOP Pain Initiative to expand, intensify, and coordinate fundamental, translational, and clinical research of opioid abuse and the understanding and treatment of pain (see H.R. 4733), H6650 [23JY]

NLRB: strengthen protections for employees to organize and collectively bargain for improved wages and working conditions, sanction violations of such rights, and reform collective bargaining process (see H.R. 4548), H4733 [25MY]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: allow for certain third party payments (see H.R. 3976), H404 [16JA]

——— repeal excise tax on high cost employer-sponsored health coverage (see H.R. 173), H1609 [14MR]

Political campaigns: provide for additional disclosure requirements for corporations, labor organizations, and other entities (see H.R. 6239), H5814 [27JN]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness Month: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 864), H7825 [4SE]

Postal Service: ensure that the Postal Service remains an independent establishment of the Federal Government and is not subject to privatization (see H. Res. 993), H8108 [10SE]

——— restore pre-existing service standards relative to overnight mail deliveries and elimination of delays (see H. Res. 31), H4982 [7JN]

Public Health Service: submit annual report on the effects of gun violence on public health (see H.R. 5161), H3576 [25AP]

Public lands: protect Presidentially designated national monuments, establish National Monument Enhancement Fund, and designate certain lands in New Mexico and Nevada as wilderness (see H.R. 6410), H6463 [17JY]

Russia: combat subversive activities (see H.R. 6437), H7921 [6SE]

Schools: end discrimination based on actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity in public schools (see H.R. 5374), H1754 [21MR]

Social Work Month: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 770), H1544 [13MR]

SSA: establish a trust fund to provide for paid family and medical leave benefits for certain individuals (see H.R. 947), H1127 [13FE]

Taxation: allow a refundable income tax credit for the purchase of qualified access technology for the blind (see H.R. 1734), H1502 [8MR]

——— extend the exclusion for employer-provided educational assistance to employer payments of qualified education loans (see H.R. 795), H1653 [15MR]

Trump, President: censure and condemn for alleged disparaging remarks relative to countries of origin of certain immigrants and call for a retraction and apology for such remarks (see H. Res. 700), H553 [18JA]

Veterans: expand eligibility for concurrent receipt of military retired pay or combat-related compensation with service-connected disability benefits and eliminate phase-in period for such benefits (see H.R. 303), H1373 [5MR]

——— increase amounts payable for dependency and indemnity compensation and modify requirements for dependency and indemnity compensation for survivors of certain veterans rated totally disabled at the time of death (see H.R. 4106), H1653 [15MR]

Violence Against Women Act: reauthorize (see H.R. 6545), H7777 [28AU]

Voting: clarify that a State may not use inactivity of voters as the basis for cancelling the registration of such voters in the State on grounds that they have changed residence (see H.R. 6122), H7735 [31JY]

——— require voting systems to produce voter-verified, auditable paper records of votes, accessibility for disabled individuals, and post-election risk-limiting audits (see H.R. 6093), H8739 [20SE]

Weissmandl, Michoel Ber: award Congressional Gold Medal posthumously (see H.R. 2740), H173 [12JA]

Women: combat international violence against women and girls (see H.R. 5034), H1268 [26FE]

World Social Work Day: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 770), H1544 [13MR]

World War II: award a Congressional Gold Medal to Chinese American veterans in recognition of dedicated service (see H.R. 2358), H4730 [24MY]

Bills and resolutions introduced

Dept. of Homeland Security: provide emergency funding for port of entry personnel and infrastructure (see H.R. 5619), H3574 [25AP]

Constitutional authority statements

Dept. of Homeland Security: provide emergency funding for port of entry personnel and infrastructure (H.R. 5619), H3575 [25AP]


Armed Forces: take certain steps to improve Transition Assistance Program and other transition assistance to members who are separated, retired, or discharged (H.R. 5649), H7138 [24JY]

El Paso Community Development Week: observance, E458• [13AP]

Immigration: oppose zero tolerance policy that prosecutes all adults entering the U.S. illegally and leads to family separation for parents attempting to enter with children, H5145 [13JN]

Votes: position on missed, E153• [7FE], E265• [6MR], E731•, E732•, E734• [24MY], E791• [7JN], E891•, E894• [21JN], E1095• [26JY]


Lee, Representative, E803• [8JN]