ABRAHAM, RALPH LEE (a Representative from Louisiana)

ABRAHAM, RALPH LEE (a Representative from Louisiana)

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

Abortion: prohibit abortion in cases where a fetal heartbeat is detectable (see H.R. 490), H517 [11JA]

——— prohibit dismemberment abortions (see H.R. 956), H1349 [4FE]

——— prohibit Federal funding to entities that do not certify they will not perform, or provide any funding to any other entity that performs, abortions (see H.R. 833), H1282 [29JA]

——— prohibit taxpayer funded abortions (see H.R. 20), H715 [17JA]

——— protect lives of born and unborn persons (see H.R. 616), H721 [17JA]

——— protect pain-capable unborn children (see H.R. 784), H1211 [24JA]

——— require health care practitioners to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion (see H.R. 962), H1361 [5FE]

Armed Forces: remove prohibition on eligibility for TRICARE Reserve Select of members of Reserve components who are eligible to enroll in certain health benefits plans (see H.R. 613), H1350 [4FE]

Budget: constitutional amendment to require balanced (see H.J. Res. 22), H284 [8JA]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: bring into the regular appropriations process (see H.R. 969), H1361 [5FE]

Corps of Engineers: ensure right of individuals to carry firearms at water resources development projects (see H.R. 664), H1173 [23JA]

Crime: prohibit unlawful disposal in landfills or navigable waters of fetal remains resulting from an abortion (see H.R. 671), H718 [17JA]

Dept. of HHS: prohibit certain research on human fetal tissue obtained pursuant to an abortion (see H.R. 573), H601 [15JA]

——— prohibit Federal family planning grants from being awarded to any entity that performs abortions (see H.R. 296), H282 [8JA]

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: increase certain veteran funeral benefits (see H.R. 497), H721 [17JA]

Firearms: permit States to provide reciprocal treatment for carrying of certain concealed firearms by nonresidents (see H.R. 38), H202 [3JA]

——— remove silencers from definition of firearms relative to taxation, registration, and transfer laws (see H.R. 155), H206 [3JA]

Historic buildings and sites: provide for public and private sector partnerships to preserve, conserve, and enhance visitor experiences at significant battlefields of the American Revolution, War of 1812, and Civil War (see H.R. 307), H282 [8JA]

Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.: provide for a moratorium on Federal funding relative to provision of abortion services and increase funding for other women’s health care service providers (see H.R. 369), H357 [9JA]

Social Security: repeal Government pension offset and windfall elimination provisions (see H.R. 141), H678 [16JA]

Taxation: permanently extend the railroad track maintenance credit (see H.R. 510), H1339 [30JA]

——— repeal estate and generation-skipping taxes (see H.R. 218), H209 [3JA]

Bills and resolutions introduced

Wildlife: authorize a special resource study on spread of vectors of chronic wasting disease among deer, elk, and moose (see H.R. 837), H1282 [29JA]

Constitutional authority statements

Wildlife: authorize a special resource study on spread of vectors of chronic wasting disease among deer, elk, and moose (H.R. 837), H1284 [29JA]