ADERHOLT, ROBERT B. (a Representative from Alabama)

ADERHOLT, ROBERT B. (a Representative from Alabama)

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

Abortion: prohibit abortion in cases where a fetal heartbeat is detectable (see H.R. 490), H517 [11JA]

——— protect pain-capable unborn children (see H.R. 784), H1494 [8FE]

——— require health care practitioners to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion (see H.R. 962), H1465 [7FE]

Dept. of HHS: prohibit Federal family planning grants from being awarded to any entity that performs abortions (see H.R. 296), H282 [8JA]

Dept. of State: eliminate Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (see H.R. 479), H1218 [25JA]

Firearms: permit States to provide reciprocal treatment for carrying of certain concealed firearms by nonresidents (see H.R. 38), H545 [14JA]

Foreign trade: authorize the President to take certain actions relative to reciprocal trade to encourage other nations to reduce tariffs (see H.R. 764), H1210 [24JA]

Religion: ensure organizations with religious or moral convictions are allowed to provide child welfare services (see H.R. 897), H1334 [30JA]


Agriculture, rural development, FDA, and related agencies programs: making appropriations (H.R. 265), H397 [10JA]


Agriculture, rural development, FDA, and related agencies programs: making appropriations, H184 [3JA]

——— making appropriations (H.R. 265), H389, H394, H395 [10JA]

——— making appropriations (H.R. 265), motion to recommit, H397 [10JA]

Appropriations: making consolidated appropriations (H.R. 648), H1152 [23JA]

——— making continuing, H633 [16JA]

——— making continuing (H.J. Res. 27), H557 [15JA]

——— making continuing (H.J. Res. 28), H690 [17JA]

——— making continuing (H.R. 21), H184 [3JA]

Dept. of Agriculture: ReConnect Program funding to improve broadband access in rural areas, H397 [10JA]

Dept. of Homeland Security: making continuing appropriations (H.J. Res. 31), H1179 [24JA]

Dept. of the Interior, environment, and related agencies: making appropriations (H.R. 266), H489 [11JA]

Disasters: making supplemental appropriations for disaster relief (H.R. 268), H633 [16JA]

Government: shutdown relative to budget process, H184 [3JA], H390, H394, H395 [10JA], H489 [11JA], H557 [15JA], H690 [17JA], H1152 [23JA], H1179 [24JA]

Immigration: proposed construction of continuous wall or fence along southern U.S. border, H184 [3JA], H390 [10JA], H690 [17JA], H1179 [24JA]

——— secure the border between the U.S. and Mexico, H395 [10JA], H1152 [23JA], H1179 [24JA]

Science, Depts. of Justice and Commerce, and related agencies: making appropriations, H1152 [23JA]


Oswalt, William, E14• [8JA]