ADERHOLT, ROBERT B. (a Representative from Alabama)

ADERHOLT, ROBERT B. (a Representative from Alabama)


Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, H7491 [6AU]

U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission, H3090 [4AP]

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

Abortion: commemorate anniversary of, and express that the Mexico City policy, relative to limiting U.S. foreign aid from being spent on promotion or provision of abortion services, should be permanently codified (see H. Con. Res. 58), H7500 [13AU]

——— prohibit abortion in cases where a fetal heartbeat is detectable (see H.R. 490), H517 [11JA]

——— prohibit certain abortion-related discrimination in government activities (see H.R. 2014), H2938 [1AP]

——— prohibit taxpayer funded abortions (see H.R. 20), H2647 [11MR]

——— protect pain-capable unborn children (see H.R. 784), H1494 [8FE]

——— require health care practitioners to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion (see H.R. 962), H1465 [7FE]

Alcoholic beverages: reform taxation (see H.R. 1175), H4181 [30MY]

China: condemn persecution of Christians (see H. Res. 493), H7245 [23JY]

Crime: prevent prisoners convicted of terrorism related offenses from being eligible for early release (see H.R. 2957), H4218 [3JN]

Dept. of HHS: prohibit Federal family planning grants from being awarded to any entity that performs abortions (see H.R. 296), H282 [8JA]

Dept. of State: eliminate Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (see H.R. 479), H1218 [25JA]

Depts. of the Interior and Agriculture: develop domestic sources of minerals and mineral materials of strategic and critical importance to economic and national security and manufacturing competitiveness of the U.S. (see H.R. 2531), H4182 [30MY]

Diseases and disorders: issue semipostal stamp to support breast cancer research (see H.R. 2689), H3787 [14MY]

FCC: improve enforcement and enhance penalties for violations involving illegal robocalls (see H.R. 2015), H3477 [7MY]

Firearms: permit States to provide reciprocal treatment for carrying of certain concealed firearms by nonresidents (see H.R. 38), H545 [14JA]

——— remove silencers from definition of firearms relative to taxation, registration, and transfer laws (see H.R. 155), H3304 [29AP]

——— update certain procedures applicable to commerce in firearms and remove certain Federal restrictions on interstate firearms transactions (see H.R. 2443), H4218 [3JN]

Foreign policy: promote international efforts in combating corruption, kleptocracy, and illicit finance by foreign officials and other foreign persons, including through a new anti-corruption action fund (see H.R. 3843), H7150 [18JY]

Foreign trade: authorize the President to take certain actions relative to reciprocal trade to encourage other nations to reduce tariffs (see H.R. 764), H1210 [24JA]

Green New Deal: express that implementation would negatively impact civil liberties and the economy, many proposals are unrelated to climate change, and it would usher in socialist policies (see H. Res. 398), H4119 [22MY]

Immigration: ban Federal funding to sanctuary jurisdictions that interfere with enforcement of Federal immigration law (see H.R. 153), H4772 [18JN]

——— close loopholes in immigration laws that serve as incentives to aliens to attempt to enter the U.S. unlawfully (see H.R. 586), H3476 [7MY]

——— criminalize overstaying a visa (see H.R. 147), H4772 [18JN]

——— reform policies relative to family-sponsored immigrants and reduce the number of such immigrants (see H.R. 891), H2102 [25FE]

Iran: condemn state-sponsored terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens and officials and Iranian dissidents and recognize right of Iranian people to establish a democratic, secular, and non-nuclear republic (see H. Res. 374), H4182 [30MY]

——— expand sanctions relative to ballistic missile program and impose additional sanctions relative to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (see H.R. 2118), H3267 [12AP]

——— impose additional sanctions relative to serious human rights abuses, censorship, diversion of goods, corruption, and hostage-taking (see H.R. 194), H2796 [25MR]

Iraq: support secure return of minority communities displaced by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) (terrorist organization) and development of plan for stabilization and security of affected regions (see H. Res. 259), H3342 [30AP]

Israel: oppose global boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement, urge negotiated solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and support U.S.-Israel scientific and technological cooperation in civilian areas (see H. Res. 246), H5261 [27JN]

Jews: reject anti-Israel and anti-Semitic hatred (see H. Res. 72), H2616 [8MR]

Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of: call for dismantling of labor camp system, investigate crimes against humanity, end human rights abuses, and allow monitoring of prisoner rehabilitation (see H. Res. 141), H2317 [28FE]

McAuliffe, Christa: mint commemorative coins with proceeds from sales going to For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) (organization) Robotics program (see H.R. 500), H3259 [10AP]

Medicare: provide coverage of certain lymphedema compression treatment items as items of durable medical equipment (see H.R. 1948), H5913 [16JY]

——— waive coinsurance for colorectal cancer screening tests, regardless of whether therapeutic intervention is required during the screening (see H.R. 1570), H7161 [22JY]

Middle East: improve defense and security assistance to Israel and Jordan, halt human rights abuses and hold abusers accountable in Syria, and allow countering of anti-Israel boycotts, divestments, or sanctions (see H.R. 336), H3266 [12AP]

NASA: award Congressional Gold Medals to Katherine Johnson and Christine Darden and posthumously to Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson for contributions during the ‘‘Space Race’’ (see H.R. 1396), H5007 [20JN]

National Day of Prayer: anniversary (see H. Res. 334), H3340 [30AP]

National Law Enforcement Museum: mint coins in commemoration of opening (see H.R. 1865), H7497 [9AU]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: repeal excise tax on high cost employer-sponsored health coverage (see H.R. 748), H4217 [3JN]

Public welfare programs: require State agencies to use Federal tax return information to verify income eligibility for Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (see H.R. 1495), H2365 [5MR]

Religion: ensure organizations with religious or moral convictions are allowed to provide child welfare services (see H.R. 897), H1334 [30JA]

Sri Lanka: condemn terrorist attacks and offer condolences to victims, observe anniversary and address root causes of civil war, protect vulnerable communities, and acknowledge importance of long-term political settlement (see H. Res. 346), H3405 [1MY]

Taxation: exclude from gross income certain amounts realized on the disposition of property raised or produced by a student farmer (see H.R. 1770), H2763 [21MR]

——— repeal excise tax on medical devices (see H.R. 2207), H3252 [10AP]

Tobacco products: clarify FDA jurisdiction over certain tobacco products and protect jobs and small businesses involved in the sale, manufacturing, and distribution of cigars (see H.R. 1854), H3271 [15AP]

Turkey: limit transfer of F–35 aircraft pending certification that Turkey will not accept delivery of air defense system from Russia (see H.R. 3263), H4694 [13JN]

Ukraine: support defense of independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity (see H.R. 3047), H4219 [3JN]

United Kingdom: recognize self determination of Gibraltar to determine its status as a British Overseas Territory (see H. Res. 174), H4172 [24MY]

World War II: award a Congressional Gold Medal to U.S. merchant mariners of World War II (see H.R. 550), H5168 [25JN]

Bills and resolutions introduced

FDA: raise minimum age restriction relative to sale of tobacco products and require age verification for online sales of vaping products (see H.R. 2084), H3099 [4AP]

Constitutional authority statements

FDA: raise minimum age restriction relative to sale of tobacco products and require age verification for online sales of vaping products (H.R. 2084), H3100 [4AP]


Agriculture, rural development, FDA, and related agencies programs: making appropriations (H.R. 265), H397 [10JA]


Abortion: require health care practitioners to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion (H.R. 962), unanimous-consent request, H3363 [1MY]

Agriculture, rural development, FDA, and related agencies programs: making appropriations, H184 [3JA]

——— making appropriations (H.R. 265), H389, H394, H395 [10JA]

——— making appropriations (H.R. 265), motion to recommit, H397 [10JA]

Appropriations: making consolidated appropriations (H.R. 648), H1152 [23JA]

——— making continuing, H633 [16JA]

——— making continuing (H.J. Res. 27), H557 [15JA]

——— making continuing (H.J. Res. 28), H690 [17JA]

——— making continuing (H.R. 21), H184 [3JA]

Azerbaijan: independence anniversary, E697• [3JN]

Bureau of Prisons: funding to address impact of solitary confinement on prisoners with mental health issues, H4937 [20JN]

Bureau of the Census: ensure compliance with existing law relative to sharing of individualized census data across Federal agenices and penalize disclosure of information by census employees, H4930 [20JN]

——— prohibit funding to include any question in the decennial census that was not included in the Providence County, RI, End-to-End Census Test, H4887 [19JN]

——— prohibit funding to share collected data with other Federal agencies in contravention of confidentiality policies, H4893 [19JN]

Dept. of Agriculture: ReConnect Program funding to improve broadband access in rural areas, H397 [10JA]

Dept. of Commerce: International Trade Administration antidumping and countervailing duty trade remedy enforcement funding, H4892 [19JN]

Dept. of Homeland Security: making continuing appropriations (H.J. Res. 31), H1179 [24JA]

Dept. of Justice: Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program funding, H4936 [20JN]

——— prohibit funding for adoptive seizures through the Assets Forfeiture Fund, H4889 [19JN]

——— prohibit funding for litigation on constitutionality of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, H4940 [20JN]

——— prohibit funding to enforce zero tolerance policy that prosecutes all adults entering the U.S. illegally and leads to family separation for parents attempting to enter with children, H4932 [20JN]

——— prohibit funding to interfere in marijuana policy of States, District of Columbia, and U.S. territories, H4891 [19JN]

——— sexual assault kit processing funding, H4938 [20JN]

——— Youth PROMISE local delinquency prevention grant funding through reductions in U.S. Marshals Service Federal Prisoner Detention funding, H4889 [19JN]

Dept. of the Interior, environment, and related agencies: making appropriations (H.R. 266), H489 [11JA]

Depts. of Commerce, Justice, Agriculture, Interior, Transportation, HUD, and VA, FDA, EPA, science, and military construction: making appropriations (H.R. 3055), H4798, H4879, H4885, H4887, H4888, H4889, H4891, H4892, H4893 [19JN], H4930, H4932, H4935, H4936, H4937, H4938, H4940 [20JN]

Disasters: making supplemental appropriations for disaster relief (H.R. 268), H633 [16JA]

Government: shutdown relative to budget process, H184 [3JA], H390, H394, H395 [10JA], H489 [11JA], H557 [15JA], H690 [17JA], H1152 [23JA], H1179 [24JA]

Haleyville, AL: anniversary of Lakeland Community Hospital, E609• [16MY]

Hope for Gabe Foundation: tribute to Ride4Gabe to create awareness for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, E996• [25JY]

Immigration: proposed construction of continuous wall or fence along southern U.S. border, H184 [3JA], H390 [10JA], H690 [17JA], H1179 [24JA]

——— secure the border between the U.S. and Mexico, H395 [10JA], H1152 [23JA], H1179 [24JA]

NASA: anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon landing and tribute to crew and support staff, H4888 [19JN], H5923• [17JY]

——— National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program funding, H4935 [20JN]

——— Orion (spacecraft) facilities maintenance funding, H4879 [19JN]

Parliamentary inquiry, H4895 [19JN]

Science, Depts. of Justice and Commerce, and related agencies: making appropriations, H1152 [23JA]

Trump, President: terminate declared national emergency to obtain funding for construction of a continuous wall or fence along southern U.S. border (H.J. Res. 46), H2133 [26FE]


Filgo, J. Frank, E988• [25JY]

Minor, Jodie W., Jr., E346• [25MR]

Oswalt, William, E14• [8JA]

Rutherford, Loyd, E367• [28MR]