Bills and resolutions

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: repeal oil and gas program (see H.R. 1146), H1517 [11FE]

Courts: appoint additional Federal circuit judges and divide the ninth judicial circuit into two circuits (see H.R. 78), H203 (see H.R. 215), H209 [3JA]

Dept. of HHS: authorize advance appropriations for the Indian Health Service by providing a 2-fiscal-year budget authority (see H.R. 1135), H1492 [8FE]

Dept. of Justice: review, revise, and develop law enforcement and justice protocols to address missing and murdered Native Americans (see S. 227), S680 [25JA]

EPA: revise regulations to prevent catastrophic failure or shutdown of remote diesel power engines in Alaska due to emission control devices (see S. 163), S274 [16JA] (see H.R. 422), H358 [9JA]

National Tribal Colleges and Universities Week: designate (see S. Res. 37), S800 [31JA] (see H. Res. 104), H1391 [6FE]

Native Americans: convey certain property to Tanana Tribal Council and Bristol Bay Area Health Corp. (see S. 224), S586 [24JA] (see H.R. 933), H1336 [30JA]

——— provide for advancements in public safety services to Indian communities (see S. 210), S586 [24JA]

Statehood; anniversary (see H. Res. 21), H211 [3JA]

Remarks in Senate

National Tribal Colleges and Universities Week: designate (S. Res. 37), S815 [31JA]

Reports filed

Alaska Remote Generator Reliability and Protection Act: Committee on Environment and Public Works (Senate) (S. 163), S866 [5FE]

Texts of

S. Res. 37, National Tribal Colleges and Universities Week, S811 [31JA]


Murkowski, Senator, S159 [11JA]

Young, Representative, H6 [3JA]