ALLEN, RICK W. (a Representative from Georgia)

ALLEN, RICK W. (a Representative from Georgia)


Reading of U.S. Constitution, H1164 [23JA]


Depts. of Commerce, Justice, Agriculture, Interior, Transportation, HUD, and VA, FDA, EPA, science, and military construction: making appropriations (H.R. 3055), H5012 [21JN]

Depts. of Labor, HHS, Education, Defense, and State, foreign operations, and energy and water development: making appropriations (H.R. 2740), H4685, H4686 [13JN], H4711 [18JN]

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

Abortion: commemorate anniversary of, and express that the Mexico City policy relative to limiting U.S. foreign aid from being spent on promotion or provision of abortion services, should be permanently codified (see H. Con. Res. 58), H7500 [13AU]

——— ensure that a woman seeking a chemical abortion is informed that it may be possible to reverse the intended effects of the abortion if the woman changes her mind (see H.R. 2010), H3102 [4AP]

——— prohibit abortion in cases where a fetal heartbeat is detectable (see H.R. 490), H517 [11JA]

——— prohibit certain abortion-related discrimination in government activities (see H.R. 2014), H2938 [1AP]

——— prohibit discrimination against the unborn on the basis of sex (see H.R. 2373), H3283 [25AP]

——— prohibit dismemberment abortions (see H.R. 956), H1349 [4FE]

——— prohibit Federal funding to entities that do not certify they will not perform, or provide any funding to any other entity that performs, abortions (see H.R. 833), H1282 [29JA]

——— prohibit taxpayer funded abortions (see H.R. 20), H715 [17JA]

——— protect lives of born and unborn persons (see H.R. 616), H675 [16JA]

——— protect pain-capable unborn children (see H.R. 784), H1211 [24JA]

——— require health care practitioners to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion (see H.R. 962), H1361 [5FE]

Agriculture: combat unfair trade practices affecting core seasonal industries by allowing producers to bring trade cases if they can prove illegal seasonal dumping of products by foreign producers (see H.R. 101), H3101 [4AP]

Appropriations: eliminate unauthorized spending on Federal programs and establish Spending Accountability Commission (see H.R. 2505), H4175 [28MY]

Armed Forces: remove prohibition on eligibility for TRICARE Reserve Select of members of Reserve components who are eligible to enroll in certain health benefits plans (see H.R. 613), H8199 [16OC]

Aviation: withhold Federal grants from airports that violate grant agreements by discriminating against an air carrier operating pursuant to Federal contract (see H.R. 2955), H4161 [23MY]

Budget: constitutional amendment to require balanced (see H.J. Res. 22), H284 [8JA]

Bureau of the Census: require any questionnaire used in determining the decennial census of population shall contain an option for respondents to indicate citizenship status or lawful presence in the U.S. (see H.R. 1320), H2046 [22FE]

CBO: make publicly available fiscal and mathematical models, data, and other details of computations used in cost analysis and scoring (see H.R. 1077), H1460 [7FE]

Charities: allow charitable organizations to make statements on political campaigns if such statements are made in the ordinary course of carrying out its tax-exempt purpose (see H.R. 949), H1394 [6FE]

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act: reauthorize (see H.R. 2480), H3793 [14MY]

Colleges and universities: protect freedom of speech, thought, and expression (see H. Res. 191), H2584 [7MR]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: bring into the regular appropriations process (see H.R. 969), H1361 [5FE]

Courts: restrict Federal court jurisdiction over abortion-related cases by establishing that human life begins at fertilization (see H.R. 305), H282 [8JA]

Crime: prohibit taking minors across State lines to avoid State laws requiring parental notification of abortions (see H.R. 611), H1363 [5FE]

——— prohibit unlawful disposal in landfills or navigable waters of fetal remains resulting from an abortion (see H.R. 671), H1214 [24JA]

Dept. of Education: allow parents of eligible military dependent children to redirect a portion of their per pupil Impact Aid Program allocations to establish Military Education Savings Accounts (see H.R. 1605), H7529 [30AU]

Dept. of HHS: prohibit certain research on human fetal tissue obtained pursuant to an abortion (see H.R. 437), H1363 [5FE] (see H.R. 573), H601 [15JA]

——— prohibit Federal family planning grants from being awarded to any entity that performs abortions (see H.R. 296), H361 [9JA]

Dept. of Homeland Security: grant authority to waive environmental reviews required by certain legislation for purpose of construction of physical barriers along the southern border (see H.R. 1732), H4314 [4JN]

——— waive certain environmental requirements to permit searches for unlawful border crossing tunnels on private land to prevent the illegal entry of aliens into the U.S. (see H.R. 3968), H8145 [15OC]

Dept. of Justice: establish a grant program to encourage schools to conduct independent facility security risk assessments and make hard security improvements (see H.R. 3665), H7162 [22JY]

——— establish Interdiction for the Protection of Child Victims of Exploitation and Human Trafficking Program to train officers to identify and assist victims of child exploitation and human trafficking (see H.R. 836), H7536 [6SE]

Dept. of State: eliminate Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (see H.R. 479), H1172 [23JA]

Dept. of the Interior: authorize a National Heritage Area Program (see H.R. 1049), H1459 [7FE]

Dept. of the Treasury: accept public donations to fund construction of a barrier on the border between the U.S. and Mexico (see H.R. 32), H520 [11JA]

Dept. of Transportation: issue regulations allowing qualified drivers under the age of 21 who complete a vehicle operation and mentor-apprentice training program to move freight across State lines (see H.R. 1374), H7525 [27AU]

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: enforce licensure requirement for medical providers (see H.R. 3530), H7501 [13AU]

——— provide certain employees of Members of Congress and certain State or local government employees with access to case-tracking information (see H.R. 628), H998 [22JA]

——— provide inscriptions for veterans’ spouses and children on certain headstones and markers (see H.R. 1126), H1492 [8FE]

——— repeal requirement for reduction of survivor annuities under the Survivor Benefit Plan to offset the receipt of veterans’ dependency and indemnity compensation (see H.R. 553), H1285 [29JA]

District of Columbia: reauthorize funding for public schools, charter schools, and the Opportunity Scholarship Program providing private school vouchers (see H.R. 787), H1211 [24JA]

Egypt: enact reforms to ensure Coptic Christians have the same rights and opportunities as other Egyptian citizens and take steps to end attacks on Christians (see H. Res. 49), H1465 [7FE]

Employment: make E-verify program for employment eligibility confirmation permanent and mandatory (see H.R. 250), H7665 [11SE]

English language: reaffirm as official language of U.S., establish uniform English language rule for naturalization, and avoid misconstructions of English language texts of U.S. laws (see H.R. 997), H1390 [6FE]

FAA: provide funding from Airport and Airway Trust Fund for FAA activities in the event of a Government shutdown (see H.R. 1108), H4389 [10JN]

FCC: clarify prohibitions on making robocalls (see H.R. 3375), H5169 [25JN]

FDA: improve regulation of abortion drugs by prohibiting approval of new drugs, preventing labeling changes of existing drugs, and preventing providers from dispensing drugs remotely, by mail, or telemedicine (see H.R. 4399), H7834 [19SE]

Federal agencies and departments: require the appropriation of funds to use a fee, fine, penalty, or proceeds received from a settlement (see H.R. 850), H1283 [29JA]

Federal employees: provide for an alternative removal for performance or misconduct, reduce benefits of employees convicted of certain crimes, and extend probationary periods (see H.R. 3348), H4917 [19JN]

——— provide for forfeiture of Federal retirement benefits for employees convicted of certain crimes relative to the sexual abuse of children (see H.R. 3816), H7512 [20AU]

Firearms: enhance penalties for certain thefts of a firearm from a Federal firearms licensee and establish a Mass Violence Prevention Center (see H.R. 1339), H2797 [25MR]

——— more comprehensively address the interstate transportation of firearms or ammunition (see H.R. 175), H7711 [13SE]

——— permit States to provide reciprocal treatment for carrying of certain concealed firearms by nonresidents (see H.R. 38), H361 [9JA]

——— update certain procedures applicable to commerce in firearms and remove certain Federal restrictions on interstate firearms transactions (see H.R. 2443), H4345 [5JN]

Fort Frederica National Monument: adjust boundary (see H.R. 114), H1285 [29JA]

FRS: require an audit of the Board of Governors and Federal Reserve banks (see H.R. 24), H201 [3JA]

Green New Deal: express that implementation would negatively impact civil liberties and the economy, many proposals are unrelated to climate change, and it would usher in socialist policies (see H. Res. 398), H4315 [4JN]

Health: ensure coverage for preexisting conditions and guarantee coverage in individual and group markets contingent on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act repeal (see H.R. 692), H1494 [8FE]

——— protect patients from surprise medical bills (see H.R. 3502), H7153 [18JY]

House Rules: require a specific oath be administered to any witness appearing before a committee (see H. Res. 110), H2103 [25FE]

Immigration: ban Federal funding to sanctuary jurisdictions that interfere with enforcement of Federal immigration law (see H.R. 516), H1586 [13FE]

——— clarify classes of individuals born in the U.S. who are nationals and citizens of the U.S. at birth (see H.R. 140), H465 [10JA]

——— clarify definition of sanctuary jurisdictions, provide civil remedies for victims of crimes committed by individuals benefitting from a sanctuary policy, and withhold grant funding from such jurisdictions (see H.R. 3964), H7867 [20SE]

——— close loopholes in immigration laws that serve as incentives to aliens to attempt to enter the U.S. unlawfully (see H.R. 586), H3681 [9MY]

——— create a nonimmigrant H-2C work visa program (see H.R. 1740), H3220 [9AP]

——— provide appropriations to secure the border between the U.S. and Mexico (see H.R. 796), H2035 [14FE]

Israel: affirm benefits of U.S.-Israel economic relationship, include science and technology innovation in continued cooperation, and encourage expansion of economic dialogue (see H. Res. 324), H3275 [18AP]

——— oppose global boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement, urge negotiated solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and support U.S.-Israel scientific and technological cooperation in civilian areas (see H. Res. 246), H2888 [27MR]

Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of: call for dismantling of labor camp system, investigate crimes against humanity, end human rights abuses, and allow monitoring of prisoner rehabilitation (see H. Res. 141), H2317 [28FE]

Labor unions: protect the free choice of individual employees relative to participation in labor organizations (see H.R. 1855), H2795 [25MR] (see H.R. 2571), H3499 [8MY]

LeMond, Greg: award Congressional Gold Medal (see H.R. 3589), H7162 [22JY]

McAuliffe, Christa: mint commemorative coins with proceeds from sales going to For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) (organization) Robotics program (see H.R. 500), H2828 [26MR]

Medicaid: allow for greater State flexibility relative to excluding providers who are involved in abortions (see H.R. 888), H1334 [30JA]

——— authorize States to provide ‘‘swipe cards’’ to recipients with funds designated for medical expenses, provide earned income tax credit for unused funds, and enroll patients in a catastrophic plan (see H.R. 2715), H5913 [16JY]

——— require States report abortion data to CDC to receive certain family planning funding (see H.R. 3580), H5586 [10JY]

——— require States to report information on payments to abortion providers (see H.R. 708), H1173 [23JA]

Medicare: prohibit prescription drug plan sponsors and Medicare Advantage prescription drug organizations from retroactively reducing payment on clean claims submitted by pharmacies (see H.R. 803), H4011 [20MY]

——— require drug price concessions, incentive payments, and adjustments to be included in negotiated prices at the point-of-sale under part D (see H.R. 1034), H7161 [22JY]

Members of Congress: constitutional amendment to limit terms (see H.J. Res. 20), H361 [9JA]

Nancy Reagan Memorial Park, Arlington County, VA: designate (see H.R. 308), H1350 [4FE]

National Day of Prayer: anniversary (see H. Res. 334), H3443 [2MY]

National Law Enforcement Museum: mint coins in commemoration of opening (see H.R. 1865), H4390 [10JN]

National Park Service: establish, fund, and provide for use of amounts in a National Park Service Legacy Restoration Fund to address the maintenance backlog (see H.R. 1225), H2029 [14FE]

Native Americans: clarify rights of Indians and tribes on Indian lands under the National Labor Relations Act (see H.R. 779), H1211 [24JA]

Nuclear Waste Policy Act: amend (see H.R. 2699), H3787 [14MY]

Older Americans Act: authorize appropriations (see H.R. 4334), H8083 [27SE]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: repeal excise tax on high cost employer-sponsored health coverage (see H.R. 748), H1343 [31JA]

Pelosi, Speaker: expel from the House of Representatives (see H. Res. 620), H8101 [8OC]

Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.: provide for a moratorium on Federal funding relative to provision of abortion services and increase funding for other women’s health care service providers (see H.R. 369), H603 [15JA]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness Month: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 146), H2757 [18MR]

Radio: oppose new fees, taxes, royalties, or charges on local, over the air, radio stations (see H. Con. Res. 20), H2042 [19FE]

Religion: ensure organizations with religious or moral convictions are allowed to provide child welfare services (see H.R. 897), H1334 [30JA]

Research: intensify stem cell research showing evidence of substantial clinical benefit to patients (see H.R. 64), H1518 [11FE]

Schiff, Representative: condemn and censure relative to remarks during hearing on whistleblower complaint against President Trump and alleged collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia (see H. Res. 604), H8103 [8OC] (see H. Res. 630), H8201 [16OC]

SSA: modernize classification of disability beneficiaries, provide assistance in obtaining rehabilitative services, and incentivize returning to work for beneficiaries who have recovered (see H.R. 3566), H5257 [27JN]

Taxation: establish tax credits to encourage individual and corporate taxpayers to contribute to scholarships for elementary and secondary students through eligible scholarship-granting organizations (see H.R. 1434), H2312 [28FE]

——— impose Federal taxes on bonds used to provide facilities owned by abortion providers (see H.R. 219), H361 [9JA]

——— make members of health care sharing ministries eligible to establish health savings accounts (see H.R. 2177), H3216 [9AP]

——— oppose Federal efforts to establish a carbon tax on fuels for electricity and transportation (see H. Con. Res. 41), H4168 [23MY]

——— permanently extend the railroad track maintenance credit (see H.R. 510), H3681 [9MY]

——— provide a child tax credit for pregnant moms for unborn children if such children are born and issued Social Security numbers before the due date for return of tax for the taxable year (see H.R. 2266), H3407 [1MY]

——— provide a special rule for certain casualty losses of uncut timber (see H.R. 1444), H3070 [3AP]

——— provide deduction for certain charity care provided by physicians (see H.R. 856), H1283 [29JA]

——— provide that amounts paid for an abortion are not taken into account for purposes of deduction for medical expenses (see H.R. 2742), H4218 [3JN]

——— repeal estate and generation-skipping taxes (see H.R. 218), H361 [9JA]

——— repeal excise tax on medical devices (see H.R. 2207), H3252 [10AP]

——— treat certain amounts paid for physical activity, fitness, and exercise as amounts paid for medical care (see H.R. 1679), H5305 [9JY]

Trafficking Victims Protection Act: include efforts to combat financial criminal activity within factors considered as indicia of serious and sustained efforts to eliminate severe forms of trafficking in persons (see H.R. 2149), H7904 [24SE]

Unemployment: require substance abuse risk assessment and targeted drug testing as a condition for receipt of unemployment compensation (see H.R. 1121), H1491 [8FE]

World War II: mint coins in honor of anniversary of end of war (see H.R. 3155), H4698 [13JN]

Bills and resolutions introduced

Augusta University: anniversary of Dental College of Georgia (see H. Res. 247), H2761 [21MR]

Immigration: reform H–2A program for nonimmigrant agricultural workers (see H.R. 60), H203 [3JA]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: require States awarded grants to establish an exchange and that terminate such exchange provide an audit of use of grant funds and return funds to Federal Government (see H.R. 59), H203 [3JA]

Constitutional authority statements

Immigration: reform H–2A program for nonimmigrant agricultural workers (H.R. 60), H212 [3JA]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: require States awarded grants to establish an exchange and that terminate such exchange provide an audit of use of grant funds and return funds to Federal Government (H.R. 59), H212 [3JA]

Pledge of Allegiance 

House of Representatives, H1532 [13FE]


Abortion: pro choice versus right to life, H705 [17JA]

——— require health care practitioners to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion (H.R. 962), H1565 [13FE]

——— require health care practitioners to exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion (H.R. 962), unanimous-consent request, H2781 [25MR]

Atlanta, GA: tribute to Lakeside High School National Science Bowl team, H3297 [29AP]

Augusta National, Inc.: tribute to Masters Tournament, H3120 [8AP]

Budget: deficit, H3833 [15MY]

Chicken of the Sea International (company): anniversary of Lyons, GA, facility, E1167• [18SE]

Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act: reauthorize (H.R. 2480), H3998 [20MY]

Civil rights: improve remedies for discrimination in the payment of wages based on sex (H.R. 7), H2853 [27MR]

Democracy: improve access to voting and protect election integrity, strengthen Government ethics laws, reform political campaign finance system, and support statehood for the District of Columbia (H.R. 1), H2276 [28FE], H2515 [7MR]

Dept. of HHS: establish Fair Price Negotiation Program to reduce drug prices, penalize companies that refuse to negotiate, and prevent excessive price increases and establish out-of-pocket caps for Medicare (H.R. 3), H8252 [18OC]

Dept. of Homeland Security: increase transparency, accountability, and community engagement, provide independent border security oversight, and improve training of border security agents and officers (H.R. 2203), H8042 [26SE]

——— require U.S. Customs and Border Protection establishment of uniform and improved processes for performance of initial health screenings of individuals interdicted between ports of entry (H.R. 3525), H8042 [26SE]

Dept. of State: expand opportunities for veteran-owned and service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses to compete for grants and contracts, H4686 [13JN]

Dept. of State, foreign operations, and related programs: across-the-board funding reduction, H4685, H4686 [13JN]

Dept. of the Treasury: establish a Pension Rehabilitation Administration to make loans to multiemployer defined benefit plans from a Pension Rehabilitation Trust Fund (H.R. 397), H7326 [24JY]

Depts. of Commerce, Justice, Agriculture, Interior, Transportation, HUD, and VA, FDA, EPA, science, and military construction: making appropriations (H.R. 3055), H5014 [21JN]

Depts. of Labor, HHS, Education, Defense, and State, foreign operations, and energy and water development: making appropriations (H.R. 2740), H4685, H4686 [13JN]

Disasters: making supplemental appropriations for disaster relief (H.R. 268), H3191 [9AP]

Fort Gordon, GA: cyber instructional facility construction funding, H5014 [21JN]

Government: shutdown relative to budget process, H539 [14JA]

House of Representatives: appreciation of opportunity to serve, H1271 [29JA]

——— impact of partisanship, H8042 [26SE]

——— legislative priorities, H7587 [10SE]

——— require all impeachment inquiry related hearings, interviews, communications, document production and examination, proceedings, and other related work shall be done in an open and public setting, H8379 [22OC]

Immigration: proposed construction of continuous wall or fence along southern U.S. border, H539 [14JA]

——— secure the border between the U.S. and Mexico, H539 [14JA], H1436 [7FE]

March for Life: commend marchers and recognize the right to life, H705 [17JA]

Martinez, GA: tribute to Stallings Island Middle School National Science Bowl team, H3297 [29AP]

Medicare: require drug price concessions, incentive payments, and adjustments to be included in negotiated prices at the point-of-sale under part D, H3659 [9MY]

Minimum wage: increase (H.R. 582), H1532 [13FE], H7104 [18JY]

National Agriculture Week: observance, H2655 [12MR]

National Charter Schools Week: observance, H3775 [14MY]

National Day of Prayer: observance, H3409 [2MY]

National School Choice Week: observance, H1161 [23JA]

Nuclear Waste Policy Act: amend, H4297 [4JN]

Older Americans Act: authorize appropriations (H.R. 4334), H7818 [19SE]

Pharmaceuticals: implement strategy to reduce prescription drug prices, H3659 [9MY]

Power resources: national energy policy, H7232 [23JY]

——— role of U.S. as net exporter of energy sources, H7232 [23JY]

Republican Study Committee: budget priorities, H3833 [15MY]

Trump, President: evaluation of administration relative to immigration policy, H1436 [7FE]

U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA): ratify, H7840 [20SE]

Woods, Eldrick T. (Tiger): Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, H3465• [7MY]


Darby, Lloyd, III, H2818 [26MR]