Bills and resolutions

Enact (see S. 2302), S5141 [29JY]


Provisions: American Council of Engineering Companies of North Dakota, S5234 [31JY]

——— Bernie L. Dardis, West Fargo, ND, Board of City Commissioners, S5234 [31JY]

——— Brenda E. Derrig, Fargo, ND, City Engineer, S5233 [31JY]

——— Brian Ritter, Bismarck-Mandan, ND, Chamber of Commerce, S5235 [31JY]

——— Dave Carlsrud, Mayor of Valley City, ND, S5234 [31JY]

——— Fargo-Moorhead, ND, Metropolitan Council of Governments, S5233 [31JY]

——— Michael R. Brown, Mayor of Grand Forks, ND, S5234 [31JY]

——— Russ Hanson, Associated General Contractors of North Dakota, S5233 [31JY]

——— Thomas K. Sorel and Doug Burgum, North Dakota Dept. of Transportation, S5233 [31JY]


Provisions: Jason Benson, Cass County, ND, Engineer, S5234 [31JY]

Remarks in Senate

Dept. of Transportation: accelerate completion of Appalachian development highway system by facilitating exchanges between States with unspent balances of targeted funds to States that lack funding, S5172 [30JY]

——— establish a competitive grant program to repair, improve, rehabilitate, or replace bridges and improve safety, efficiency, and reliability of movement of people and freight over bridge crossings, S5172 [30JY]

Enact (S. 2302), S5135, S5143–S5146 [29JY], S5172, S5173 [30JY], S5209, S5211, S5232 [31JY]

EPA: support carbon utilization and direct air capture research and facilitate permitting and development of carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration projects and carbon dioxide pipelines, S5172, S5173 [30JY]

Reports filed

Provisions: Committee on Environment and Public Works (Senate) (S. 2302), S5310 [1AU]