AMERICAN REVOLUTION related term(s) War

AMERICAN REVOLUTION related term(s) War

Bills and resolutions

Dept. of the Interior: conduct a special resource study of the site of Kettle Creek Battlefield in Wilkes County, GA, and adjacent property (see H.R. 306), H282 [8JA]

Flag—U.S.: recognize historic, cultural, and political significance of ‘‘Betsy Ross Flag’’ (see H. Res. 485), H5774 [12JY]

Historic buildings and sites: provide for public and private sector partnerships to preserve, conserve, and enhance visitor experiences at significant battlefields of the American Revolution, War of 1812, and Civil War (see S. 225), S586 [24JA] (see H.R. 307), H282 [8JA]

Southern Campaign of the Revolution National Heritage Corridor: establish (see S. 2436), S5311 [1AU] (see H.R. 3936), H7376 [24JY]

Remarks in House

Independence Day: observance, H5731 [12JY]

Saratoga, NY: dedication of Saratoga Surrender Site Memorial Park in honor of British surrender to American troops in 1777, E1301 [17OC]

Remarks in Senate

Independence Day: observance, S4601 [27JN], S4683 [8JY]

Rhode Island: observance of Gaspee Days, S3278 [10JN]