Bills and resolutions

Arctic Ocean: prohibit drilling (see S. 1523), S2924 [16MY] (see H.R. 309), H282 [8JA]

Arctic Research Commission: modify membership (see S. 1179), S2434 [11AP]

Coast Guard: provide acquisition requirements for Polar Security Cutters (see H.R. 1822), H2754 [18MR]

Dept. of Homeland Security: establish Arctic Executive Steering Committee (see S. 1179), S2434 [11AP]

Dept. of State: establish a U.S. Ambassador at Large for Arctic Affairs (see H.R. 3493), H5199 [26JN]

——— establish positions of Climate Security Envoy and Special Representative for the Arctic and outline policies on relationship between climate change and national security (see S. 745), S1792 [12MR]

Shipping industry: establish a congressionally chartered seaway development corporation (see S. 1177), S2434 [11AP] (see H.R. 3020), H4164 [23MY]

Remarks in Senate

Climate: effects of climate change, S4896–S4901 [17JY]

Foreign policy: develop comprehensive policy to protect interests, S3079–S3081 [23MY]