AXNE, CYNTHIA (a Representative from Iowa)

AXNE, CYNTHIA (a Representative from Iowa)


Depts. of Commerce, Justice, Agriculture, Interior, Transportation, HUD, and VA, FDA, EPA, science, and military construction: making appropriations (H.R. 3055), H4941 [20JN]

Disasters: making supplemental appropriations for disaster relief (H.R. 2157), H3708, H3709 [10MY]

Violence Against Women Act: reauthorize (H.R. 1585), H3073 [4AP]

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

Abortion: limit restrictions on provision of abortion services to protect a women’s right to determine whether and when to bear a child or end a pregnancy and protect health providers ability to provide reproductive services (see H.R. 2975), H4773 [18JN]

Alcoholic beverages: reform taxation (see H.R. 1175), H2681 [12MR]

American Discovery Trail: designate (see H.R. 726), H3728 [10MY]

American Farm Bureau Federation: anniversary of national convention (see H. Res. 45), H2587 [7MR]

American Legion: allow determination of membership requirements (see H.R. 1641), H3267 [12AP]

Animal Welfare Act: require covered persons to develop and implement emergency contingency plans (see H.R. 1042), H3266 [12AP]

Animals: allow for adoption or non-laboratory placement of certain animals used in Federal research (see H.R. 2897), H5169 [25JN]

——— limit experimentation on cats (see H.R. 1622), H3305 [29AP]

——— outlaw practice of animal crushing and production or distribution of any videos depicting such acts (see H.R. 724), H1170 [23JA]

——— prohibit issuance of licenses to certain individuals connected to dealers of dogs who have had licenses revoked (see H.R. 1002), H2102 [25FE]

——— provide for humane treatment of dogs (see H.R. 2442), H5586 [10JY]

Appropriations: provide for automatic continuing resolutions (see H.R. 834), H1282 [29JA]

Armed Forces: remove prohibition on eligibility for TRICARE Reserve Select of members of Reserve components who are eligible to enroll in certain health benefits plans (see H.R. 613), H7483 [30JY]

——— require a full military honors ceremony for certain deceased veterans (see H.R. 1019), H2587 [7MR]

Bankruptcy: clarify definition of the term ‘‘family farmer’’ (see H.R. 2336), H3792 [14MY]

——— exempt certain Social Security, victims of war crimes or terrorism, and disability benefits from calculation of monthly income of veterans (see H.R. 2938), H5729 [11JY]

——— prohibit payment of bonuses to highly compensated employees and insiders of the debtor to perform services during the bankruptcy case (see H.R. 1557), H2503 [6MR]

Budget: ensure timely completion of concurrent resolution and regular appropriation bills (see H.R. 1059), H1460 [7FE]

Civil rights: improve remedies for discrimination in the payment of wages based on sex (see H.R. 7), H1331 [30JA]

Coast Guard: making continuing appropriations (see H.R. 367), H1363 [5FE]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: require to meet its statutory purpose (see H.R. 1500), H2366 [5MR]

Copyrights: establish an alternative dispute resolution program for copyright small claims (see H.R. 2426), H8299 [21OC]

Corp. for National and Community Service: authorize grant program that strengthens capacity of community development financial institutions through alignment with national service participants (see H.R. 3845), H7472 [25JY]

Courts: eliminate mandatory arbitration clauses in employment, consumer, civil rights, and antitrust cases (see H.R. 1423), H2681 [12MR]

Credit: expand access to mortgages for self-employed and other creditworthy individuals with non-traditional forms of income by expanding types of documentation used to verify income (see H.R. 2445), H7472 [25JY]

Crime: expedite disposition of animals seized in animal fighting or gambling cases to reduce time animals are held in shelters and require claimants to be responsible for cost of animal care (see H.R. 1228), H7489 [2AU]

——— provide that it is unlawful to distribute private intimate visual depictions without the person’s consent (see H.R. 2896), H7484 [30JY]

Democracy: improve access to voting and protect election integrity, strengthen Government ethics laws, reform political campaign finance system, and support statehood for the District of Columbia (see H.R. 1), H465 [10JA]

Dept. of Agriculture: allow certain producers who harvest or graze covered crops planted as a result of a prevent planting to be eligible for certain crop insurance (see H.R. 3183), H5008 [20JN]

——— allow schools to use geographic preference in order to procure locally grown, raised, and caught food (see H.R. 3220), H5586 [10JY]

——— include Rural Development Voucher Program as a covered housing program relative to Violence Against Women Act (see H.R. 1310), H2748 [14MR]

——— provide rental assistance to low-income tenants in certain multifamily rural housing projects and develop and implement a plan for preserving affordability of rural rental housing (see H.R. 3620), H5827 [15JY]

Dept. of Commerce: establish Office of Internet Connectivity and Growth (see H.R. 1328), H3305 [29AP]

Dept. of Defense: develop and implement a plan to provide chiropractic health care services and benefits as part of the TRICARE program (see H.R. 344), H3304 [29AP]

——— establish National Center for Military Painting and Applied Research (see H.R. 3181), H6001 [17JY]

——— study servicemembers’ exposure to open burn pits and toxic airborne chemicals while on active duty to ensure appropriate treatment for health effects (see H.R. 663), H4629 [12JN]

Dept. of Education: ensure that student borrowers are provided relief from their student loans in the instance of substantial misrepresentation or omission by an institution of higher education (see H.R. 3662), H5583 [10JY]

——— establish Advisory Commission on Serving and Supporting Students With Mental Health Disabilities in Institutions of Higher Education (see H.R. 3489), H7904 [24SE]

——— expand Federal Pell Grant Program eligibility to short-term job training programs (see H.R. 3497), H7666 [11SE]

——— increase civics education programs (see H.R. 849), H3963 [17MY]

——— make grants to educational organizations for Holocaust educational programs (see H.R. 943), H4171 [24MY]

——— promote community college partnerships with local industries and allow students in short-term job training programs to receive Pell Grants (see H.R. 3892), H7490 [2AU]

——— provide for long-term improvement of public school facilities (see H.R. 865), H2762 [21MR]

——— provide grants to higher education institutions to expand access to dual and concurrent enrollment programs and early/middle college programs (see H.R. 3891), H7490 [2AU]

——— provide grants to States to establish public-private partnerships for apprenticeship and other job training programs (see H.R. 3893), H7490 [2AU]

Dept. of Energy: provide for a program of wind energy research, development, and demonstration (see H.R. 3609), H7472 [25JY]

Dept. of HHS: authorize a loan repayment program for mental health professionals (see H.R. 2431), H8083 [27SE]

——— authorize State Opioid Response Grants and Tribal Opioid Response Grants programs (see H.R. 2466), H4066 [21MY]

——— ensure that healthy research dogs and cats are adopted into suitable homes (see H.R. 2850), H5586 [10JY]

——— improve child care protections provided through interstate background checks of child care workers hired by providers receiving Child Care and Development Block Grant Program funding (see H.R. 3986), H7463 [25JY]

——— increase number of permanent faculty in palliative care at allopathic and osteopathic medical schools, nursing schools, and other programs, and promote education in palliative care and hospice (see H.R. 647), H4629 [12JN]

——— prohibit health insurance providers from imposing cost-sharing requirements or treatment limitations for diagnostic examinations for breast cancer that are less favorable than those for screening examinations (see H.R. 2428), H8083 [27SE]

——— provide assistance to States to expand child care workforce and child care facilities (see H.R. 1488), H7837 [19SE]

——— provide social service agencies with resources to provide services to meet urgent needs of Holocaust survivors to age in place with dignity, comfort, security, and quality of life (see H.R. 4077), H7708 [12SE]

——— reauthorize and increase funding for Special Diabetes Program for Type 1 Diabetes (see H.R. 2668), H7379 [24JY]

——— reauthorize autism-related research and programs (see H.R. 1058), H4065 [21MY]

——— reauthorize Emergency Medical Services for Children Program (see H.R. 776), H4772 [18JN]

——— reauthorize grant programs and other initiatives to promote expanded screening of newborns and children for genetic diseases and disorders (see H.R. 2507), H5728 [11JY]

Dept. of Homeland Security: increase number of Agriculture Specialists and support staff in U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations (see H.R. 4482), H7901 [24SE]

——— provide funding to secure nonprofit facilities from terrorist attacks (see H.R. 2476), H3438 [2MY]

——— reauthorize and expand National Threat Assessment Center (see H.R. 3714), H8090 [1OC]

Dept. of HUD: develop a program to provide assistance to creditworthy borrowers with Federal student debt in purchasing certain foreclosed homes (see H.R. 3511), H5200 [26JN]

——— enable Indian tribes and tribally designated housing entities to apply for, receive, and administer grants and subgrants under Continuum of Care Program (see H.R. 4029), H7775 [18SE]

——— expand eligibility for HUD-VA Supportive Housing Program (HUD-VASH) and submit reports to Congress relative to homeless veterans (see H.R. 2398), H7990 [25SE]

——— provide disaster assistance to States, Puerto Rico, and localities under a Community Development Block Grant Program grant disaster recovery program (see H.R. 3702), H5827 [15JY]

Dept. of Justice: convene an interagency working group to study enforcement of Communications Act provisions relative to restrictions on use of automated telephone equipment (see H.R. 721), H2681 [12MR]

——— establish a grant program to encourage schools to conduct independent facility security risk assessments and make hard security improvements (see H.R. 3665), H7708 [12SE]

——— establish and carry out a Veteran Treatment Court Program (see H.R. 886), H5304 [9JY]

——— extend authorization of September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (see H.R. 1327), H2756 [18MR]

——— modify payments to certain public safety officers who have become permanently and totally disabled as a result of personal injuries sustained in the line of duty (see H.R. 2812), H5776 [12JY]

——— provide grants to State, local, territorial, and tribal law enforcement agencies to obtain behavioral health crisis response training for law enforcement officers (see H.R. 2698), H4175 [28MY]

Dept. of Labor: assist entities using special subminimum wage certificates to transform business and program models, support transition to competitive integrated employment for the disabled, and phase out use of such certificates (see H.R. 873), H4167 [23MY]

——— establish grant program to support creation, implementation, and expansion of registered apprenticeship programs in cybersecurity (see H.R. 2721), H7707 [12SE]

——— issue an occupational safety and health rule that requires covered health care and social service employers to adopt a comprehensive workplace violence prevention plan (see H.R. 1309), H3406 [1MY]

——— list employers that relocate call centers overseas, make such companies ineligible for Federal grants and loans, and require call center employees to disclose their physical location (see H.R. 3219), H7666 [11SE]

Dept. of State: establish Office of Subnational Diplomacy (see H.R. 3571), H7484 [30JY]

——— waive passport fees for families of Armed Forces members who are hospitalized abroad (see H.R. 2847), H6001 [17JY]

Dept. of the Interior: authorize a National Heritage Area Program (see H.R. 1049), H7837 [19SE]

——— promote economic revitalization, diversification, and development in economically distressed communities through reclamation and restoration of land and water resources adversely affected by mining (see H.R. 2156), H5728 [11JY]

Dept. of the Treasury: establish a Pension Rehabilitation Administration to make loans to multiemployer defined benefit plans from a Pension Rehabilitation Trust Fund (see H.R. 397), H3285 [25AP]

——— improve transparency of the Financial Stability Oversight Council and improve the systemically important financial institution (SIFI) designation process (see H.R. 3561), H7472 [25JY]

Dept. of Transportation: ensure authorizations to foreign air carriers to operate in the U.S. comply with certain labor standards or labor-related rights and principles (see H.R. 3632), H8057 [26SE]

——— include broadband conduit installation in certain highway construction projects (see H.R. 2692), H7152 [18JY]

——— require a minimum of 2-person crews for freight trains (see H.R. 1748), H7472 [25JY]

——— require development of public transportation operations safety risk reduction programs to improve transit worker and pedestrian safety (see H.R. 1139), H4065 [21MY]

Dept. of Veterans Affairs: ensure children of homeless veterans are included in the calculation of certain per diem grant amounts (see H.R. 95), H2747 [14MR]

——— extend period under which an election must be made for entitlement to educational assistance under All-Volunteer Force Educational Assistance Program (see H.R. 4162), H8145 [15OC]

——— improve care provided to newborn children (see H.R. 2645), H8299 [21OC]

——— improve oversight and evaluation of mental health and suicide prevention media outreach campaigns (see H.R. 2184), H8056 [26SE]

——— improve oversight of contracts awarded to small business concerns owned and controlled by veterans (see H.R. 561), H7483 [30JY]

——— make permanent the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (see H.R. 445), H3681 [9MY]

——— prohibit conduct of medical research causing significant pain or distress to dogs (see H.R. 1155), H3341 [30AP]

——— provide financial assistance to eligible entities to provide and coordinate suicide prevention services for veterans at risk of suicide and veteran families (see H.R. 3495), H7867 [20SE]

——— provide for presumption of service connection for diseases associated with herbicide exposure for certain veterans who served offshore of Vietnam (see H.R. 299), H2235 [26FE]

——— repeal requirement for reduction of survivor annuities under the Survivor Benefit Plan to offset the receipt of veterans’ dependency and indemnity compensation (see H.R. 553), H2939 [1AP]

——— require in-patient psychiatric care for any veteran enrolled in the VA health care system requesting such care (see H.R. 2997), H4163 [23MY]

DIPG Awareness Day: designate (see H. Res. 114), H7756 [17SE]

Disabled: prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities who need long-term services and supports (see H.R. 555), H4121 [22MY]

Disasters: convene an interagency working group to assess Federal activities relative to extreme weather resilience across key sectors and support State, local, and private sector resiliency efforts (see H.R. 855), H7836 [19SE]

Discrimination: prohibit on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity (see H.R. 5), H2714 [13MR]

Diseases and disorders: extend availability of semipostal stamp to support Alzheimer’s disease research (see H.R. 3113), H7472 [25JY]

——— issue semipostal stamp to support breast cancer research (see H.R. 2689), H3787 [14MY]

District of Columbia: statehood (see H.R. 51), H7774 [18SE]

Earth Day: observance (see H. Res. 330), H3303 [29AP]

Education: ensure public school teacher compensation is comparable to other college graduates and increase investment in public education (see H. Res. 58), H1245 [28JA]

Egypt: enact reforms to ensure Coptic Christians have the same rights and opportunities as other Egyptian citizens and take steps to end attacks on Christians (see H. Res. 49), H7473 [25JY]

Elections: constitutional amendment on contributions and expenditures intended to affect elections (see H.J. Res. 2), H8114 [11OC]

Employment: clarify appropriate standards for Federal employment age discrimination and retaliation claims (see H.R. 1230), H7707 [12SE]

——— protect freedom to join a union by bolstering remedies and punishing violations of workers’ rights, strengthening workers’ freedom to negotiate for better working conditions, and restoring fairness to the economy (see H.R. 2474), H4629 [12JN]

EPA: impose an annual deadline for small refineries to submit petitions for exemptions from certain renewable fuel requirements based on disproportionate economic hardship (see H.R. 3006), H4218 [3JN]

FAA: provide funding from Airport and Airway Trust Fund for FAA activities in the event of a Government shutdown (see H.R. 1108), H2797 [25MR]

——— remove Federal cap on Passenger Facility Charge Program to finance airport construction and renovation projects (see H.R. 3791), H7598 [10SE]

Families and domestic relations: prohibit discrimination in adoption or foster care placements based on sexual orientation, gender identification, or marital status of any prospective parent or child involved (see H.R. 3114), H7708 [12SE]

FCC: clarify prohibitions on making robocalls (see H.R. 946), H3285 [25AP] (see H.R. 3375), H5913 [16JY]

——— designate 9-8-8 as universal telephone number for national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline system operated through National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Veterans Crisis Line (see H.R. 4194), H7667 [11SE]

——— improve enforcement and enhance penalties for violations involving illegal robocalls (see H.R. 2015), H4314 [4JN]

——— provide for a moratorium on telephone number reassignment after a disaster declaration (see H.R. 1289), H6001 [17JY]

——— restore Open Internet Order and its net neutrality protections (see H.R. 1644), H2613 [8MR]

FDA: clarify process for denying certain petitions whose primary purpose is to delay approval of an application submitted relative to certain drugs (see H.R. 2387), H7472 [25JY]

——— prevent human health threats posed by consumption of equines raised in the U.S. (see H.R. 961), H2756 [18MR]

——— require labels of drugs that contain an ingredient that is derived directly or indirectly from a gluten-containing grain to identify each such ingredient (see H.R. 2074), H7904 [24SE]

Federal agencies and departments: guarantee back pay to federally-contracted retail, food, custodial, and security service workers furloughed during a Government shutdown (see H.R. 678), H2323 [4MR]

——— modernize Federal grant reporting (see H.R. 150), H603 [15JA]

——— provide back pay to Federal contractors (see H.R. 824), H2370 [5MR]

——— require certain agencies to develop scientific integrity policies (see H.R. 1709), H4697 [13JN]

Federal employees: require Presidential appointees to give written notice to the Committees on Appropriations of the House and Senate for expenditures over a certain amount to furnish or redecorate their office (see H.R. 1181), H1581 [13FE]

Federal firefighters: provide for more accurate computation of retirement benefits (see H.R. 1255), H7837 [19SE]

Federal Labor Relations Authority: ensure public sector employees are able to form and join unions and enter into a written contract with employers and reaffirm policy to encourage collective bargaining (see H.R. 3463), H6001 [17JY]

——— provide collective bargaining rights for public safety officers employed by States or their political subdivisions (see H.R. 1154), H2939 [1AP]

Financial institutions: create protections for depository institutions that provide financial services to legitimate marijuana-related businesses (see H.R. 1595), H3503 [8MY]

Firearms: regulate assault weapons and ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited (see H.R. 1296), H7501 [13AU]

——— require a background check for every firearm sale (see H.R. 8), H1213 [24JA]

Fish and fishing: prohibit sale of shark fins (see H.R. 737), H3271 [15AP]

Flags: require that the POW/MIA flag be displayed on all days that the flag of the U.S. is displayed on certain Federal property (see H.R. 1579), H4390 [10JN]

FRS: require implementation of a real-time payments system by financial institutions to ensure immediate availability of deposited funds (see H.R. 3951), H7598 [10SE]

FTC: establish Office for the Prevention of Fraud Targeting Seniors (see H.R. 2301), H8056 [26SE]

——— prohibit unfair and deceptive practice of commercial sexual orientation or gender identity conversion therapy (see H.R. 3570), H7990 [25SE]

GAO: conduct study on how virtual currencies and online marketplaces are used to facilitate sex and drug trafficking (see H.R. 502), H1173 [23JA]

——— study role pharmaceutical benefit managers play in the pharmaceutical supply chain and provide Congress with appropriate policy recommendations (see H.R. 3223), H8097 [4OC]

Gold Star Families Remembrance Day: designate (see H. Res. 39), H1218 [25JA] (see H. Res. 269), H2917 [28MR]

GPO: establish and maintain a public website allowing access to electronic copies of all congressionally mandated reports (see H.R. 736), H1343 [31JA]

Great Lakes: issue Great Lakes Restoration Semipostal Stamp (see H.R. 1440), H8096 [4OC]

Health care professionals: provide incentives to foreign-born physicians to practice in rural and medically underserved communities (see H.R. 2895), H7666 [11SE]

Hispanic Heritage Month: observance (see H. Res. 561), H7838 [19SE]

Horse Protection Act: designate additional unlawful acts, strengthen penalties for violations, and improve Dept. of Agriculture enforcement (see H.R. 693), H3276 [18AP]

Immigration: authorize cancellation of removal and adjustment of status of certain aliens known as Dreamers as well as for people covered by Temporary Protected Status and Deferred Enforced Departure (see H.R. 6), H3476 [7MY]

——— eliminate per-country numerical limitation for employment-based immigrants and increase per-country limitation for family-sponsored immigrants (see H.R. 1044), H3305 [29AP]

Individuals With Disabilities Education Act: authorizing appropriations (see H.R. 1878), H5305 [9JY]

Insurance: require group and individual health insurance coverage for treatment of a congenital anomaly or birth defect (see H.R. 1379), H2233 [26FE]

Israel: authorize military assistance, support ability to address conventional and emerging threats, and enhance cooperation in areas of mutual interest (see H.R. 1837), H4697 [13JN]

——— oppose global boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement, urge negotiated solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and support U.S.-Israel scientific and technological cooperation in civilian areas (see H. Res. 246), H3443 [2MY]

Journeyman Lineman Recognition Day: designate (see H. Res. 478), H5303 [9JY]

Land and Water Conservation Fund: provide permanent, dedicated funding (see H.R. 3195), H5078 [24JN]

Law enforcement: reform benefits for public service officers (see H.R. 1210), H3792 [14MY]

LeMond, Greg: award Congressional Gold Medal (see H.R. 3589), H5729 [11JY]

LGBTQ Equality Day: designate (see H. Res. 465), H5201 [26JN]

Martin Luther King, Jr., Day: observance (see H. Res. 71), H1171 [23JA]

McAuliffe, Christa: mint commemorative coins with proceeds from sales going to For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) (organization) Robotics program (see H.R. 500), H3448 [3MY]

Medicaid: cover physician services delivered by podiatric physicians to ensure access by beneficiaries to appropriate quality foot and ankle care (see H.R. 2235), H4122 [22MY]

——— promote access to life-saving therapies for enrollees by ensuring coverage of routine patient costs for items and services furnished in connection with participation in qualifying clinical trials (see H.R. 913), H6001 [17JY]

Medicare: coordinate programs to prevent and treat obesity (see H.R. 1530), H5585 [10JY]

——— cover marriage and family therapist services and mental health counselor services (see H.R. 945), H2587 [7MR]

——— distribute additional residency positions (see H.R. 1763), H3442 [2MY]

——— ensure more timely access to home health services for beneficiaries (see H.R. 2150), H7490 [2AU]

——— improve access to mental health services (see H.R. 1533), H7903 [24SE]

——— improve accuracy of geographic adjustment factors and permanently extend certain adjustments to such factors for certain localities (see H.R. 3302), H5306 [9JY]

——— modify coverage requirements for diabetic shoes (see H.R. 2235), H4122 [22MY]

——— permit nurse practitioners and physician assistants to satisfy the documentation requirement for coverage of certain shoes for individuals with diabetes (see H.R. 808), H7493 [6AU]

——— provide coverage for custom fabricated breast prostheses following a mastectomy (see H.R. 1370), H4629 [12JN]

——— provide coverage of certain lymphedema compression treatment items as items of durable medical equipment (see H.R. 1948), H5913 [16JY]

——— provide for a pilot program to include respiratory therapists as telehealth practitioners (see H.R. 2508), H5586 [10JY]

——— provide for direct payment to physician assistants (see H.R. 1052), H8102 [8OC]

——— provide for payments for certain rural health clinic and federally qualified health center services furnished to hospice patients (see H.R. 2594), H4066 [21MY]

——— recognize certain certified diabetes educators as certified providers for purposes of outpatient diabetes self-management training services (see H.R. 1840), H4697 [13JN]

——— require drug price concessions, incentive payments, and adjustments to be included in negotiated prices at the point-of-sale under part D (see H.R. 1034), H7837 [19SE]

——— update rural health clinic provisions relative to usage of advanced practice clinicians, laboratory requirements and delivery of telehealth services, and reimbursement rates (see H.R. 2788), H5729 [11JY]

——— waive coinsurance for colorectal cancer screening tests, regardless of whether therapeutic intervention is required during the screening (see H.R. 1570), H2504 [6MR]

Members of Congress: suspend salary during any period in which automatic continuing appropriations are in effect (see H.R. 834), H1282 [29JA]

Middle East: support U.S. role in efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a negotiated two-state solution (see H. Res. 326), H4066 [21MY]

Mining and mineral resources: include certain coal industry retirees in Multiemployer Health Benefit Plan (see H.R. 934), H7837 [19SE]

——— transfer certain funds to the United Mine Workers of America Pension Plan and reduce minimum age for allowable in-service distributions (see H.R. 935), H7837 [19SE]

Motor vehicles: promote awareness of, and encourage collaboration and communication to engage in efforts to end, motorcycle profiling by law enforcement (see H. Res. 255), H8114 [11OC]

Multinational Species Conservation Funds: require continued sales of semipostal stamp until all remaining stamps are sold (see H.R. 1446), H4773 [18JN]

NASA: award Congressional Gold Medals to Katherine Johnson and Christine Darden and posthumously to Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson for contributions during the ‘‘Space Race’’ (see H.R. 1396), H3130 [8AP]

National Clean Energy Week: designate (see H. Res. 565), H8057 [26SE]

National Clinicians HIV/AIDS Testing and Awareness Day: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 504), H7151 [18JY]

National discovery trails: establish (see H.R. 726), H3728 [10MY]

National GI Bill Commemoration Week: designate (see H. Res. 451), H5078 [24JN]

National Law Enforcement Museum: mint coins in commemoration of opening (see H.R. 1865), H2795 [25MR]

National Nurses Week: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 368), H3680 [9MY]

National Park Service: establish, fund, and provide for use of amounts in a National Park Service Legacy Restoration Fund to address the maintenance backlog (see H.R. 1225), H5007 [20JN]

National Purple Heart Hall of Honor: mint coins in commemoration (see H.R. 1830), H3477 [7MY]

National Recovery Month: designate (see H. Res. 586), H7902 [24SE]

National security: recognize interdependence of diplomacy, development, and defense as critical to effective national security (see H. Res. 220), H5306 [9JY]

National Women’s History Month: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 171), H2587 [7MR]

National Workforce Development Month: designate (see H. Res. 578), H7902 [24SE]

National World War II Memorial: mint coins in commemoration (see H.R. 4681), H8143 [15OC]

Native Americans: provide advance appropriations authority for certain accounts of BIA and Indian Health Service (see H.R. 1128), H5304 [9JY]

——— reauthorize special programs for Indians for providing services for prevention and treatment of diabetes (see H.R. 2680), H7904 [24SE]

Office of National Drug Control Policy: evaluate effectiveness of federally funded programs tasked with reducing demand for illicit substances and publish information on such programs (see H.R. 3820), H7904 [24SE]

OMB: reclassify public safety telecommunicators (9-1-1 operators and dispatchers) as ‘‘protective service occupations’’ within the Standard Occupational Classification system (see H.R. 1629), H3843 [15MY]

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: delay reimposition of annual fee on health insurance providers (see H.R. 1398), H4919 [19JN]

——— repeal annual fee on health insurance providers (see H.R. 2447), H4122 [22MY]

——— repeal excise tax on high cost employer-sponsored health coverage (see H.R. 748), H4121 [22MY]

Political campaigns: provide for additional disclosure requirements for corporations, labor organizations, and other entities (see H.R. 2977), H4162 [23MY]

Political ethics: prohibit use of funds for official travel of Members of Congress and executive branch employees and other activities during any period in which automatic continuing appropriations are in effect (see H.R. 834), H1282 [29JA]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness Month: support goals and ideals (see H. Res. 146), H7867 [20SE]

Postal Service: ensure continuation of 6-day mail delivery service (see H. Res. 54), H2317 [28FE]

——— ensure continuation of door delivery for all business and residential customers (see H. Res. 23), H2506 [6MR]

——— ensure that the Postal Service remains an independent establishment of the Federal Government and is not subject to privatization (see H. Res. 33), H1173 [23JA]

——— provide authority to mail alcoholic beverages (see H.R. 2517), H6001 [17JY]

——— repeal requirement to prepay future retirement benefits (see H.R. 2382), H3844 [15MY]

——— restore preexisting service standards relative to overnight mail deliveries and elimination of delays (see H. Res. 60), H7905 [24SE]

Public works: ensure that certain materials used in carrying out Federal infrastructure aid programs are made in the U.S. (see H.R. 3459), H5165 [25JN]

SBA: require Small Business and Agriculture Regulatory Enforcement Ombudsman to create centralized website for compliance guides (see H.R. 2142), H4697 [13JN]

Senior citizens: issue Stamp Out Elder Abuse Semipostal Stamp (see H.R. 2719), H8056 [26SE]

Servicemen’s Readjustment Act: anniversary (see H. Res. 451), H5078 [24JN]

Smithsonian Institution: establish a comprehensive women’s history museum (see H.R. 1980), H5728 [11JY]

Social Security: eliminate waiting period for disability insurance benefits for individuals with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (see H.R. 1407), H2317 [28FE]

——— eliminate waiting periods for disability insurance benefits and Medicare coverage for individuals with metastatic breast cancer (see H.R. 2178), H3729 [10MY]

——— repeal Government pension offset and windfall elimination provisions (see H.R. 141), H2939 [1AP]

Sports: improve integrity and safety of horseracing by requiring a uniform anti-doping and medication control program enforced by an independent Horseracing Anti-Doping and Medication Control Authority (see H.R. 1754), H4920 [19JN]

Stem Cell Therapeutic and Research Act: reauthorize (see H.R. 3520), H7490 [2AU]

Taxation: allow an above-the-line deduction for charitable contributions (see H.R. 651), H7161 [22JY]

——— allow workers an above-the-line deduction for union dues and expenses and a miscellaneous itemized deduction for unreimbursed expenses incurred in the trade or business of being an employee (see H.R. 2103), H4697 [13JN]

——— encourage retirement savings (see H.R. 1007), H3220 [9AP] (see H.R. 1994), H3285 [25AP]

——— exclude from gross income certain amounts realized on the disposition of property raised or produced by a student farmer (see H.R. 1770), H4121 [22MY]

——— extend credits for biodiesel and renewable diesel (see H.R. 2089), H3099 [4AP]

——— extend exclusion for employer-provided educational assistance to employer payments of qualified education loans (see H.R. 1043), H3102 [4AP]

——— include certain over-the-counter medical and menstrual care products as qualified medical expenses in order to allow use of health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts for such products (see H.R. 1922), H7244 [23JY]

——— increase deduction for certain elementary and secondary school teacher expenses (see H.R. 878), H2762 [21MR]

——— modify definition of income for purposes of determining the tax-exempt status of certain mutual or cooperative telephone or electric companies (see H.R. 2147), H3964 [17MY]

——— permanently extend the railroad track maintenance credit (see H.R. 510), H2923 [29MR]

——— provide tax relief for certain disasters (see H.R. 2284), H3255 [10AP]

——— repeal excise tax on medical devices (see H.R. 2207), H7483 [30JY]

——— restore incentives for investments in qualified improvement property (see H.R. 1869), H5008 [20JN]

——— treat certain military survivor benefits as earned income for purposes of the kiddie tax (see H.R. 2481), H3844 [15MY]

Telecommunications: require phone, cable, and Internet providers to include all charges in the prices they advertise for service and provide remedies for consumers that have been wrongfully charged (see H.R. 1220), H4629 [12JN]

Terrorism Risk Insurance Act: reauthorize (see H.R. 4634), H8110 [11OC]

Trafficking Victims Protection Act: include efforts to combat financial criminal activity within factors considered as indicia of serious and sustained efforts to eliminate severe forms of trafficking in persons (see H.R. 2149), H6001 [17JY]

Transportation Security Administration: enhance security operations and stabilize security workforce by applying a unified personnel system to employees responsible for screening passengers and property (see H.R. 1140), H4389 [10JN]

——— provide for the eligibility of employees to receive public safety officers’ death benefits (see H.R. 372), H8082 [27SE]

——— provide TSA PreCheck to certain severely injured or disabled veterans (see H.R. 3356), H7708 [12SE]

Trump, President: condemn racist comments directed at Members of Congress and support immigrants, new citizens, and legal immigration by those seeking asylum or refuge (see H. Res. 489), H5914 [16JY]

——— terminate declared national emergency to obtain funding for construction of a continuous wall or fence along southern U.S. border (see H.J. Res. 46), H2046 [22FE]

U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change: prohibit funding to advance withdrawal from Paris Agreement and require the President to develop a plan for the U.S. to meet its pollution reduction goals under such agreement (see H.R. 9), H3276 [18AP]

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: make supplemental funding available for management of fish and wildlife species of greatest conservation need as determined by State fish and wildlife agencies (see H.R. 3742), H5774 [12JY]

Veterans: expand eligibility for concurrent receipt of military retired pay or combat-related compensation with service-connected disability benefits and eliminate phase-in period for such benefits (see H.R. 303), H5826 [15JY]

——— provide an additional tool to prevent certain frauds against veterans (see H.R. 450), H1363 [5FE]

Violence Against Women Act: reauthorize (see H.R. 1585), H2719 [13MR]

Voting: revise criteria for determining which States and political subdivisions are subject to certain protections against racial discrimination in voting (see H.R. 4), H2719 [13MR]

Wildlife: prohibit breeding and private possession of captive big cats except by accredited zoos and facilities and require registration of big cats currently in possession by private owners (see H.R. 1380), H2924 [29MR]

——— support State and tribal efforts to implement management strategies on chronic wasting disease among deer, elk, and moose and provide for research and response plans to reduce its spread and prevalence (see H.R. 1919), H2884 [27MR]

Women: mint coins in commemoration of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution providing for women’s suffrage (see H.R. 2423), H7990 [25SE]

——— observe anniversary of passage and ratification of 19th Amendment to the Constitution providing for women’s suffrage and strengthen democratic participation and precedent established by such amendment (see H. Res. 354), H3844 [15MY]

World War II: award a Congressional Gold Medal, collectively, to women who joined the workforce to provide vehicles, weaponry, and ammunition to win the war and were referred to as ‘‘Rosie the Riveter’’ (see H.R. 1773), H7157 [19JY]

——— award a Congressional Gold Medal to members of Women’s Army Corps assigned to the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, known as the ‘‘Six Triple Eight’’ (see H.R. 3138), H7837 [19SE]

——— award a Congressional Gold Medal to U.S. merchant mariners of World War II (see H.R. 550), H4181 [30MY]

——— recognize and honor service of individuals who served in U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps by providing veteran status, honorable discharges and service medals where merited, and limited burial benefits (see H.R. 2056), H3067 [3AP]

——— recognize anniversary of, and Armed Forces members who participated in, the D-Day amphibious landing at Normandy, France (see H. Res. 413), H4315 [4JN]

Bills and resolutions introduced

Dept. of Agriculture: provide coverage under Wildfires and Hurricanes Indemnity Program for certain crop, tree, bush, and vine losses due to flooding in Iowa (see H.R. 2125), H3128 [8AP]

Insurance: require insurance companies to regularly update their provider directories to prevent patients from unknowingly receiving out-of-network care (see H.R. 4379), H7772 [18SE]

Medicare: extend enforcement instruction on supervision requirements for outpatient therapeutic services in critical access and small rural hospitals (see H.R. 3431), H5075 [24JN]

Members of Congress: prohibit former Members from lobbying Congress, use of official funds for airline accommodations which are not coach-class, and cost-of-living adjustment in pay in year after a Federal budget deficit (see H.R. 3118), H4341 [5JN]

SEC: expand access to capital for rural small businesses (see H.R. 2409), H3339 [30AP]

——— require disclosure of the total number of a company’s domestic and foreign employees (see H.R. 3624), H5272 [5JY]

Taxation: make permanent second generation biofuel producer credit (see H.R. 2059), H3067 [3AP]

Constitutional authority statements

Dept. of Agriculture: provide coverage under Wildfires and Hurricanes Indemnity Program for certain crop, tree, bush, and vine losses due to flooding in Iowa (H.R. 2125), H3129 [8AP]

Insurance: require insurance companies to regularly update their provider directories to prevent patients from unknowingly receiving out-of-network care (H.R. 4379), H7774 [18SE]

Medicare: extend enforcement instruction on supervision requirements for outpatient therapeutic services in critical access and small rural hospitals (H.R. 3431), H5076 [24JN]

Members of Congress: prohibit former Members from lobbying Congress, use of official funds for airline accommodations which are not coach-class, and cost-of-living adjustment in pay in year after a Federal budget deficit (H.R. 3118), H4344 [5JN]

SEC: expand access to capital for rural small businesses (H.R. 2409), H3340 [30AP]

——— require disclosure of the total number of a company’s domestic and foreign employees (H.R. 3624), H5272 [5JY]

Taxation: make permanent second generation biofuel producer credit (H.R. 2059), H3069 [3AP]


Animals: outlaw practice of animal crushing and production or distribution of any videos depicting such acts (H.R. 724), H8356 [22OC]

Carpenter, Christine: Iowa Cancer Consortium Iowa Cancer Champion of the Year award recipient, E1320• [21OC]

Dept. of Agriculture: Emergency Watershed Protection Program funding, H3708 [10MY]

Dept. of HHS: unaccompanied alien children care funding, H3713 [10MY]

Dept. of Justice: STOP (Services Training Officers Prosecutors) Program grant funding, H3073, H3074 [4AP]

Disasters: making supplemental appropriations for disaster relief (H.R. 2157), H3708, H3709, H3710 [10MY]

——— making supplemental appropriations for disaster relief (H.R. 2157), motion to recommit, H3713 [10MY]

Federal Highway Administration: Emergency Relief Program funding, H3709, H3710 [10MY]

Floods: disaster assistance to Iowa, H2819 [26MR]

Health: reduce prescription drug prices, facilitate entry of generic and biosimilar products into the market, strengthen Federal exchanges, and reverse extension of short-term health plans (H.R. 987), H3852 [16MY]

Iowa Safe Schools (organization): tribute to Pride Camp, E917• [15JY]

SEC: exempt companies from requirement to disclose total number of a company’s domestic and foreign employees if they are required to make chief executive officer pay ratio or conflict minerals disclosures, H8239 [18OC]

——— expand access to capital for rural small businesses (H.R. 2409), H5286 [9JY]

——— require disclosure of the total number of a company’s domestic and foreign employees (H.R. 3624), H8234, H8239, H8240 [18OC]

——— require disclosure of the total number of a company’s domestic and foreign employees if it is considered material information for investors, H8240 [18OC]

Violence Against Women Act: reauthorize (H.R. 1585), H3073, H3074 [4AP]

Votes: position on missed, H4423• [11JN], E734• [10JN], E753• [12JN]

Remarks in House relative to

Leave of absence: granted, H4387 [10JN]