AGUILAR, PETE (a Representative from California)

AGUILAR, PETE (a Representative from California)

Bills and resolutions cosponsored

DEA: eliminate separate registration requirement for dispensing narcotic drugs categorized in schedules with lower potential for abuse that are intended for maintenance or detoxification treatment (see H.R. 2482), H64 [8JA]

Dept. of Education: provide grants to States to establish a comprehensive school career counseling program (see H.R. 5092), H13 [7JA]

Dept. of HHS: award grants to States to provide safety measures to social workers, health workers, and human services professionals in high-risk and potentially dangerous situations (see H.R. 5138), H13 [7JA]

Dept. of Transportation: improve transportation alternatives program (see H.R. 5231), H65 [8JA]

Immigration: expand access to health care services, including sexual, reproductive, and maternal health services, for immigrants by removing legal and policy barriers to health insurance coverage (see H.R. 4701), H13 [7JA]

National Native American Heritage Month: observance (see H. Res. 682), H13 [7JA]

Native American Heritage Day: observance (see H. Res. 682), H13 [7JA]

Taxation: modify rehabilitation credit for certain small projects, eliminate requirement that the taxpayer’s basis in a building be reduced by the amount of rehabilitation credit determined relative to such building (see H.R. 2825), H64 [8JA]